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Chapter 721: 721

After Ye Yanfeng finished speaking, he saw Shangguan Wan’s smile freeze for a second, and a scoff flashed in his eyes .

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 This woman was too good at acting .

 When he placed her in the cave while they were being pursued by the enemy, she had jumped at him to hug and kiss him .

 He still rememebered the feeling of her body as it pressed again him . In that moment, his heart was about to jump out of his chest .

 He thought that she had fallen for him .

 Even if she did not remember what happened in the past, she had fallen for him once again .

 He never thought that it was all a plan for revenge!

 She was right, she was successful .

 He had tasted the feeling of falling from heaven and straight into the fiery depths of h.e.l.l! !

 Staring stonily at her pretty face, he glanced at the man behind her and nodded in self-deprecation . “I should congratulate you for finally getting rid of me!”

 From now on, he would no longer be happy when he saw her happy, nor would he be sad when she was sad .

 They would leave things as they were now!

 She would return to Yukou Border, while he remained as the Fifth Prince that was above everyone else and they would not interact again .

 Ye Yanfeng unclenched his tight fists, turning around to walk out .

 He accidentally kicked the rubbish bin, and the condom inside fell out .

 Seeing the white and thick liquid inside, Ye Yanfeng felt his blood turn cold .

 He did not want to stay here for a second longer, as he immediately left with red eyes .

 Staring at his disappearing back, Shangguan Wan’s mind blanked out . Her mind was completely blank, though she knew one thing .

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 He would not look at her any more .

 It was over between them .

After pestering her for so long, it was his first time turning to leave with so much determination .

 She closed her eyes, a tear falling from the corner of her eyes .

 She let it fall .

When Ye Yanfeng walked to the apartment door, he almost fell from his weak legs .

 He supported himself with his hand on the wall, panting slightly .

 Suddenly, a pair of slender hands held onto his arms .

 He looked up at the woman beside him .

 “Brother Yanfeng, are you alright?” Shangguan Rao stared at Ye Yanfeng with heartache .

 Ye Yanfeng merely stared at Shangguan Rao, his lips pursed tightly, not saying anything .

 “Brother Yanfeng, I don’t know how you fell for my older sister! But my older sister only has the Crown Prince in her heart, you should let go of those feelings soon!”

 Ye Yanfeng shook Shangguan Rao’s hand over, walking ahead with a dark expression .

 Shangguan Rao’s eyes turned red, chasing after the man without any care .

 “Brother Yanfeng, please don’t ignore me because my older sister has hurt you . Do you know…”

 Before Shangguan Rao could finish speaking, she was interrupted by Ye Yanfeng’s hoa.r.s.e voice . “From now on, all you girls from the Shangguan family better stay far away from me!”

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 Shangguan Rao froze on the spot .

 Ye Yanfeng walked towards the elevator, his steps not quick, but it was clear that he had no intention to stop and didn’t have anything to hold him back .

 His figure was exuding a bone-chilling coldness and determination .

 Shangguan Rao vaguely understood that if it was not for her older sister, Ye Yanfeng would not even glance at her!

In the apartment .

 After Ye Yanfeng left, Shangguan Wan fell to the floor .

 She stared blankly at the condom that fell to the side of the rubbish bin .

 Her eyes were hurting terribly, her knuckles turning white from the strength she was using to clench her fists .

 She thought that she would not be sad . However, all she could hear were his words before he left .

 ‘I should congratulate you for finally getting rid of me!’

 Even when she aimed a gun at him in the past, he had never said such things .

 It was obvious how much he hated her this time!

 But it was good, it was what she wanted to achieve .

 She wanted him to give up and lose hope completely!

 The man behind Shangguan Wan only regained his senses a few minutes after Ye Yanfeng left .

 Staring at Shangguan Wan who had fallen to the floor, he said in fear, “Miss Wan, will His Highness get someone to kill me after he’s calmed down?”

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 He had agreed to act in this show with Shangguan Wan . The bruises on her were made by herself, while she had told him to put yogurt into the condom . All of these were to make it look like something had happened between them .

 But the truth was that he did not even touch Miss Wan’s finger .

 Shangguan Wan leaned against the bed, staring at the direction where Ye Yanfeng had left in with a poker face . She said aloofly, “He won’t . He has already cut ties with me, so he won’t do anything to you . ”

 The man nodded . “Miss Wan, if you want to reconcile with His Highness one day, do look for me, I can go and explain to him . ”

 Shangguan Wan closed her eyes tiredly, her tone low and her expression downcast .

“There will never be such a day . ”

 Shangguan Rao was standing behind the barely closed door, furrowing her eyebrows when she heard the conversation between Shangguan Wan and the man . Her eyes darkened in deep thought .

When Shangguan Wan was the only one left in the apartment, she lay on her bed, staring at the ceiling weakly, as if a large syringe had sucked all of the life out of her .

 After everything, she realized that she no longer despised or hated him . She even had feelings that were not normal . But, they had returned to where they were when they started .

 It was a relationship that was worse than before .

 After she cut all ties with Ye Yanfeng, Shangguan Wan fell into a fever once more .

 After she recovered from her fever and flu, she started to plan her return to the Yukou Border .

 The last time when she left for Yukou Border, she had originally planned to raise Little Xingxing herself and not get into a relationship or marriage again .

 Maybe, she would feel better if she treated Ye Yanfeng as a small interlude .

 Before she left, Mu Sihan called to ask to meet her .

 The place they agreed to meet at was at a high-cla.s.s clubhouse .

 Before she left, Shangguan Wan put on makeup for the rarest of times after seeing her extremely pale face .

 When she was at the military camp usually, she rarely put on makeup . However, as her facial features were pretty in the first place, she looked even more feminine and pretty after putting on some makeup .

 After putting on a black coat and a red scarf, she wore a pair of long boots before she left her apartment .

 When she arrived, Shangguan Wan took the elevator, wanting to go to the third floor .

 The elevator doors were about to close, when a hand reached over suddenly .

 “Beautiful, do you mind going up with us?”

 Shangguan Wan looked up to meet the eyes of a playful young lad .

 The young lad’s eyes checked out Shangguan Wan up and down, interest appearing in his eyes . “Beautiful, why do I find you a little familiar?”

 Before the young lad could finish speaking, several voices trailed over from behind, teasing him . “Qian Xiao’er, did you find new prey again?”

 Following the teasing, several young masters dressed in expensive clothing walked in .

 The one walking in the middle was Ye Yanfeng .

 He was wearing a black shirt and pants, with a coat worn outside . The top three b.u.t.tons of his shirt were unb.u.t.toned, revealing his exquisite and s.e.xy collarbones, making him look every part the unruly playboy .

 He had a hand in his pocket while his other hand was playing with a silver lighter . His hair was combed into a stylish hairstyle,while he had an arrogant smirk on his lips . He looked so handsome, he had probably stolen the hearts of countless females on his way here .

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