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Chapter 267: 267


Yanran groaned in pain, and her bleeding lips opened unconsciously .

The man fiercely and roughly pushed in, prying open her teeth and attacking her mouth roughly .

Xia Yanran’s lips were in a lot of pain and her tongue was numb from the rough movements of his tongue .

This jerk, beast!

You will die a horrible death!

The rusty smell of blood filled their mouths, and the smell only seemed to stimulate the man’s nerves even more .

Making him become more ferocious and cruel .

Xia Yanran knew that she was not a match for this devil, but she did not want to be controlled by him like a puppet again . She put her hands on the wine cabinet and touched the gla.s.s of red wine . Raising her hand, she poured the cold liquid over his head .


The red liquid ran down from the top of his head, dripping onto his well-defined face .

It was bright red like blood, making him look cold and scary .

Xiao Yi wiped the wine off from his face and when Xia Yanran threw the wine gla.s.s towards him, he hit it to the ground with his big hands .

The gaze he had on her was as cold and ruthless as a demon from h.e.l.l looking to ma.s.sacre the world .

The sound of the gla.s.s breaking was like that of Xia Yanran’s heart .

Panic surged into her heart like a tidal wave . She did not know what evil deeds she had done in her previous life for her meet to this devil .

When she learned that he was Yi Fan’s friend, she knew she was doomed!

Xiao Yi looked at Xia Yanran’s panicked face and thought of her snuggling up against Yi Fan with a sweet smile on her face . He clenched his jaw tightly . “Do you know the consequence of confronting me?”

Without giving her the chance to speak, he grabbed her arm roughly and dragged her to the bathroom .

Rip . Rip .

He tore the clothes that were tightly wrapped around her into ragged shreds amid her screams .

Like that, her fair, beautiful body was exposed .

He held the shower head over her and icy cold water dripped down from her head . She struggled subconsciously but he threw her against the wall, turned her over and pressed his leg on her back so that she could not move .

He washed her from head to toe, lathering her with soapy suds until she was clean .

Throwing away the shower head, he turned her around . With one hand he pinched her chin and held it up, kissing her roughly as he invaded her mouth with his brutal tongue .

As he kissed her, his other hand pulled off the towel and used his knee to spread open her legs .

Realizing what he was about to do, Xia Yanran struggled violently, but in return, he treated her even more roughly .


His eyes were like steel as he pushed himself into her in violent thrusts of unending pain .

Nan Zhi returned to the room after buying the stomach medicine, but Xia Yanran was nowhere to be seen . She called her phone but no one answered .

Feeling anxious, a bad feeling grew in her heart,that Yanran might have been called away by Xiao Yi .

Although Nan Zhi had dealt with Xiao Yi before, her impression of him was that he was a person who not to be provoked . He was moody, cold and bloodthirsty . He could almost compete with Mu Sihan .

Nan Zhi did not have Xiao Yi’s contact details, nor did she know which room he was staying in . She put down the stomach medicine and rushed out of the room in a hurry, intending to ask at the front desk .

Nan Zhi entered the elevator and pressed the first floor . The door of the elevator was about to close when a large hand reached in .

The elevator door reopened .

A cold and tall figure, carrying a suitcase, came in .

The moment their gazes met, they were both stunned .

But very quickly, the man broke his eye contact and walked in calmly, his expression cold .

Nan Zhi took a step back unconsciously, putting some distance between him .

There were only two of them in the elevator but she felt that the s.p.a.ce had become very cramped and stifling once he entered .