President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 128

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Chapter 128

Nan Yao was staring fixedly at the man who was walking over .

Wild and untamed beauty, a domineering aura and an innate air of royalty .

His white shirt was perfectly ironed, and she could seen that his trim-fitting suit was haute couture at first glance, making the lines of his body even more tall and straight . The arms that were carrying the woman were firm and strong and full of masculine strength .

The man gave no hint of a response when he was faced with her shocked and infatuated gaze, it was as if she did not exist at all . He walked straight past her .

Nan Yao had yet to recover from the blow of being treated as air by the man, and her mouth opened wide with shock when she saw him entering the number one ballroom .

How was that possible?

Wasn’t the VIP in the number one ballroom an old man with a face full of wrinkles?

And, why did she feel that the woman carried by the man looked a little familiar?


Although she couldn’t see her face clearly, her figure and clothes…

The manager said that the VIP in the number one ballroom was celebrating his friend’s birthday, could it be…

Nan Yao shook her head vigorously . No, definitely not!

Nan Zhi was financially supported by an old man . She could not have possibly found a man more handsome and successful than Bo Shaoxiu!

After Nan Yao consoled herself and soothed her own denial, she went to look for Bo Shaoxiu .

She got a big shock when she saw Bo Shaoxiu lying on the ground covered in wounds .

Bo Shaoxiu was still unconscious . His handsome face was badly bruised to the point he was almost unrecognizable . He was in a terrible state, his shirt was torn and splattered with blood .

The manager saw Nan Yao and explained with a sombre face . “Mr . Bo broke into the women’s washroom and tried to be indecent to a female guest . When her boyfriend saw it, they had a conflict . ”

Bo Shaoxiu was beaten into a pig’s face by the female guest’s boyfriend?

How heavy was the fist of that guest’s boyfriend? Bo Shaoxiu was not made of paper, he knew self defence . The average person would not be his opponent .

It pained Nan Yao’s heart to see Bo Shaoxiu being so badly beaten, but she was also a little contemptuous of him being so useless . How could he get beaten like this!


“Manager, stop giving me this type of excuse . I’m Shaoxiu’s fiancee, I know his character . How could he be indecent to a woman?”

Although he was lying in the women’s washroom .

The manager put on a false smile . “The lady who was almost taken advantage of was prettier and has a better figure than Miss Nan . Young Master Bo must have drunk too much wine and exposed his nature accidentally . ”

Nan Yao was so angry that she almost fainted from the manager’s words . Wasn’t he just a lowly manager? It seemed that he was treating her like an eyesore today, he gave her no respect at all .

“I’m going to call the police and complain about you!” Nan Yao’s features contorted as she glowered at the manager, her voice shrill . n.o.body had spoken to her in that manner ever since Nan Zhi went abroad, and she became the young lady of the Nan family .

The manager’s smile faded and his expression became serious . “I have evidence of Young Master Bo entering the women’s washroom . If Miss Nan calls the police, this incident would be posted online and Young Master Bo’s image would plummet . Miss Nan, please consider carefully whether it is something you wish to proceed with . ”

Nan Yao was speechless . Since when could a manager become so! Worse yet, she couldn’t do anything about it!

Bo Shaoxiu, that jerk . Did he want to cheat on her again after seeing how the other girl was prettier than her?

She had always thought that the man she had s.n.a.t.c.hed from Nan Zhi was as unattainable as a star in the sky, but he was just a jerk who thought with his lower body!

The skin at the back of Nan Zhi head’s was scratched but fortunately, the wound was not too deep . Mu Sihan disinfected and dressed it for her . Then the three of them left the room .

Mu Sihan met Ye Qianqian and her father in the main lobby . Although he did not like Ye Qianqian, he still greeted her father politely when he saw him .

Nan Zhi took Xiaojie to the entrance of the hotel when suddenly a little boy came to Nan Zhi . “Auntie, I was asked by an uncle to pa.s.s this to you . ”

Nan Zhi lowered her head and was shocked to see what the boy was holding .