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Chapter 768: 768

The man walking towards the doors did not seem to have heard Xia Yanran’s shout . He had his hands in his pants pocket and continued walking .

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 “Mr Xiao, wait . ” Xia Yanran was wearing seven inch high heels and it was not easy for her to run .

It was only when the tall man neared the entrance that she caught up to him, panting softly .

Fortunately the man had stopped .

Xiao Yi turned around and looked at the woman not too far away from him .

 She was fair so when she drank, her face was flushed like a ripe peach, as though the fragrance of the fruit could spill out from its delicate skin at anytime .

 Xiao Yi was silent, his eyebrows lifted slightly, an arrogant look on him that seemed to say, ‘Say what you want to say . ‘

Xia Yanran tried to lift her lips into a smile . She would practice smiling every time she looked in the mirror .

 She used to wear her heart on her sleeve, whether she was happy or unhappy, it would all show up on her face .

 Since she had broken up with Xiao Yi and she went back into the workforce, she had changed a lot in this aspect .

 She also knew that when she raised her lips 30 degrees upward, it was her most charming smile .

 Faced with Xiao Yi, she unconsciously showed her best smile, her teeth white and neat, her smile bright and infectious . She thought there was nothing wrong with her smile and was about to speak when she heard the man said indifferently, “Don’t smile if you don’t know how to . It’s ugly . ”

 The corners of Xia Yanran’s lips twitched . She finally summoned her courage, but all her courage leaked out like he had poked her hard with a needle .

 Why was this person’s words still as harsh as before?

 She must have never looked good in his eyes before!

 She stopped smiling, and adjusted her mood before saying, “Thank you for your help in the room . ”

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 Xiao Yi narrowed his eyes, a smirk on his lips . “Miss Xia, what did I do in the room to make you misunderstand that I was helping you?”

 Xia Yanran was speechless .

 “I just can’t stand those dirty old men who bully women . ”

 Xia Yanran pouted silently .

 Hypocrite! The way he was talking, you would think he had never bullied a woman before!

Xiao Yi saw through her scolding him in her heart and he laughed, taking out a cigarette from his pants pocket and put it between his lips, an intimidating look on his handsome face . “Don’t compare me with that dirty old man, CEO Tan . My stamina and size are different from him . ”

 When Xia Yanran heard his words, she almost choked on her own saliva .

 He was still as shameless as ever!

 Was it really appropriate to boast about yourself in front of your ex-girlfriend?

 Seemingly losing his patience to talk to her anymore, Xiao Yi lit his cigarette . He took a puff, then taking the cigarette away and slowly blew out the smoke and said languidly, “Is there anything else, Miss Xia?”

Xia Yanran bit her lip, lowered her eyes and then looked up again . “Actually I have something to ask you for help…”

 Before she could finish, a soft voice suddenly sounded, “Brother Yi . ”

 Xia Yanran looked over at the entrance and saw a tall and elegant woman walking over .

 The woman was wearing a short white dress that hugged her figure . She had the height of a model and her body proportions were good, the arms and legs exposed were slender and long .

 The woman had a head full of long hair that was dyed a wine red and her face was small and delicate .

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When she was walking over, many young girls were following behind her and taking pictures .

 Xia Yanran’s eyes dimmed and she took a deep breath and said to Xiao Yi with a smile, “It’s nothing . Your fiancée is here, I’ll get going . ”

 Xia Yanran turned around .

 Qin Peipei came up to Xiao Yi and she held his arm intimately, lifting her small face slightly and asked with a smile, “Brother Yi, who’s that woman you were talking to?”

 Xia Yanran had not gone far and Qin Peipei’s voice floated into her ears .

 The intimidating look on Xiao Yi’s face was still there and he pinched between his eyebrows and replied faintly, “Someone asking for directions . ”

 Xia Yanran heard Xiao Yi’s answer .

 Her heart sank uncontrollably .

 As she lowered her eyes, her expression was slightly dark .

 But then, she scolded herself .

 They had already broken up, could she still expect him to only have her in his eyes like before?

 When she was just getting to know him, she felt that he was like a devil and irritating . She even hoped he would die .

 But when she realized her feelings towards him, they could only go on different paths and live their own separate lives!

 It wasn’t as if she wanted to be entangled with him, she just wanted him to say something nice in front of Elder Dong .

 Xia Yanran closed her eyes and a bitter feeling sprouted in her heart .

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When she returned to the apartment, Nan Zhi had already woken up .

 Xia Yanran touched her forehead and noticed that her fever had subsided .

 “You drank in the evening?” Nan Zhi went to the kitchen to make some honey water .

 Xia Yanran looked at the honey water handed to her by Nan Zhi . She drank a few mouthfuls and could not help holding Nan Zhi’s arm, putting her head against her shoulder . “Nan Zhi, I saw Xiao Yi just now . ”

Xiao Yi?

 Nan Zhi instinctively thought of the man she saw at Elder Dong’s house .

 “He was your first love?”

 “No, he’s my second boyfriend . ” Xia Yanran leaned against Nan Zhi’s shoulder, looking at the ceiling and mumbled, “My relationship with my first boyfriend had just gotten stable and he ruined it . I really hated him before, but then some things happened and I found myself in love with him . ”

 Nan Zhi listened quietly and could feel Xia Yanran’s sadness .

 “But he and I chose different paths . He’s from the mafia, and would lose his life anytime if he was careless . We hadn’t even started properly and it ended, just like that . ”

 Nan Zhi embraced Xia Yanran and comforted her for a while .

 Those on different paths could not lay plans for one another .

Even though she was Yanran’s good friend and could feel her love for Xiao Yi, she also disapproved of them being together .

 After all, they were people from different worlds .

 “I even saw the fiancée he was getting engaged to . She was tall and beautiful . If I were a man, I would be moved by her too!”

 Xia Yanran sniffed . “Why is it so painful when I mention him? I just want to go out and vent it out!”

 Nan Zhi replied, “Shall we go to the beach and shout a few times?”

 “But I want to go to the bar . ”

 She wanted to get drunk and maybe when she was drunk she would be able to meet a handsome, wealthy and domineering president like in love stories?

 Even if she didn’t, it was good to drink, dance and sweat it out .

 Before Nan Zhi could say anything, Xia Yanran went into her room .

 After a while, she came out in a white shirt and skinny jeans . Standing in front of Nan Zhi, Xia Yanran turned around . “Is it okay to go like this?”

 Xia Yanran was born with a beautiful face and was youthful and bright, she looked good in whatever she wore . Nan Zhi stood up from the sofa . “I’ll be worried if you go alone, I’ll go with you!”

Xia Yanran also invited Xia Xi out and when she saw Nan Zhi, Xia Xi jumped about happily .

 The three of them found seats and sat down . Xia Yanran ordered a dozen beers . “Zhizhi, you have a cold so you can’t drink . I’ll drink with Xia Xi . ”

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