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Chapter 348

Sunday  .

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Nan Zhi realized that several colleagues were looking at her with weird unfriendly expressions from the moment she entered the broadcasting company .

Ignoring them, she took the elevator from the main lobby .

Several female colleagues were crowded together and gossiping when she entered the office after exiting the elevator .

“Let’s stop talking about it,” one of the female colleagues said softly .

“Why can’t I talk about it?” The person who spoke was An Xiaolin, an a.s.sistant host who was new to the ‘Delicacy’ team . She had just graduated from the media school and was pretty and attention-seeking .

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“If she’s lost, then she’s lost . Does she think that she’s invincible just because she has a financier to support her? ‘Delicacy’ belongs to all of us, and not just her alone . Where did her confidence to bet with Nan Yao come from back then?” An Xiaolin said unhappily .

An Xiaolin was one year younger than Nan Zhi . She was not only the prettiest girl in school, she was also one of the top students and she would always be the main host in various shows held in her school . However, after coming to the broadcasting company, she had to bow down and be an a.s.sistant host that only had a few lines to say on the show . A deep feeling of injustice made her very unhappy, unconvinced and not reconciled to her position .

She despised Nan Zhi even more after hearing that she was a single mother who had had a son out of wedlock and was even supported by a financier . From just a glance, she knew that Nan Zhi was not someone decent, which only served to infuriate her further .

Someone nudged An Xiaolin’s arm and gave a meaningful glance .

An Xiaolin scoffed when she saw Nan Zhi walking into the office . “She’d already done it, so why would she be afraid of hearing others say it? Besides, she only managed to move up the ladder by seducing her financier, that’s something that the entire broadcasting company knows!”

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“That’s enough!” Xiao Xi scolded as she came out from Zhang Yijun’s office . “An Xiaolin, don’t think that you can do whatever you want just because you were recommended by the of the media school . Sister Zhi is still your senior, how can you speak to your senior like this?”

An Xiaolin’s face reddened as she retorted unhappily, “Her bet with Nan Yao has already spread all over the broadcasting company . ‘Dreams’ has gotten a record-high rating for their first broadcast, our show definitely won’t be able to compete, especially with our G.o.dforsaken timeslot . How is she still considered a senior if she’s about to leave the broadcasting company?

“Xia Xi, you’d better bite your tongue and not shout at me when I’m the host of ‘Delicacy’ in the future! You’re just a small a.s.sistant . Who do you think you are? I don’t know how you can be so arrogant?”


Nan Zhi hauled Xia Xi back, who looked so angry that she wanted to rush up to An Xiaolin and tear her into pieces . Nan Zhi’s tall and slender figure took a few steps forward and stopped in front of An Xiaolin . Her almond-shaped eyes half-squinted as her gaze was sharp, her voice filled with sarcasm, “Who said that I climbed the ladder using a financier? Were you the one who said it?”

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An Xiaolin immediately turned nervous when facing Nan Zhi, who had her powerful aura out which was both cold and frightening . “I-I didn’t say it . Everyone in the broadcasting company knows that your financier is our show’s exclusive sponsor . ”

Nan Zhi opened her red lips slightly, “And so? Are you unhappy about it?”

An Xiaolin’s face turned red, “What do I have to be unhappy about? Anyway, you’re bound to lose this time and you’re fated to be kicked out of the broadcasting company . ”

Xia Xi jumped out and snapped angrily, “Our show hasn’t even aired yet, and you’re already lacking the confidence for our show . An Xiaolin, are you a follower sent by Nan Yao?”

“Y-You…” An Xiaolin was so angry that her face was turning blotchy shades of red and white, “You can continue to lie to yourselves . ‘Dreams’ has their loyal constant fans and audience, and also nabbed the golden airing slot and the support of the top singer, Daley, who has 200 million fans worldwide . What do we have? Do you still think you can win? You should thank the G.o.ds if you don’t lose too badly!”

The exact ratings of ‘Dreams’ was released in the morning and as suspected, the nationwide and city-based statistics broke the broadcasting company’s record over the past five years . Not only that, it was also the top few shows amongst the ranking of the nation’s broadcasting companies . The ratings were spectacular!

Nan Yao, who had not shown herself in the broadcasting company for a very long time, also came to the broadcasting company in the afternoon .

Nan Zhi and Xia Xi were about to buy coffee when a luxurious and extravagant Maserati stopped in front of the two of them .

With her face made up exquisitely, Nan Yao, who was dressed in limited edition branded goods from head to toe with a pair of perched on her nose, extended a slender leg as she got out from the sports car .

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