President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 48: He Bit Her Finger When He Ate The Candy

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Mu Sihan saw the milk candy handed over by Nan Zhi’s slender fingers and his handsome face went dark.

Did this woman really think he was three years old?

His dark hawk-like eyes glared at her and he said in a cold voice, “You think that just by giving me a candy I’m not going to kill you? How dare you play tricks on me. Woman, you sure have guts!”

Nan Zhi was perplexed.

She had not had any contact with him recently, so how would she be able to play tricks on him?

She did not dare to maintain eye contact with his dark eyes. She kept the candy and replied calmly, “Then forget it.”

The next second, an overbearing voice demanded, “Feed me.” It was clear he refused to take no for an answer.

Nan Zhi was speechless.

“You don’t want to go to the broadcasting station?” The man looked at her coldy, an arrogant smile on his thin lips. His intention was clear. If she did not feed him, she could not leave.

Nan Zhi was already feeling a great amount of regret for her previous fearlessness. Why did she mistakenly get on his car during the day of the first stage of interview! Ever since, her luck had been rotten.

She gritted her teeth. “Just you wait!”

Peeling the wrapper, she took out the milk candy and held it up to his s.e.xy thin lips, which were slightly closed.

Her fingers were slender and delicate, the thumb and index finger gently pinching the milky white candy. The faint fragrance on her body wafted around the car, making him swallow his saliva and unconsciously, more than a small hint of excitement aroused from within him.

The anger and impulse to crush her into pieces vanished in an instant.

Realizing that he had been placated by her candy, he cursed in a low voice with a gloomy face.

He opened his mouth and bit the candy on her fingertips.

Seeing that he had already taken the candy into his mouth, Nan Zhi wanted to withdraw her hand but he bit her index finger.

His hot tongue touched her finger. The damp and hot touch made Nan Zhi had the terrifying feeling like she was being bitten by a poisonous snake.

“Are you shameless?!” Nan Zhi wanted to smack him on the head with the bag on top of her knees and her face flushed red. “You’re just eating candy, why did you have to bite my hand? Let go!”

Mu Sihan looked at the annoyed woman with a slight raise of his eyebrow. There was something lively and interesting about her frowning face, especially when she was fuming with anger.

Compared to those women who wanted to get into his bed, and would not even dare to complain when he humiliated them, this woman dared to show her dissatisfaction. How interesting for a change.

He loosened her finger, chewed the candy and smiled menacingly. “Aren’t you the one who offered your finger for me to eat?”

Nan Zhi glared at him. “If you want to condemn someone, don’t bother justifying it unreasonably.”

Perhaps it was the candy’s sweetness that made his mood better. He did not bother about the unfriendly tone she used. He stepped on the accelerator and the sports car sped away.

Even though the front of his sports car was a little dented, it still was a unique existence in Ning City. It was sure to spur rumors if anyone else saw it, especially if she was the one getting out of it.

Nan Zhi dared not let him stop at the entrance of the broadcasting station so when they were still five or six hundred meters away from the destination, she said, “Young Master Mu, I’ll get off here, please stop the car.”

Mu Sihan raised his eyebrows, his dark eyes looking at her. The intensity of his gaze made her hair stand on end.

Every time she looked at this person, she would not be able to hold on for more than four seconds.

Mu Sihan’s thin lips lifted slightly and he gave an unruly smile. “Only my woman can order me around.” He paused and continued in an arrogant manner, “So, you want to be my woman?”

There were two meanings implied in his words.

If she were to agree to be his woman, he would stop the car here.

If she were to disagree, he would drive her to the entrance of the broadcasting station.