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Chapter 493: 493

Rumbling, deafening thunder sounded and the sound of raindrops outside hitting the windowsill was getting louder .

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Nan Zhi’s spirits had been much lower than that of previous days since she saw the photo of Mu Sihan putting an oval-shaped diamond ring on Qin Yubing .

The image continued to play in her mind on an endless repeat .

Sickness came like a landslide . She caught a cold and her head was heavy, her nose stuffy, and she felt miserable .

The thunder outside was loud but she could not wake up .

She had not slept well and had many strange dreams on and off .

She dreamed that she went to a church and a couple were getting married .

The man put an eye-catching ring onto the woman’s fingers . The woman turned around, looking at her who was standing at the entrance of the church . That smiling face looked exactly like hers .

She shook her head furiously and went to stop them but the man ignored her and lowered his head to kiss the woman .

Warm applause sounded in the church, followed by a little boy dressed in a small black suit who handed a bouquet into the hands of the woman, saying, “Daddy, Pretty Zhizhi, I wish you happiness . ”

She screamed and pointed out that the woman was a fake and that she was the real Pretty Zhizhi .

But everyone ignored her .

The scene changed . A gentle and elegant man in a white suit had his arm around her shoulders . He came close to her ear and said, “Look, there’s already a woman to replace you . Stay by my side in the future!”

No, she did not want to stay by his side .

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She pushed him away and kept running . She ran to a door, opened it and went inside .

On a wide bed, a pair of naked man and woman were entwined together . The woman raised her head and gave her a provocative smile .

“No, Mu Sihan, you can’t be with her…”

Another deafening sound of thunder sounded and Nan Zhi opened her eyes suddenly and sat up from the bed .

The room was dark without any lights on .

A flash of light shot past suddenly . Nan Zhi felt that something was wrong and looked towards the window .

A slender figure stood there, Nan Zhi could not see her face but could see her messy long hair and was wearing a long white dress .

Nan Zhi was almost frightened to death .

Swallowing her dry throat, Nan Zhi reached out her hand and switched on the lights in the room .

When she saw the woman’s face, Nan Zhi’s pupils constricted .

The woman had a face that looked exactly like her and her figure was similar too . At first glance, Nan Zhi thought she had seen her twin sister .

Qin Yubing saw that Nan Zhi was awake and went forward, giving her a tight slap on the face .

Nan Zhi’s face turned to the side from Qin Yubing’s slap, the corner of her lips bleeding . She frowned, raising her hand to hit Qin Yubing back but Qin Yubing took out a gun and aimed it at Nan Zhi .

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As if she was mad, Qin Yubing gave a cold laugh . “Why are you not hitting me?”

Nan Zhi glared at Qin Yubing coldly and spat a mouthful of b.l.o.o.d.y saliva on her face . Qin Yubing’s eyes darkened and gritted her teeth . “Nan Zhi, do you have a death wish?”

“Qin Yubing, if you dare to shoot, you won’t have to wait until now . If you kill me, Gu Sheng won’t let you off . ”

Qin Yubing looked at the disheveled Nan Zhi whose gaze was still cold and arrogant and a smirk appeared on her face . “Yes, Gu Sheng won’t kill you but he killed the man who was good to you!”

Nan Zhi’s expression changed and her nerves tensed up, like a bow string that was drawn to the extreme and would break anytime . “Who… are you talking about?”

There was a ferocious look in Qin Yubing’s eyes . She took the gun and jabbed at Nan Zhi’s forehead . “Are you stupid? Who else would I be talking about? You don’t even know who’s good to you? It’s Mu Sihan, he was by the person sent by Gu Sheng!”

There was a buzz in Nan Zhi’s head and her mind went blank .

Her fingers curled up and she was a little dazed, as if she had fallen into an abyss .

No, it was impossible .

“Qin Yubing, do you think I will believe your lies?” Nan Zhi glared sharply at Qin Yubing .

Qin Yubing thought of the lifeless figure of Mu Sihan on the operating table and two lines of tears poured out of her eyes .

Seeing Qin Yubing crying sadly, the blood in Nan Zhi’s body felt like it was dunked in icy cold water, chilling her instantly .

Mu Sihan… Did he really get killed?

Qin Yubing did not look like she was acting .

“Nan Zhi! Did you do something to provoke Gu Sheng? He promised me he would not touch Mu Sihan for the time being, it must be because of you, s.l.u.t!”

Qin Yubing was so agitated that she moved to pull the trigger . Nan Zhi’s hair stood on end and she looked at the agitated Qin Yubing, reminding her coldly, “If you kill me, Gu Sheng won’t let you off!”

The oval shaped ring that Mu Sihan had given to Qin Yubing had a tracker that could not be seen by the naked eye . It could pa.s.s through any special inspections like infrared, and the tracker also had very high sensitivity .

It could track Qin Yubing whenever she went .

Mu Sihan did not die, nor was he shot . He just let Bo Yan act as a killer, then bribed the doctor and acted in front of Qin Yubing .

Qin Yubing must have been given orders by some mysterious person and laid low for several months and disguised herself as Nan Zhi .

Mu Sihan suspected that the real Nan Zhi was in the hands of that person who was giving orders to Qin Yubing .

However, he did not understand why was Qin Yubing rummaging in his study that night?

But nothing was more important than finding Nan Zhi .

Through the tracker, Mu Sihan and Bo Yan came to a city that had 100 islands in a neighboring country .

“Sihan, there’s no signal . ”

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The little red dot on the screen suddenly stopped in the middle of the Na’er Sea .

Bo Yan checked the surrounding islands and said in a low voice, “There’s five or six islands over there, We can only investigate them secretly . I’m afraid we would alert the enemy if there’s too many people . ”

Nan Zhi did not believe that Mu Sihan died just like that, although Qin Yubing probably did not lie .

But there must be something she did not understand .

The sound of a helicopter landing sounded . Nan Zhi went to the window and saw Gu Sheng coming down from the helicopter .

Not long after, the scream of a woman sounded downstairs .

Nan Zhi went out of the room and walked lightly to the corner of the stairs .

Qin Yubing was standing in the living room, shouting angrily at Gu Sheng, “Why did you him? Would Nan Zhi commit herself to you if he died? Didn’t we agree on carrying out the second plan after a while if I could not accomplish the mission?”

Gu Sheng looked at Qin Yubing, his eyes shooting out beams of coldness . “Are you sure he’s dead?”

“Yes, I saw it with my own eyes . He got shot and was not breathing . Gu Sheng, do you want to go against the orders from above? Give me back Mu Sihan…”

Before Qin Yubing could finish, she was kicked by the man’s long leg .

Her head hit the sharp corner of the coffee table and bright red blood spilled out immediately .

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