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Chapter 540: 540

Chapter 540: Endless Entanglement

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With Ye Yanfeng’s arrogant and crazy expression, Shangguan Wan felt like all of her cells had exploded .

He was the only son of the youngest Prince, and was also the youngest grandson the Queen had .

If they had to arrange their family ties by age, he would be Mu Sihan’s younger cousin .

However, it was as if this person had something against her .

On the day she married Mu Sihan, he had snuck into their room, tearing her gown before he poured red wine all over her face .

During the Queen’s birthday banquet, he dragged her into the washroom and called her a promiscuous b*tch .

Although they did not meet often, he would always make her life miserable whenever they did .

She really could not remember how she had ever offended him .

Shangguan Wan’s appearance belonged to the pretty and generous type . Also because she was born in a military family, one could see righteousness and handsomeness on her as well .

When compared to the cold and crazy Ye Yanfeng, she was like a messenger of justice while Ye Yanfeng was the typical rich young master .

Shangguan Wan stopped in front of Ye Yanfeng’s window . He was waving a cheque lazily .

“Money for the car repair . ”

Shangguan Wan took the cheque, tearing it into pieces before she stared at the man who was smiling devilishly with a cold expression . “Who would want your cheque? Ye Yanfeng, I’m your cousin-in-law . I will report this to the Queen if you still don’t respect me!”

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Ye Yanfeng lit a cigarette with a devil-may-care att.i.tude, his sharp eyes glancing towards Shangguan Wan’s pretty face . He said wickedly, “Cousin-in-law, what did I do to you for you to have to report to the Queen? Oh, I came today to settle some things with you!”

Shangguan Wan said coldly, “What do we have to settle?”

“Oh, it’s your husband . He got jealous after seeing that I found a woman last night . He must have taken a liking to that woman and knocked me out with a rod . The back of my head is still swollen now . So, shouldn’t I come settle it with you?”

Shangguan Wan scoffed, “You can only blame yourself for being too weak . ”

Ye Yanfeng stopped smiling, narrowing his eyes dangerously . He smoked once, exhaling the smoke out at Shangguan Wan’s face . “How can you blame me for being too weak? It just means that Miss Shangguan is too unappealing and cannot keep her own man . Tsk, you’d only been married for a year, but you already have to live like a widow . Such a poor thing!”

Shangguan Wan really felt like this person was crazy . Were there any other men who would talk to their cousin-in-law like this?

“Don’t worry, my husband and I are living very happily together . ”

With that said, the temperature in the air around them suddenly dropped .

The man’s handsome face darkened . Although he was still wearing a pair of, Shangguan Wan could feel the strong hatred exuding from his eyes .

However, she did not know what it was that he hated so much .

His jaw was tensed, making him look dangerous and devilish .

Shangguan Wan was not scared from his sudden darkening aura . She straightened her back, as she stared at him, “Ye Yanfeng, it’s not up to you to comment about my husband and I . If you think that he shouldn’t have hit you, then go and settle it with him personally . ”

Shangguan Wan did not want to say anything more to this person . She turned, wanting to leave immediately .

Staring at the cold and heartless back, Ye Yanfeng seemed to have thought about something . His eyes trembled terribly under his .

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He pushed the car door opened, rushing in front of her .

He grabbed her wrist easily, pulling her roughly into a small alley not too far away .

Just as they entered the alley, Shangguan Wan swung Ye Yanfeng’s hand away, her hands clenching into fists to punch him .

It felt like her fists came with a strong and sharp wind . Even majors were not her opponents in the military camps .

Ye Yanfeng dodged Shangguan Wan’s attack hurriedly . After a few rounds, Shangguan Wan stared at him coldly, “Why aren’t you attacking?”

Ye Yanfeng smirked, “I never hit women . However, Shangguan Wan, you’re a special exception . ” With that said, he started to attack her .

His moves were like that of male lions or panthers . Every one of his moves came with a sharp killing intent .

Shangguan Wan got her neck grabbed by him incidentally . He grabbed her neck as he pushed her towards the wall of the alley .

He was exuding an extremely cold aura from head to toe . The he was wearing had fallen to the floor during their fight and his eyes were completely red and indifferent .

Shangguan Wan rarely met such a strong opponent . Her palms were sweating a little, though there was still no fear in her eyes . She stared at him intently . “Ye Yanfeng, you seem to have a very strong prejudice against me . How about you say straight up when I had offended you?”

“Offended?” Her words seemed to have hit Ye Yanfeng’s internal minefield . His expression darkened even more, as he tightened his hold on her neck . “Shangguan Wan, I just merely cannot stand how promiscuous, untrustworthy, and shameless you are!”

Shangguan Wan’s handsome eyebrows immediately furrowed together .

No one had dared to criticize her like this before!

Her family had been strict since she was young, which was why she was strict with herself as well, and never played around with the other gender .

Why were the words that he said so unbearable?

“D-Did you mistake me for another person?”

The man tugged the corners of his lips, as he smiled coldly, looking as if he was the grim reaper that had just came from h.e.l.l .

“Did you forget what you stole from me?”

The air in Shangguan Wan’s lungs were slightly depleted and her face turned completely red . However, she remained unmoved, her eyes clear and bright . “Crazy man!”

“Ha, yes, I am crazy!” His free hand suddenly tore at her clothes like he had suddenly become crazy .

Shangguan Wan thought that this person was really crazy to dare to do such an immoral thing . Her expression darkened, as her hand moved towards the gun kept at her waist .

However, her wrist was grabbed tightly by him before she could touch the gun .

He stared at her coldly, before he suddenly lifted one of her legs, his fingers moving under her skirt . “Your husband stole the woman that I wanted to sleep with last night, so I’m sleeping with his wife now!”

“Ye Yanfeng, you’re insane!” Wasn’t he afraid of being banished from the royal family by doing such a disgusting thing?

His fingers touched her flat abdomen . The moment his fingers touched her skin, Shangguan Wan’s eyes immediately turned cold, “If you dare to do anything further, I will make you suffer!”

Ye Yanfeng laughed lightly, an unreadable coldness and hatred in his eyes . “Alright, I’ll wait for it then!”

When Nan Zhi heard Mu Sihan say ‘Wan Er’ after he answered the call, she pushed him away with all of her strength and ran into the bathroom .

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She locked the door from inside, before she stood under the shower and used the cold water to drench herself .

Mu Sihan was knocking on the door outside, as if he was explaining something to her . However, her mind was in a complete mess, and could not hear a single word at all .

No matter what he said, she would not believe him anymore .

He clearly knew that she hated third parties the most, yet he was forcing her to become the type of person that she hated the most!

He was absolutely despicable!

She rubbed at her body with all of her strength, wanting to get rid of all of his scent and marks .

She only left the bathroom after a long time .

Mu Sihan was no longer in the room . A set of clean clothes were placed by the bed, and Nan Zhi wore them quickly before she left .

She did not have any money with her, so she decided to walk towards Yan Hua’s house .

When she was pa.s.sing by one of the alleys, she suddenly saw a couple fighting with each other .

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