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Chapter 666: 666

A minute later, Xiaojie returned Nan Zhi her phone . The boy pouted, “Daddy said that he might not have time to go during the weekend . If he can’t go, he will ask Uncle Lanzhi to go in his place . ”

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Staring at the disappointment in Xiaojie’s eyes, Nan Zhi bent down to kiss his forehead . “Don’t be unhappy . He said that he might not have time, but he might be free when the time comes!”

The boy jumped into Nan Zhi’s embrace, looking up to blink at her . His grape-like eyes were black and bright . “If he doesn’t come, then I won’t let him see Pretty Zhizhi again!”

Nan Zhi tapped the boy’s well-defined nose, unable to stop herself from saying affectionately, “You cheeky brat . ”

After Xiaojie went to school, Nan Zhi went back to sleep .

When she woke up, she received two voice messages Yan Hua had sent to her .

[Zhizhi, your Young Master Mu is too powerful! He’s actually asking the entire internet to apologize to you . ]

[Even Nan Yao has admitted that she was the one who framed you online . ]

Nan Zhi sat up on her bed, opening up the Weibo app on her phone . It seemed that all of the bloggers that posted the videos and photos yesterday had pinned their apologies on their pages .

Tapping into the trending topic, all she saw were apologies .

Amongst the apologies, one of the posts at the top of the page was a statement by the Capital’s police station that confirmed that the woman in the video was not Nan Zhi .

With the Police’s statement and the apologies from the bloggers, all of the netizens that were scolding and criticizing Nan Zhi yesterday had changed their stance .

However, there were still several netizens commenting with obvious jealousy: [With such a high-profiled and monopolistic way of clearing her name, I don’t respect Nan Zhi’s financier, only that Nan Zhi’s tricks are too strong and blame myself for being too ordinary to be able to seduce a financier like her!]

Seeing this comment, Nan Zhi did not know whether to laugh or cry .

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At the same time, the Qiao family also released a statement to announce that Nan Zhi was the granddaughter of the Duke . If anyone dared to frame her again, then they would be going against the Qiao family .

Without any accident, Nan Zhi became the trending topic once more .

At eleven in the morning, the Crown Palace announced news that shocked the entire country, as well as those overseas .

Mu Sihan and Shangguan Wan had ended their marriage and returned to being friends .

When this news was announced, it speedily replaced Nan Zhi’s trending topic and took the top of the headlines .

Inside the Prince’s palace .

The maid went up to bring food for the detained Fifth Prince . She knocked on the door, but no one answered .

The maid had no choice but to buckle up her courage and open the door .

In the end, she saw the Fifth Prince wearing a full white outfit, sitting on his hand-made Persian carpet . His well-defined slender fingers were holding onto a gla.s.s of red wine . He shook it lightly, as his pretty eyes stared at the television in front of him .

The television was broadcasting the news about the Fourth Prince and Princess Consort’s divorce .

Several fans of the couple found it hard to believe the news . Even the maid that was bringing food for Ye Yanfeng felt saddened as well . The couple was a match made in heaven . With a handsome man and a beautiful woman, and they were like a fairytale come true, who didn’t want to see them have a happy ever after?

However, what did she see?

The usually scary and dangerous Fifth Prince that all of the maids were afraid of looked like he was possessed by something, as he laughed out loud at the television .

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His laughter sounded especially hearty, like he was genuinely happy .

The maid was confused yet scared at the same time . Why was the Fifth Prince so happy that the Fourth Prince and Fourth Princess Consort had separated?

Ye Yanfeng was laughing when he suddenly saw the maid that was hesitating by the door, not daring to enter or leave . He stopped laughing, saying in an uncertain manner, “Come on!”

The maid entered with shaking legs .

Did the Fifth Prince go crazy after being detained?

One moment, he was laughing, next he was depressed . It was really terrifying .

The maid carefully placed the food in front of Ye Yanfeng, saying with a tingling scalp, “Your Highness, I didn’t see anything . Your food is here, please eat well . I’ll excuse myself then . ”

Ye Yanfeng stopped the terrified maid . “Stay there . ”

The maid shivered, thinking that she was in trouble .

The Fifth Prince was known to be violent and heartless . There was a maid who tried to flirt with him before . In the end, the maid was dragged away and given a heavy beating .

From then on, any maid that thought that they were pretty and wanted to seduce the Fifth Prince did not dare to have such thoughts anymore .

They did not even dare take a further glance at the Fifth Prince .

“Come here . ”

The maid walked in front of Ye Yanfeng trembling, her head hung extremely low . “Y-Your Highness, I didn’t try to flirt with you, I…”

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Ye Yanfeng stood up, his tall figure looming over the maid . The maid immediately felt like she was covered by a dark mountain, she was so afraid that she turned pale, looking like she would faint anytime .

“Let me ask you, is the news reporting the truth? Did Fourth Brother and Fourth Sister-in-law divorce?”

After hearing Ye Yanfeng’s questions, the maid froze for a second, before she hurriedly nodded . “The official media had already announced the news . It’s true!”

Ye Yanfeng’s palm caressed his forehead, as if he had experienced some sort of blow . He started to walk about the room again .

The maid did not dare to stay in the room for another second, practically running out of the room .

When Ye Yanfeng was the only one left in the room, he punched the wall hard .

The tensed corners of his lips could not help but curl up .

They had divorced! Great, it was great!

Ye Fengshu came over to visit Ye Yanfeng, thinking that his son would be depressed after what happened after yesterday, only to see him in a great mood after pushing his room’s door open .

Attention came quickly and went away swiftly as well, this was an apparently characteristic of hot news .

The news platforms were updated all the time, and the forums and trending topics on Weibo would be replaced by newer topics very quickly . It had only been a few days, but there were barely anyone discussing the news about Nan Zhi and that between the Fourth Prince and Fourth Princess Consort anymore .

The weekend was about to approach, but Mu Sihan still had not notified both Nan Zhi and Xiaojie if he was able to attend Xiaojie’s Parent-Child Sports Day .

In fact, he would send her a photo of himself everyday after he woke up .

This arrogant man, was his main purpose to make her go and find him?

He was still angry at her for rejecting him during that night at the Tianyuan villa!

Women needed to be coaxed, and so did men . So what if he always looked like he was above everyone? When he was acting childish, he was the same as any child .

The attention on them recently was slowly going away . As long as they were not photographed secretly by the media, it would probably be fine for her to go to him!

After making the decision, Nan Zhi changed and put on some makeup, before she headed to the office building where he worked .

It was her first time coming to such a place, and after she registered herself at the front desk, she walked into the lobby .

She took the elevator up to the floor where his office was located .

Unlike the chattering and bustling activity apparent in the lobby downstairs, this floor was quiet and clean .

The receptionist led her to Mu Sihan’s office . “His Highness is discussing some things with several diplomats in the meeting room right now . You may take a seat in his office first . ”

Although it was her first time here, the receptionist was rather polite to her . It seemed like Mu Sihan had had a word with them about her before . If not, she probably would not be able to enter the lobby, not to mention his office .

After Nan Zhi entered Mu Sihan’s office, several well-trained secretaries could not help but gather together and gossip . “Isn’t she that Nan Zhi that was on the trending list a few days ago?”

“Yes! I didn’t think she would look this good in person!”

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