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Chapter 423

His phone had been turned off .

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She could not contact him .

Nan Zhi went to the manor and could not find Yi Fan . Even Xiaojie and the servants said that they had not seen Mu Sihan .

Nan Zhi accompanied Xiaojie, not going anywhere, though she would call Mu Sihan every half an hour .

Nothing .

Amy said that people with psychological illnesses were usually sensitive and weak mentally . Did he suffer another blow after he watched the video?

Nan Zhi still could not contact him even after the night had arrived .

Mu Sihan was missing .

He was missing at such an important time when the Old Madam’s funeral preparations had yet to be completed .

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Nan Zhi was not the only one who could not contact him . Even Xue’er, Yi Fan, Wei Lin and Lan Yanzhi could not contact him at all .

It was as though he had disappeared into thin air .

Everyone was in an absolute panic .

Nan Zhi was not only worried for him, but she had to face the lies and slandering accusations of the people that knew her .

Although that video had been taken off the Internet by Mu Sihan the moment he found out, there were angry and self-righteous netizens who had reuploaded that video online after he went missing .

Several verified accounts also reposted this incident .

There were even people who revealed that the young lady in the video was the television host, Nan Zhi .

Some people also revealed that Nan Zhi was a third-party in her relationship, and the Old Madam only pa.s.sed away from anger after she begged her to stop being a third-party .

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Nan Zhi was pushed to the top of the cusp again .

The person who reuploaded the video and revealed the information came prepared . If they were to forcibly remove the video, it would only look as though she was guilty .

The hardest thing to block in this world was gossip .

However, once the heat of this gossip was gone and there was other need that was more scandalous, more newsworthy that the netizens would shift their attention and forget about her .

Nan Zhi did not plan on commenting on the issue . Her priority was to find Mu Sihan .

She did not care what decisions he made, or if he believed her . All that mattered as that he was alright .

In a high-cla.s.s hotel .

The windows were completely drawn and a woman who looked elegant and dignified was sitting on a sofa with a lady cigarette in between her fingers . She squinted as she exhaled a puff of smoke .

The woman stared at the masked man who was scrolling the news on an iPad . She smirked, “It seems like the Old Madam’s death has a very strong impact on Mu Sihan . He’s actually missing now . ”

The man moved his gaze from the iPad to the woman’s face . “You shouldn’t be too happy for now, since your objective had not been achieved . If he returns, get him to marry your daughter as soon as possible . ”

“Who are you exactly? Why are you working with me this time? What benefits will you get if Xue’er and Mu Sihan get married? Could it be…” the woman’s smile widened in speculation . “You like that Nan Zhi?”

“It’s none of your business . ” The man switched off the iPad as he got up from the sofa and left .

Mu Sihan had already been missing for three days .

Even Yi Fan, who had always been calm, was starting to panic .

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They had almost turned the entire Ning City inside out but they still could not find Mu Sihan .

No one knew where he had gone . They could not find his information at the immigration center and there were no records at the airport they had been able to uncover .

The Old Madam had pa.s.sed away too suddenly, which was why Xue’er did not return to the manor recently since she was busy settling things at the Mu manor .

This afternoon, Nan Zhi went into Mu Sihan’s study when Butler Yi was out running errands .

The interior of the study had a dark-colored theme . It was quietly extravagant, yet cold like its owner .

Nan Zhi opened a drawer, and saw a dagger with a gemstone on its sheath in the bottommost drawer . A stack of medical reports and diagnosis reports were placed under the dagger .

A diary was hidden at the very bottom .

Nan Zhi took out the diary and flipped through it .

It seemed he had started writing the diary from the day he entered the Mu family . He did not write it regularly, with some of the entries weeks apart and some months apart .

In the beginning, the diary entries were filled with the care and concern the Mu family gave him . However, his latter entries were filled with suppression, anxiety and irritation…

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