President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 93

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Chapter 93

Who was he to her anyway?

What right did he have to use such a judgemental tone to question her?

She already explained that she did not have s.e.x with Bo Shaoxiu . If he was not willing to believe her, there was nothing she could do . She would not waste her breath to explain to someone who was not willing to listen .

This imbecile was an arrogant crazy person! A pervert!

Mu Sihan grabbed Nan Zhi’s chin and turned her pet.i.te face towards him . He forced their eyes to meet his .

“Explain . ”

His grip was very strong and Nan Zhi felt like he was going to break her chin into pieces .

It was just like when he strangled her, she would not beg for mercy despite not being able to breathe . She was as stubborn an ox .

She looked at him with cold eyes as her lips turned up in ridicule . “Young Master Mu, who are you to me? Why are you concerned with who I sleep with? Do you think that you can do whatever you want to others because you’re rich? You are just an aggressive, shameless and perverted a.s.shole! I don’t have to explain myself to you and I would never respect someone like you!”


If possible, Mu Sihan’s dark expression became even worse, as if there was now a layer of ice on him . He glared at her with violent deadly black eyes . “Woman, do you want to die?”

Nan Zhi met his gaze . A smile appeared on her face . However, the smile was exceptionally stinging in the eyes of others, especially when it was on her pale and thin face . “Young Master Mu, have you been lonely for too long? Or is it because you think I look like a woman that you used to like? I’d only met you for a few times, yet you keep clinging to me like a mad dog . What are you trying to do?”

She had already explained to him clearly that she did not mean to seduce him . Her att.i.tude that she did not want to have any contact with him was very clear .

Whenever she was in his dominating presence , she always felt restricted, like she wasn’t able to breathe . It made her uncomfortable and she hated it .

In the past few days of silence, she thought he had finally understood and let go of her . Who knew that he would come to her drunk and humiliate her tonight?!

What had she done wrong?

Mu Sihan’s chest battered hard against his chest when he heard her calling him mad dog .

Was he like a mad dog in pestering her?

Ha, ha!

“Woman, you’re really a b.i.t.c.h!” she was the one who kept trying to disa.s.sociate herself from him while making her son contact him .

Did the brat and her treat him as something that was under their disposal?

He smiled coldly and his large palm moved with deliberate strength .

Her pajamas was completely torn apart, all that remained were strips of flimsy material .

Her fair skin that was as clear as jade was revealed and her attractive b.r.e.a.s.t.s bounced out . They were full and round, a pleasant, milky white wrapped in a pastel pink bra .

Nan Zhi’s face turned red . She needed to cover herself . However, both her hands had been tied to the bed by him . Her wrists turned red from the friction as she struggled to break free .

The nakedness made her feel vulnerable and the hatred she felt towards him spiked in intensity .

“Mu Sihan, there is no resentment or hatred between us . Why are you doing this to me?”

He seemed to not be able to hear her no matter what she said . He merely looked at her with his deep and black eyes .

There tension was thick in the air, with not even a bit of warmth .

His gaze was just like an x-ray and swept across every part of her body . Her figure was slender and well-proportioned . Areas that should be big were not small, while those that should be slim were not fat .

His deep black eyes fell on her moving chest . Her breath was deep and erratic and her ample chest called to him .

Her b.r.e.a.s.t.s would fill his hands perfectly .

As the thought brushed his mind, his hands soon followed .

The woman struggled even harder . She was afraid, every inch of her body rejected what he was doing . She was confused and overwhelmed, however, she was not willing to beg for forgiveness .

She was the most stubborn woman he had ever met .

“The stronger the woman is, the more they are capable in arousing a man’s desire to conquer her . ”

Without further thought, he leaned down and kissed her roughly .

There was a fiery rampage within him that hadn’t stopped since he found out that she went to meet that Bo person .


Nan Zhi widened her eyes wide as she moved her body crazily under his . She was desperate and did twisted around madly in her struggle to break free .