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Chapter 725: 725

Mu Sihan walked to Xiaojie’s dormitory, looking up at the CCTV not too far away .

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 The brat was his son, so he naturally knew him well .

 Besides, there were only so many places he could hide at and avoid the CCTV at the same time .

 Mu Sihan tried to follow a possible path Xiaojie could take to avoid the CCTVs, and he arrived at a small hill that was not too far away .

 There was a path up the hill, to which Mu Sihan followed it upwards .

 When he arrived at the top, Mu Sihan looked around, seeing a small figure huddled in a ball .

 He was sitting on the branch of a big tree, his black grapes-like big eyes were staring at the sky in a daze .

 He didn’t even realize that Mu Sihan was around .

 Reaching out, Mu Sihan easily jumped on the tree .

 He sat next to Xiaojie .

 Xiaojie turned his blurry eyes towards the sound, his long lashes fluttering when he saw Mu Sihan sitting next to him . He asked softly, “Daddy, is Pretty Zhizhi really not around anymore?”

 Mu Sihan pursed his lips tightly, his eyes dimming slightly . “It’s an accident that no one expected .

 Xiaojie looked away from Mu Sihan’s face, his black eyes staring at the sky again .

 “Pretty Zhizhi used to tell me that after people go to heaven, they will become stars . Daddy, if Pretty Zhizhi isn’t around anymore, she will definitely become the brightest star, so that I can see her straight away . ” Xiaojie’s voice was slightly low . He looked like he was about to cry, though he was suppressing it with all he could . “But I looked at the skies for a very long time, I still wasn’t able to spot the brightest star . ”

 Xiaojie sniffled, pouting slightly . “You adults must have made a mistake . Pretty Zhizhi is still alive! It’s just that she’s hiding from anger and does not want us to find her . ”

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 Hearing Xiaojie’s words, Mu Sihan’s eyes turned red .

 Reaching out to hug Xiaojie’s small shoulders . “She’s still alive in our hearts . ”

 He was not willing to tell Xiaojie about Nan Zhi’s accident because he was afraid that he would not be able to take it .

 He had been birthed and raised by Nan Zhi .

 Their relationship and bond was so strong, which was why even though he may be still a child, his feelings for his Mommy would not be less than anyone else .

 Mu Sihan hugged Xiaojie, resting his sharp chin on Xiaojie’s head . “Brat, you have to be strong, got it?”

 Xiaojie buried his pretty face into Mu Sihan’s firm and broad arms, his voice slightly choked with tears . “Daddy, Pretty Zhizhi won’t die . I don’t want Pretty Zhizhi to die . Go and look for her and bring her back…”

 Mu Sihan felt like something had tugged a nerve in his mind ruthlessly, that numbing pain swarming him once more .

 He raised his hands to cup Xiaojie’s tears-laden face, pressing his forehead against his . He said hoa.r.s.ely, “Daddy will be with you in the future . Your Pretty Zhizhi always hoped for you to be happy as well, no matter where she is . ”

 Xiaojie wiped his tears, looking at Mu Sihan obediently .

 Daddy seemed to have lost quite a bit of weight, it must have been because he missed Pretty Zhizhi too much!

 He didn’t believe that Pretty Zhizhi had become a star . Pretty Zhizhi would definitely return if he was obedient!

 “Daddy, is Grandma very sad as well? I want to go and visit Grandma tonight . ”

 The person that Pretty Zhizhi thought about the most usually was Grandma .

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 Now that Pretty Zhizhi isn’t with Grandma, he had to accompany Grandma more in Pretty Zhizhi’s place .

 Staring at the obedient child, Mu Sihan felt a pang in his heart .

 If Nan Zhi did not meet him, would her life be much quieter and nicer?

 After Mu Sihan spoke to the instructor, he left the campsite with Xiaojie .

 It was already late at night, but An Feng was not asleep yet .

 Like Mu Sihan, she could not fall asleep everyday .

 Since she could not fall asleep, she would pray for Nan Zhi every night .

 Seeing Mu Sihan bring Xiaojie over, comfort appeared in An Feng’s eyes .

 Xiaojie looked like Nan Zhi, which was why An Feng kept feeling like Nan Zhi was still with her whenever she looked at Xiaojie .

 After Mu Sihan left, Xiaojie dragged An Feng to bed, his small hands holding tightly onto An Feng’s hand . “Grandma, Pretty Zhizhi only went to a very far place, and we can still see her in the future, don’t we?”

 An Feng caressed Xiaojie’s pretty face, nodding . “Yes, but that will be a very long time later . ”

 Xiaojie leaned into An Feng’s embrace, giving her warmth . “Grandma, if you miss Pretty Zhizhi in the future, Xiaojie can come back to accompany you, alright?”

 An Feng’s eyes welled up, her tears almost falling again .

 Throughout all these years, the best thing Nan Zhi had done was to have such a good son .

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 She nodded, her heart still sad, though she was comforted as well . “My baby Grandson, you’re Grandma’s little angel . ”

 With the boy accompanying her, the long nights did not feel that miserable and hard anymore .

At one in the morning, a loud engine rang outside of the Qiao family castle .

 Qiao Yanze got out of his car in a drunken stupor .

 He had placed all of his attention on his work in the past month, but the result was that there were drinking sessions from time to time . After every drinking session, he would drink until he was completely smashed .

 Someone else who had not slept yet was Xiao Ying .

 Qiao Yanze was in a bad mood, his body and heart exhausted from what had happened, but Xiao Ying would take care of him with all of her heart everyday .

 Madam Qiao did not like this Xiao Ying at first, because she was soft and looked too pretty, like a vixen . She was worried that Xiao Ying would seduce Qiao Yanze .

 However, she seemed to have thought too much into it . Xiao Ying had handled and taken cared of Qiao Yanze’s daily matters flawlessly . She was detailed as well, and did not seem to do anything out of line .

 After Xiao Ying heard the sound of the engine, she ran out .

 Seeing the drunken Qiao Yanze, she hurriedly supported him . “Young Master, I know that you’re sad, but it’s not good for you if you continue to drink like this!”

 Qiao Yanze glanced at Xiao Ying, a lazy smirk on his lips, though he did not say anything .

 After helping Qiao Yanze to his bed, Xiao Ying ran downstairs to make a cup of sober-up tea . When she returned to Qiao Yanze’s room, he had fallen asleep on his bed .

 He was not rowdy and did not act up when he got drunk . Instead, he became very quiet .

 Xiao Ying sat by the bed, calling softly, “Young Master, wake up to drink the sober-up tea . If not, you’ll get a headache tomorrow . ”

 Qiao Yanze’s eyelids moved, but he did not open his eyes .

 Xiao Ying put down the cup, before she reached out to push him slightly . However, she did not expect for her wrist to be grabbed by his scorching hot palm instead .

 With a strong tug, he pulled her onto him .

 Smelling her, his voice was slightly hoa.r.s.e from the alcohol . “What perfume did you spray on? It’s calming and relaxing . ”

 Xiao Ying was panicking a little . “Young Master, I didn’t spray on any perfume…”

 Qiao Yanze stared at Xiao Ying’s watery, deer-like pitiful eyes, his eyes darkening as he hugged her . Suddenly, he flipped them around to press her under him .

In the morning, when the first hint of sunlight shone into the room, Qiao Yanze opened his eyes habitually .

 Suddenly, he realized that something was wrong . There seemed to be a soft and pet.i.te body in his arms .

 He looked down immediately at the woman in his arms who was still in deep sleep .

 He immediately felt a strike of lightning in his brain!

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