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Chapter 440: 440

Xiao Yi looked at the woman’s alert and cautious gaze and there was an unknown anger that flooded in his body .

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He stepped forward and grabbed her chin with his large hand . “You hurt me and could act like nothing had happened . You didn’t even come to the hospital to have a look . Xia Yanran, you’re truly heartless!”

He was very close to her, and a strong masculine breath with the scent of male hormones filled her nose .

Xia Yanran’s heart trembled .

Not because she was moved, but it was a fear from the bottom of her heart .

Why would she visit a man who, during her first time, used a belt to torture her and then violently raped her when they met again three years later?

This devil forced her to break up with Yi Fan . She was not Virgin Mary, why would she go and see him out of her own choice .

She wished he would die and rot in h.e.l.l!

The man caught the trace of hatred that flashed past her eyes . His heart tightened and the hand holding her chin moved to grab her wrist .

He threw her into a silver Bugatti Veyron sports car .

Before Xia Yanran could sit properly, the sports car sped off and she bounced off the seat, knocking into the windshield .

There was an unbearable pain and the tears in her eyes fell uncontrollably .

Needless to say, there must be a on her forehead now .

But the man beside her had no intention of slowing down at all .

The sports car was racing madly on the highway .

Xia Yanran cursed him to the high h.e.l.l in her heart . She ignored the pain on her forehead, her fingers grabbing on to the seatbelt and fastening it .

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The man opened the top of the sports car and the night wind blew on Xia Yanran’s face, making her hair fly messily around .

“Xiao Yi, where are you taking me?”

Seeing him driving in the direction of the suburbs and leaving the bustling city far behind, panic surged into Xia Yanran’s heart like a tide .

The man ignored her and the sports car drove into the suburbs . When there were not many cars on the road, he once again stepped on the accelerator and increased his speed .

Xia Yanran’s eyes were blocked by her windblown hair and she could not see where he was driving towards . When she pushed her hair away, what she saw almost made her heart jump out from her mouth .

She did not know when he had driven halfway up the hill .

And, they continue to rush towards a steep cliff .

With a speed like this, she and him would fall off the cliff if he really didn’t stop .

This lunatic, pervert!

Xia Yanran’s heart was in her throat .

The blowing wind had turned her eyes and nose red, her hands and feet were stiff from fear and her blood froze .

“Stop, stop now!”

The man did not seem to hear her, he smirked coldly and was still accelerating .

Xia Yanran realized that he was not scaring her . She said hurriedly with a pale face, “I was wrong . I should have visited you at the hospital and admit that I was wrong . I… I won’t hit you again . ”

The sports car that was almost at the edge of the cliff stopped dangerously with a screech .

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One second, two seconds, a minute pa.s.sed .

The woman who had fallen against the seat was gasping with fear .

It seemed like she had experienced a life and death situation just jow .

It was too frightening and dangerous .

The man was insane . He was too terrifying .

Her heart was beating wildly and she felt even more angry .

She raised her hand and wanted to swing it towards the man but retracted it back when she saw the cruel gaze he had on her .

She had just promised not to hit him anymore .

Looking at her livid with anger but not being able hit him, Xiao Yi touched his chin and laughed .

This woman, if he did not show her his ruthlessness, she was really getting out of hand .

No woman dared to hit him twice on his head and still see the sun the next day .

She was an exception, the only exception .

Xiao Yi pushed open the car door and stood at the edge of the cliff . He took out a cigarette from his pocket, lit it and started to smoke .

Xia Yanran also got out of the car . She bent over and dry heaved .

She squatted on the ground, waiting for the discomfort in her stomach to subside before standing up again .

She looked around her . They were now halfway up a hill . But from the flat ground the car was parked, she was able to see the scenery of the mountains and rivers, and even the lights of Ning City .

After Xiao Yi had finished smoking a cigarette, he got into the car and looked at Xia Yanran who was outside . “Take out the tent in the trunk . ”

Xia Yanran shivered . “You’re sleeping here tonight?”

Xiao Yi furrowed his eyebrows and gave a faint smile, his face cold and dangerous . “Why, do you have any opinions?”

Xia Yanran thought of his cruel and cold-blooded means . If she dared to voice her opinions, she did not know what he was going to do to her .

“No . ”

She took out the tent from the trunk .

She did not know how to pitch it and fumbled around, making a mess . The man, who was leaning against the sports car and listening to music, saw this, he walked over unhappily and flicked her forehead with his fingers . “It seems like only men can do such a thing like pitching a tent [1 . The image of a tent is similar to a man having an erection that shows through the pants . ] . ”

It took a little while before Xia Yanran understood what he was trying to say after a while, she was speechless and didn’t respond .

Xiao Yi looked like he was very good in outdoor sports and soon the tent was pitched .

Looking at the woman standing far away from him by the cliff, Xiao Yi’s eyes darkened .

“Bring out my pet in the car . ”

Xia Yanran thought his pet was a dog or cat . She went to the back of the car and saw a big black bag which she lifted .

It was very heavy .

She then carried the bag when suddenly, a huge python lifted its head from the bag and opened its mouth, rearing its serpentine head straight in front of Xia Yanran eyes .

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Xia Yanran looked at the huge monster close by . Her eyes widened, her hair stood on end and her blood rushed through her body . She was so frightened her soul flew away .

The python in the bag heard Xia Yanran’s cries and suddenly leapt, landing on Xia Yanran’s body .

Xia Yanran was already pale with fright and her legs kept shaking .

Since she was young, she was really afraid of these cold-blooded animals, let alone this was such a big one!

Xiao Beast really was a pervert . Who would raise a python as a pet?

She thought him speeding towards the cliff was the most cruel way to punish her but she did not expect him to still have such a hand .

She needed to be on her guard being around with a pervert, and also have a strong heart!

The snake slithered around her body and wrapped its body around her, its head landing on her shoulder, hissing its forked tongue out at her .

Xia Yanran shivered and almost fainted .

“Xiao Yi, I’ve already admitted I was wrong and not to hit you anymore . G-g-get this huge monster away from me, quick!”

Xiao Yi laid in the tent, his slender legs crossed, a blade of gra.s.s in his mouth . He looked at the pale and trembling woman under the moonlight and gave a faint smile . “I can call away Xiaoba, but do you remember what I want you to do most?”

What he wanted her to do most?

Could it be to use her mouth to…

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