President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 380

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Chapter 380

d.a.m.n it, enemies are fated to meet!

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She could even meet him like this?!

He had just forced her to break up with Yi Fan two days ago . If he saw her holding Yi Fan, he would probably humiliate and torture her endlessly being the pervert he was .

She must have offended his ancestors in her previous life for her to be bullied by him in this life!

She silently scolded him 800 times but she was still afraid of him .

He was born into the mafia, his methods and temper were incomparable to those n.o.ble men born in a well-known family .

If he wanted her dead, he could do it with just one finger .

Xia Yanran supported Yi Fan and returned into the room .

She prayed in her heart that Xiao Beast did not see her .

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About five minutes later, Xia Yanran did not hear any movement outside . She was secretly glad that he had not seen her .

Letting out a beat, she looked at the drunk, but still relatively quiet man who was leaning against her shoulder, with mixed feelings .

Xia Yanran only dared to open the door after waiting for another five minutes .

There was no sign of Xiao Beast in the corridor .

She helped Yi fan out of the bar .

Xia Yanran suddenly froze when she was about to reach the parking lot .

There were a few luxury cars parked there and more than a dozen men dressed in all black stood uniformly in a row . Xia Yanran’s car was parked next to those cars .

Sh*t .

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If she wanted to get to her car, she had to go past them .

Since Xia Yanran was supporting Yi Fan, she could neither go forward, nor could she retreat .

Just when she was at a loss and panicking, those men in black attire suddenly bent down in unison and bowed to her, said uniformly, “Sister-in-law . ”

Xia Yanran’s hair stood on end .


Were they calling her ?

One of the men came forward, looked at the stunned Xia Yanran and said respectfully, “Sister-in-law, Brother Yi is waiting for you in the car . ”

Xia Yanran had only thought in her head, “What the f*ck…”

So he had seen her after all .

The man did not wait for Xia Yanran to respond and helped Yi Fan, whom she was supporting, to the car .

Xia Yanran got into the car stiffly under the gaze of Xiao Yi’s dozen subordinates .

Yi Fan had woken up and was sitting beside Xiao Yi . He was slightly surprised when he saw Xia Yanran appearing in front of the car door . “I thought I was dreaming . I didn’t expect you to really come . ”

Xia Yanran glanced at Yi Fan and did not dare to say much . She nodded and hummed in agreement .

She felt a sharp gaze on her and Xia Yanran shifted her gaze slightly and met Xiao Yi’s gloomy eyes .

Xiao Yi was wearing white casual wear and a baseball cap over his injured head . His entire countenance emanated a cold and gloomy air which was frightening to be close to .

“Yanran, I knew you would still care about me . Brother Yi wants me to go to his new clubhouse . How about you come with us too?”

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Xia Yanran opened her mouth, wanting to find an excuse to refuse, but suddenly an eerily cold voice commanded, “Miss Xia, get in the car!”

Xiao Yi got out of the car and let Xia Yanran sit in the middle .

Xia Yanran braced herself and got into the car . Yi Fan looked at the gauze wrapped around Xia Yanran’s head and then at Xiao Yi’s head . “Brother Yi is injured . How come you’re injured too?”

Xia Yanran touched the gauze on her forehead and said in an unconcerned manner, “I was chased by a mad dog and accidentally hit something . ” She felt a sharp gaze fall on the back of her head from behind and she added, “That mad dog is injured more seriously than I am . ”

Xiao Yi stared at Xia Yanran’s beautiful side profile and his eyes darkened .

Very good, she had grown some capabilities, calling him a mad dog in a roundabout way!

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