President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 88

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Chapter 88

Bo Shaoxiu stood in the doorway . He was wearing a bathrobe and his hair was wet . He looked like he was still half asleep .

“Yaoyao?” Bo Shaoxiu wanted to close the door on instinct when he saw Nan Yao standing in front of the open door with a dark expression . How did sheー?

Nan Yao was quick to enter the room . She pushed past Bo Shaoxiu into the room without a regard for his attempt to stop her .

“Yaoyao, what are you doing?” Bo Shaoxiu chased after her . It was fortunate that Nan Zhi had left right after he had woken up .

Nan Yao saw the messy bed, the cl.u.s.ters of tissues and the used condom in the bin the moment she rushed into the room . The tears that she kept in could no longer be held back and they flowed down her cheeks .

The overwhelming scent of s.e.x lingered in the air and she felt sick to the stomach . Even though the b*tch was gone, the smell of her having s.e.x with Bo Shaoxiu was still around .


Bo Shaoxiu walked behind Nan Yao and hugged her . He gently wiped her tears away and leaned down to kiss her . “Yaoyao, I drank too much when I was socializing yesterday . CEO Jiang and the others got a woman for me and everything became a blur . I didn’t mean to hurt you . ”

Nan Yao cried so hard that she could not breath properly . The tears continued to stream down her face and Bo Shaoxiu was starting to get annoyed by her crying . However, he could not get angry at her . He was in the wrong, after all .

However, he did not regret a thing . He could still taste Nan Zhi on his lips and feel her body wrapped around him . She was as amazing as he’d always imagined and he knew he would spend the next weeks with only her on his mind .

Nan Yao saw a gleam of black from the corner of her eyes . She pushed Bo Shaoxiu away and lifted the blanket . A black triangle lace panty lay exposed in the sheets .

Nan Yao screamed at the sl*t in her head . She turned and looked at Bo Shaoxiu, who had a strange expression on his face . “Shaoxiu, I believe that you didn’t mean to do it . But you have to tell me who that woman is . ”

At the sight of the racy underwear, Bo Shaoxiu unconsciously felt a stirring below his abdomen . It turned out Nan Zhi really was a person who was innocent on the surface and promiscuous on the inside . It was no wonder she was so pa.s.sionate and daring last night . He almost lost his soul to her .

“Bo Shaoxiu, are you reminiscing the taste of that woman?” Nan Yao’s voice became sharp .

Bo Shaoxiu pulled Nan Yao into his embrace once again and leaned down to kiss her forehead, eyes and nose . “Yaoyao, let’s get married!”

Nan Yao opened her eyes wide . She looked up at Bo Shaoxiu for a few seconds as she sobbed, “Really?”

“Really . I want to make you mine . You’ll be the happiest Mrs Bo in the world . ” Bo Shaoxiu knew that this time, only marriage would console Nan Yao after she had caught him red handed .

Nan Yao leaned against Bo Shaoxiu’s chest, her face filled with hot tears . Although she still felt crazy with jealousy, at least he finally wanted to marry her . Those sl*ts outside would only ever be mistresses . They would never be acknowledged by the Bo family .

Bo Shaoxiu changed his clothes after he consoled Nan Yao and they got ready to leave together .

The moment they opened the door, a service staff with a bow tie was standing in front of the door . He appeared to have been pushing a dining cart towards the room . “Excuse me, are you Mr Bo? A lady called the room service department and said that you’d worked hard last night . She instructed us to prepare braised pig kidneys cooked with walnut and eucommia ulmoides and deliver it to this room . ”

Nan Yao’s expression changed again after hearing what the service staff said .

This soup had the effect of nourishing the kidneys and enhancing one’s s.e.xual ability . That shameless b*tch was indirectly telling her how ferocious Bo Shaoxiu had been with her last night, that he was so emptied out that he needed to drink the nourishing soup!

F*ck! Nan Yao’s lips trembled as she threw the bowl of soup to the floor with all of her strength .

She may have used too much strength and a sharp pain came from her stomach all of a sudden .

“Ah…” Nan Yao bent down as she held onto her stomach . She was so angry that she felt like was about to explode .

That shameless b*tch caused her to lose five million and then used such a method to torture her .

Bo Shaoxiu held Nan Yao into his embrace as he glanced at the service staff coldly . “Scram!”