President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 179

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Chapter 179

Mu Sihan’s black eyes were completely red . “Nan Zhi, don’t forget that you’re my servant . You have to do everything that I tell you to!”

Nan Zhi furrowed her slender eyebrows tightly when she heard Mu Sihan’s words . Why did he have to mention that now? She was angry and embarra.s.sed . “Mu Sihan, can you be a little more reasonable?”

“You want me to reasonable? You’ve already cheated on me with another man, yet you want me to be reasonable?” The way he was acting, it was like he was a wild beast that had lost control and was about to go crazy at any second .

“Things aren’t what you think they are . Brother Gu Sheng got bitten by a poisonous snake because of me . He needs to get treatment from the city’s hospital…”

It was as if he could not hear her full explanation . The only thing he focused on was Nan Zhi calling the man “Brother Gu Sheng” . He smirked coldly, “Oh? The way you address him is so intimate!”

Nan Zhi closed her eyes and sucked in a deep breath . She needed to remain calm . A strong helplessness appeared from deep within her, but she couldn’t help but get fed up .


Without saying another word, she yanked back her hand from Mu Sihan with all of her strength . Turning around to look at Gu Sheng, she directed, “Let’s go!”

Mu Sihan’s eyes were cold . A strong wave of anger burned in his chest as he watched the two leave .

He knew that his condition was acting up again .

He couldn’t control it . His turbulent emotions were sweeping any sense of rationality in a rush of rage and he couldn’t help but be taken by the darkness .

Rushing forward, he was ready to punch Gu Sheng again with both his hands in fists .

Nan Zhi felt danger unconsciously and stood in front of Gu Sheng, without a care .

Because of her, he had already gotten bitten by a poisonous snake . She would not let him get hurt again because of whatever it was between Mu Sihan and herself . In his current state, he definitely could not withstand Mu Sihan’s furious attack .

Mu Sihan did not expect that Nan Zhi to move in front of that man . His fist almost landed on her face . Even though he stopped himself, he put too much force into his punch and his hand still grazed her cheek by the time he was able to stop .

A tinge of heartache flashed in Mu Sihan’s red eyes when he saw Nan Zhi’s face pale .

Nan Zhi closed her eyes and disregarded the pain, her voice cold and distant . “Mu Sihan, although I did sign that servant contract, however, I never agreed to give you all 24 hours of my life everyday to you . I have my own freedom and rights too . Since you refuse to listen to my explanation, I’m not going to say anymore . I will take Brother Gu Sheng to the hospital now . If you want to get to him, you’ll have to get through me first!”

Nan Zhi looked at Mu Sihan with a very cold expression . Her eyes were determined and she stood there, unafraid .

Gu Sheng had never seen this expression on Nan Zhi’s face .

Mu Sihan’s expression was not any better than Nan Zhi’s . His jaw was clenched and set and his expression was completely tense as the vein on his forehead twitched . He suppressed the strong urge to rush forward and strangle the two of them to death . Taking a deep breath, he closed his red eyes slightly .

Mu Sihan’s eyes slowly became calm and cold as he watched the two get into the ambulance, one by one .

He did not chase after them . He was like a statue as he quietly watched the ambulance leave .

It was only then that Yi Fan arrived at the scene with the bodyguards in tow . Mu Sihan had driven too fast ahead of them, they had only managed to catch up to him .

As Yi Fan was rushing to the lobby, he saw a bodyguard dressed in black with a wooden rod, arm raised to hit Mu Sihan from the back .

“Young master! Look out behー!”

The wooden rod smashed against Mu Sihan’s head with a loud thud . Warm blood flowed from the top of his head as he turned back to look at the bodyguard holding onto the wooden rod . He lifted his long leg and kicked the man’s abdomen ruthlessly .

“Young master, your head is bleeding . ” Yi Fan was stunned . He did not think that the bodyguard would succeed in hitting his boss . What kind of shock did young master receive, to not sense the attack coming?

Mu Sihan seemed to not feel any pain as the blood flowed down his well-defined face and deeper into his clothing . If anything, it made him look even more dangerous and unfeeling .