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Chapter 409

Chapter 409: About His Illness

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_Kaiyue Hotel . _

Amy had just taken her bath and was lying on the sofa listening to music with a facial mask on her face .

The doorbell chimed .

Amy patted the facial mask on her face, stood up and went to open the door, not forgetting to put on a charming pose . “I thought you’d only be coming tomorrow . It seems like your condition acting up is serious this time!”

She found that it was not Mu Sihan who stood at the door after she had finished speaking .

It was a tall and beautiful woman .

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Amy always had a good memory with beautiful ladies so the moment she saw Nan Zhi, she remembered that she was Young Master Mu’s new lover .

Young Master Mu was extremely sensitive and fearful about his personality disorder . He did not dare to tell anyone, and even hated himself for suffering from such mental illness .

He would not have sent this little beauty here to look for her .

So, the little beauty saw the text message she sent?

Nan Zhi looked at Amy who had the facial mask on her face and her red lips lifted in a courteous smile . She admitted upfront, “h.e.l.lo, I saw the message you sent to Mu Sihan and I also have doubts regarding this so I took the liberty to give you a visit . ”

Quite a polite little beauty .

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Her att.i.tude was sincere and did not make excuses for her visit .

Amy shrugged and stepped back to let Nan Zhi into the room .

Amy went to the bathroom to wash her face and then brought over a bottle of red wine . “Want to have a drink?”

Nan Zhi did not refuse .

They introduced themselves to each other and after a few drinks, Amy laughed . “No wonder Young Master Mu is interested in you . Not only are you nice, you have a good personality too . ”

She was much more mature and sensible compared to girls her own age . She also had a sense of propriety when speaking and was not annoying .

“Thank you for your compliment . ” Nan Zhi’s beautiful face was flushed pink after drinking, like a ripe peach exuding an attractive fragrance . “I have to consult you about something . Mu Sihan is very indifferent and does some hurtful things to me whenever he has a fever . But once his fever dies down, he will return to normal and be very good to me…”

Amy swirled the red wine in the crystal gla.s.s, a charming smile on her lips . “Little beauty, what do you think is wrong with him?”

Nan Zhi looked at Amy sincerely . “On my way here, I looked up on the internet about this type of situation . He may have some kind of personality disorder, is that right? When he has a fever, he would become another personality . When the fever subsides, he returns to normal . ”

Amy did not expect this little beauty to be this smart . Then again, she had been hurt twice by Young Master Mu, it was impossible for her not to notice it .

“If he does have dual personality, would you be afraid?”

Nan Zhi held her breath and her heart tightened .

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The hand holding the crystal gla.s.s became tighter .

She did not believe it when she saw the similarities on the internet . She had always felt that this kind of thing would not happen to her .

“Does he really… have two personalites?

Nan Zhi thought of the deserted island and that stormy night . It was true that he looked at her in a strange and cold way .

Amy took a sip of the red wine and looked at Nan Zhi’s pale face . She did not deny it . “He splits into his brother’s personality . His brother liked Xue’er . a lot and also did a lot for him . So his personality of his brother would have a selfish side upon seeing you . If Han can’t overcome his demons, it’s possible that this other personality will replace his main personality .

“Han is a dangerous person as it stands . To be honest, I don’t recommend that he falls in love and builds a family . With the existence of his other personality, it would be dangerous and harmful for you or any other woman . ”

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