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Chapter 439

Nan Zhi stood up and hugged the staff who worked with her on the program one by one .

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Under the cacophony of voices, she lifted her long skirt hem and walked to the stage with confidence and elegance befitting of a queen .

Mu Sihan and Xue’er were sitting by the aisle, which meant that Nan Zhi had to pa.s.s them when to get on the stage .

Nan Zhi lowered her eyes and looked at the man’s well-defined side profile . He was sitting upright and straight, under his well-defined nose, his s.e.xy thin lips were pursed tightly .

No one could guess what he was thinking .

But Nan Zhi was sure that he had helped her again tonight .

After returning from abroad, it seemed that every step she took, his footprints would be left with hers .

Every time he helped her, he had never asked for her grat.i.tude or reward . He had always pushed her up and even when she fell down accidentally, he would try to catch her .

But fate had twisted them in her net, teasing them even when the two of them were not fated to be together in this life .

Xue’er looked at the dazzling Nan Zhi, who was star-studded and the focus of everyone’s attention as she walked up the stage . A complicated feeling sprouted in her heart .

If she had not suffered from depression and got locked in the mental hospital, perhaps she could also get a prize on stage .

Nan Zhi tonight was as good as a superstar . Her makeup, temperament, posture and her every move caught everyone’s eyes in this instant .

Even though she didn’t want to, she had to admit that Nan Zhi really was as beautiful as a G.o.ddess .

Xue’er’s hands that were holding her bag tightened slightly and she looked at the man sitting beside her . He was looking at the stage with a cold expression, without showing any affection or infatuation .

What was he thinking right now?

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Nan Zhi took the trophy from the award presenter . It was slightly heavy and her heart felt full .

The host asked her to make a speech about winning the award . She held the trophy and went to the microphone .

The seats were all filled below the stage . As her gaze swept over the crowd, all she could see were the silhouettes of the crowd of people .

It was Nan Zhi’s first time standing on such a big stage and she was inevitably a little nervous as well as excited .

She took a deep breath and her gaze swept through the spectator seats .

Among the closely packed figures, she could not see clearly where Xiaojie was . When she retracted her gaze, her eyes landed on Mu Sihan, who was sitting in the front row .

In fact, there was some distance between them so she could not see his face clearly . But she could feel that he was looking at her .

She looked away and at the colleagues from ‘Delicacy’ . She gave a blinding smile and said, “I am very grateful to Zhang Yijun, the director of ‘Delicacy Wins The World’ . He gave me the s.p.a.ce for development and opportunity to improve . Of course, I would also like to thank my colleagues who have worked hard with me…”

Nan Zhi lowered her eyes and her smile deepened . “The person I want to thank the most is my son . His optimism and strength are what allows me face any difficulties I encounter bravely and actively resolve them to the best of my ability . I want to tell him, son, Mommy didn’t let you down . ”

She put the trophy on her lips and kissed it gently .

The venue erupted into applause .

There were very few single mothers who could say so frankly that they had a son . Many people were afraid that it would affect their future, but Nan Zhi was not afraid at all .

Xiaojie was her everything .

Xiaojie, who was seated in the spectator seats, burst into tears .

When Pretty Zhizhi kissed the trophy, he felt that she was kissing him . A faint blush appeared on his fair and delicate little face .

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Pretty Zhizhi was so bold to have confessed to him on stage .

He looked at the two uncles beside him with a bright smile and felt happy .

“Pretty Zhizhi is mine, n.o.body can s.n.a.t.c.h her away!”

“Wow wow wow wow! Our Zhizhi won the award!”

Xia Yanran, who was watching the live broadcast from home, was so excited that she jumped up from the sofa .

Amazing! Amazing!

And she was really super beautiful and G.o.ddess-like today!

If she were a man, she would definitely fall in love with Zhizhi!

Xia Yanran was so excited that she was going to buy beer and crayfish to celebrate with Junyuan . Who knew that Junyuan would say, “You’ve been staying up at night lately and your skin looks bad . If you don’t take care of it, you might not be able to get married . ”

Junyuan did not know about Xiao Yi and her . She stuck out her tongue at him guiltily . “If n.o.body wants me, I’ll stick by your side forever . ”

“Miss Xia, I want to get married and have kids too . ”

Xia Yanran glared at Junyuan . “What a guy, putting love before his sister . ”

Junyuan went up to Xia Yanran and rubbed her head . “I’m kidding . Don’t worry, before you get married, your brother won’t get a wife and have kids . ”

Junyuan was a workaholic so he went back to the study to research some cases after less than five minutes of talking with Xia Yanran .

Xia Yanran sat down on the sofa again . Just as she was about to send Nan Zhi a message, her cell phone rang .

Xia Yanran’s hair stood on end when she saw the caller ID .

It was Xiao Yi .

Ever since that night she made him bleed after hitting him at the back of the head, he had not looked for her .

Which suited her just fine .

He was always up to no good every time he looked for her .

Xia Yanran did not feel like answering the phone but soon after, she received a message .

“I’ll come up to do you if you don’t come down within five minutes . ”

Xia Yanran’s expression changed .

Xiao Yi this shameless b.a.s.t.a.r.d! a.s.shole!

Xia Yanran was so angry that her chest was heaving .

Not long after, another message came .

There was only one word: Four .

After awhile: Three .

Xia Yanran knew he would really do what he said . She went to the study to tell Junyuan she was going out, and after changing her shoes, she went out hurriedly .

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She ran from the fifth floor to the first floor .

Previously, in order to avoid Xiao Yi, she made an excuse in front of Junyuan and the two of them moved .

But it was no use because Xiao Yi soon found her .

Xia Yanran was out of breath running down the stairs and she saw Xiao Yi, who was wearing a black leather jacket, leaning against his sports car .

The gauze around his forehead was gone and he had gotten his hair cut . It was no different from a crew cut . His face could be seen clearly, not only were there no flaws, it made his face seemed even more well-defined, handsome and cold .

One look and anyone would know he had been in the mafia before from the strong sense of badness emanating from his eyes .

Despite turning over a new leaf and becoming an elite businessman, the big boss aura deep inside his bones was still there like a shadow .

When Xia Yanran was not wearing high heels, she was only up to his shoulders . She looked away from his face and her gaze landed on his unb.u.t.toned collar .

He had tattooed a ferocious wolf’s head on his chest . It was very vividly done and although it was not her first time seeing it, Xia Yanran was still frightened by it and she quickly looked away .

“You’re one minute late . ” Xiao Yi raised his left hand to look at his watch, radiating silent power and oppression .

Xia Yanran’s legs were trembling but she did not show weakness in front of him . She looked at him stubbornly with her small face . “I ran down the stairs after I received your message . What more do you want?”

Xiao Yi’s eyes darkened .

He had not contacted her for a while but she did not seem happy or excited . There was only disgust and impatience .

If he had not seen how gentle she was with other men, perhaps he might have been able to deceive himself that she was born like that .

But in front of Yi Fan, she was as tame as an innocent little kitten

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