President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 249

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Chapter 249: 249

Mu Sihan thought of the stack of photos .

When she was with that Gu Sheng, she smiled like a blooming flower, her eyes curved and she looked bright and beautiful . He had never seen her like that before .

She was beautiful when she smiled .

Although he did not want to admit it, the photos would not lie . She was much more relaxed and happy with that man!

He felt like there was a flame in his heart, burning vigorously and it was uncontrollable, with no place to vent it out .

Nan Zhi saw that Mu Sihan was silent, the outline of his face was tense . She rubbed her forehead which was in pain after hitting the car seat and pursed her lips, not wanting to say anything .

The atmosphere in the car dropped to freezing point and she shivered imperceptibly .

After some time, the car drove for a distance longer before Nan Zhi broke the silence again . “Where on earth are you bringing me?”


Mu Sihan’s voice was cold and terse . “To do what we didn’t get to do in the woods that night . ”

Nan Zhi’s heart tightened .

So he only looked for her because he wanted to take her body .

After the car got on to the expressway, Mu Sihan seemed to have thought of something . Not giving a care to the screaming Nan Zhi behind him, the speed of the car kept on increasing .

Just when Nan Zhi was about to throw up, the car stopped suddenly . Nan Zhi was unprepared and her forehead hit the seat in front .

She held onto her head in pain and pushed the car door open to heave, vomiting out the contents of her stomach .

Mu Sihan got out of the car too, took out a few cans of beer from the car boot and drank it while leaning on the front of the car .

After the discomfort in Nan Zhi’s stomach started to calm down, she looked at the menacing man and felt that she would not be able to communicate with him tonight .

With him behaving like this… She really didn’t want to die yet .

Pursing her lips, she wanted to leave, but the next second, the man’s dark eyes looked over at her, sharp as a sword, as if he wanted to shoot through her .

She could not help but shiver .

Seeing him like this, she was frightened by his gaze and turned away, wanting to leave . But the man moved faster than her .

She had only run a few steps before her wrist was caught and her slender body was thrown roughly against the car . The steel behind her back was cold and hard, painful as it dug into her waist .

She groaned and struggled subconsciously .

The man had one hand on top of her head and the other on her waist, trapping her between his chest and the car .

He looked down at her, his eyes cold and his thin lips twisted into a smirk . “Do you have a sense of accomplishment, wandering between two men?”

Nan Zhi’s eyelashes fluttered . “Do you think of me like that?”

“That Gu Sheng, even I was not able to find out his ident.i.ty . Do you really think he is sincere to you, appearing out of nowhere out of the blue?”

Nan Zhi frowned . “He is an orphan and was adopted by a hunter when he was young . I can feel if he is sincere to me or not . ”

The hand he had on her waist tightened and the vice-like grip was so strong like he wanted to strangle her to death . Nan Zhi did not resist and looked at him with red eyes . “But you, you already knew about my uncle and your adoptive father but still forced me to be with you . What’s your motive?”

Especially when she found out Mu Sihan had been in the car and his adoptive father had sacrificed himself to protect him . She would never believe it if he said he didn’t hate her uncle at all .

After Nan Zhi asked the forbidden question, the temperature in the air seemed to have frozen into ice .

Unwillingly, Mu Sihan was thrown back to the scene of the car accident . Back then, his adoptive father had shielded him completely from harm and he could still feel the sticky red blood dripping onto his face .

Drip .

“Xiaohan, don’t be afraid . You are a man . Take good care of your Grandma and Xue’er for me . Okay? Don’t cry…”

Drip .

“Don’t keep score in your heart . Xiaohan you must be more cheerful . ”

“Father, father…”

Suddenly, there was an excruciating pain in his temples, piercing through him like needles and he seemed to have been provoked, all rationality disappeared when he thought of that b.l.o.o.d.y scene . He pushed Nan Zhi aside and bent over, gasping for breath .

“Get me the pills for bipolar disorder in the car . ”