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Chapter 773: 773
Chapter 773: A Dangerous Man

What was he saying about her wanting him to be caught by her when she danced promiscuously in his bar? How was she to know it was his bar?

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Xia Yanran really wanted to slap this shameless a.s.shole to death . However, she knew that nothing good would happen to her if she angered him .

She held down the unhappiness towards him as she explained the situation to him . “First of all, I didn’t know that it was your bar . Secondly, I don’t think that pole-dancing is very promiscuous, besides, I wasn’t wearing skimpy clothes, so I have nothing to be embarra.s.sed about . Lastly, so many men in the bar were screaming and clapping for me, was I seducing them as well?”

Xiao Yi stared at the woman who was still as sharp-tongued as she was in the past . He had a bloodthirsty and dangerous smile . “So you admit that your seducing skills are getting better?”

“I wasn’t seducing anyone . ”

“If you weren’t seducing anyone, would the Huo family’s Young Master be so smitten by you? That he would hug you and kiss you after sending you back?” He looked down at her, staring straight at her lips . It was as if he thought of something, as his finger pressed on her lips ruthlessly, wiping it with all he had .

He used so much strength that the skin of her lips were tearing up .

Xia Yanran furrowed her eyebrows tightly, moving to bat his hand away . However, he continued his actions, increasing his strength by the second . He looked extremely like a devil .

“Ouch… Xiao Yi, you a**hole, take your hand away…”

She looked up slightly, the vein on her neck popping out . Since she could not push him away, she opened her mouth and bit down on his hand .

She bit down hard without holding herself back, as if she wanted to return all of the torture he gave her earlier to him .

Very quickly, she tasted blood .

However, he still wasn’t moving .

He’s crazy! This man must be crazy!

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Xia Yanran’s jaws were sore from the biting, so she let go of him . Seeing the blood at the bite mark on his hand, she continued to glare at him evilly . “Don’t think that I’m still that Xia Yanran that allowed you to bully me any way you like!”

Xiao Yi stared at her flushed face, as if she was an angry little animal . He scoffed, though his voice remained darkly enigmatic and s.e.xy . “Really? Then I really want to see how you will fight back against me . ”

Xia Yanran’s eyes constricted . “Xiao Yi, we’ve broken up already . Besides, you have a fiancée . ”

Xiao Yi’s handsome expression was slightly complicated . “Yes, we have broken up . But since you’ve sent yourself to me so willingly, there’s no reason for me not to eat…”

Xia Yanran’s expression changed, hands reaching out to hit him as her legs kicked him nonstop .

He probably did not expect her to struggle against his hold so much, as his well-defined expression darkened .

He looked down, biting the woman’s mouth ruthlessly .

It seemed like he did not hold back at all, like a wild beast biting its prey . He only let go of her until her lips were bleeding .

Xia Yanran glared at him angrily and spat, “Xiao Yi, let me tell you again, I didn’t seduce you . Even if I were to go seduce any man, I would never seduce you again . If you’re h.o.r.n.y, please go back and look for your fiancée…”

As if he did not want to see her angry face, he suddenly stood up from the sofa . Xia Yanran thought that he had lost interest and would let her off like this, unconsciously sighing in relief .

However, in the next second, the man grabbed her arm tightly, turning her around from the sofa .

He suddenly lifted the helms of her nightgown . Xia Yanran trembled, and the fear she had not felt in a long time suddenly swarmed her heart .

“Xiao Yi, are you planning to do what you’ve done in the past?”

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The past where he would force himself on her regardless of her willingness!

She hated it when he did those things .

The man behind her did not seem to hear her, bending her body as her back was pressed against his chest . She shivered terribly in his arms .

The more scared she got, the more she scolded him . “B*stard, if you dare touch me again, I’ll tell your fiancée tomorrow!”

The man behind her scoffed again . It was clear he didn’t believe she would dare to do it .

She struggled even more .


Her perky b.u.t.t was. .h.i.t hard .

Although she was wearing underwear, the fabric was so thin it was like she was wearing nothing . The hit was equivalent to him hitting her b.u.t.t directly .

The place where she was. .h.i.t felt numb for that second .

It hurt terribly .

She was almost dazed from his. .h.i.t .

Turning her head, she wanted to push the man away . However, in the next second, her head was pushed onto the sofa once more .

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She was forced to face away from him in a humiliating position .

“Xiao Yi, did you drink too much? Wake up, I’m Xia Yanran . There’s nothing between us now, you can’t be like this…”

Under the dim orange lights, the man’s expression turned colder and sharper, his eyes a threatening shade of black .

His arm muscles tensed up, as if they were iron chains that kept her down on the sofa .

Xia Yanran’s personality was a strong one . She had always dared to express her emotions well, and although she couldn’t get herself to forget this man, it didn’t mean that she could let him humiliate her like this .

She turned around, glaring at him ruthlessly . “Scram! Get lost!”

“You want me to scram so that Huo guy can come and do you?” He looked at her, his eyes shining dangerously, as if wanting to suck her into its depths .

Xia Yanran noted the storm brewing in his eyes, as she shouted in anger, “There’s nothing between us now . What does my private life have to do with you?”

He was about to get engaged to another woman . No matter if he was doing it wholeheartedly or not, it still meant that he was another woman’s man .

What right did he have to come here and do this to her? And hit her b.u.t.t?

Even her parents had never hit her in the past . Not to mention, she was an adult now .

She struggled even more in his arms and hissed and scrambled around like an enraged cat .

But who was Xiao Yi? He had dealt with knives since he was young and although he was handsome, he was tall and strong as well . Several grown men was not even his rival, not to mention, Xia Yanran?

In front of him, she was extremely small, and she could not move at all from being held down by him .

He held onto both her hands, pressing them against the back of the sofa as he buried his handsome face in the crook of her neck .

He was like a vampire that had been thirsty for a long time, as he bit her skin ruthlessly .

Xia Yanran sucked in a breath from the pain .

“Xiao Yi, f*ck you…”

Before she could finish, the man pinched her slender waist ruthlessly, his fingers clenching down as if he wanted to break her waist .

He pressed his lips by her ear, his scorching breath spraying at her ears and skin . It felt dangerous and numbing at the same time, as Xia Yanran shivered, hunching her neck forward . She did not have the chance to say anything when she heard the man’s hoa.r.s.e and dangerous voice beside her ear . “Be good, if not, you’ll be the one who will suffer!”

Xia Yanran screamed, “I don’t want to! Let go of me!”

“Ha,” He laughed by her ear, a wicked darkness lurking in his hoa.r.s.e voice . “Do you think that I can let go of you now? Yanran, be obedient now, hm?”

Xia Yanran had no chance to say anything when a loud rip tore through the air .

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