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Chapter 78 – Diplomacy I

Author: 桜木桜 (Sakuragi Sakura)

Translator: Isekai Shousetsu

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The thing that I must begin in the outset is to consolidate the country.

There remain some grudges from the gaudy execution of the recent purge.

I need to loosen the tensions within the country.

Nonetheless, the people, notably those of the Ars and Rosyth clans, are working hard for me.

Even in the former DeBell faction members showed extreme loyalty, with some even handing over some hostages.

Time will probably sort this out.

What I need to start to start now is international diplomacy.

The countries that directly border us are the Belvedere Kingdom on the south, the Eville Kingdom on the west, the Equus tribe’s country on the east, and the De Morgal Kingdom on the north.

We’re surrounded splendidly on all four directions.

The Equus country is currently friendly with us while the De Morgal Kingdom is hostile.

The Eville and Belvedere Kingdoms, on the otherhand, have slightly bad relations with us.

In the same vein that the De Morgal Kingdom is a threat for us, the Rosyth Kingdom is a huge threat for the Eville and Belvedere Kingdoms.

In the first place, (before I ascended the throne) the Rosyth kingdom has a population of around 170,000 while the Eville and Belvedere Kingdoms have 100,000 each.

It may not seem like it but it’s quite a difference in national power.

However, the Rosyth Kingdom had been embroiled in internal troubles and foreign threats up until now that it has never been able to sufficiently exercise that power.

That’s where I, a young new Rosyth King, entered the picture.

Because a national census still hasn’t been performed so I couldn’t say for sure but the Rosyth Kingdom’s present population should be around 230,000.

Well, in the same way I only know an estimate of another country’s population, the two countrys too ((Eville and Belvedere)) only know an estimate of my country’s population. And in the aftermath of the war with the De Morgal Kingdom, it’s easy to imagine how much our national power grew.

Besides, national power is something that’s expressed not only by population and agricultural output.

The Eville Kingdom, for example, possesses early stage iron manufacturing techniques which exceeds the one we have in quality.

The Belvedere Kingdom is near Cretian colonies and are ahead of us in architectural technology and government systems.

However, that superiority is crumbling.

Our country had also become able to manufacture ironware and has begun employing Cretians.

And most of all, Centralized Government.

Our Rosyth Kingdom had greatly advanced in that department in the recent civil war.

We managed to mobilize our army several times faster than other countries.

Furthermore, I had just rapidly rose to power, so I still haven’t shown them my nature and disposition. It couldn’t be helped if the two countries are afraid.

Now that I have set forth to unify the Adernia peninsula, there is of course the intention to annex, va.s.salize, or subjugate those two countries.

That said, it’s still too early.

I want to focus on domestic affairs for a while without waging any wars.

Besides, it’s a truly dreadful matter to be put in a position where you’re encircled.

If this were a war tactic simulation multiplayer game, then if you imprudently kept winning too much then the surrounding countries will all come together and gang up on you.

A great example in history is n.o.bunaga’s encirclement and alliance plans.

In a word, relations.h.i.+ps with one’s neighbors are very very important.

The first country I headed for is the Equus country.

We have what you may call an important alliance and Muzio had sent us a written invitation just at the right time. It’s an invitation for a wedding.

Yes, that guy is also finally getting married.

I was the first one to came over to the Equus country. The last time, it was Lord Equus who came over for my coronation.

Therefore, it’s my turn again to come over to the Equus country.

I’ll be accompanied by Julia and Raymond, as well as Roswald and his subordinates as escorts.

The others have their own things to take care of.

The first one I’ll be greeting is Lord Equus. Then I would be greeting the crown prince, Prince Methyl.

Or rather, I was greeted instead.

Since I had the higher status, they had instead come to greet me.

“It’s been a while. King Rosyth. It’s a pleasure to have you again.”

“Please, it’s also good to see you in good health. How is your esteemed mother, by the way?”

I ask while purposely letting the third prince Ledus hear.

I have filled it with undertones of petty malice and diversion.

To be frank, since I’ve already become King, my weakness that Lord Equus had grasped had lost its meaning.

In otherwords, I’m in a superior position.

“She has become very well thanks to Lady Julia. Her excellency has my utmost thanks.”

Methyl expresses with sincere happiness.

It would seem the rumors……..that the crown prince has a docile and gentle disposition with little martial qualities is true.

If he becomes Lord Equus, then we’ll be able to continue to stand shoulder to shoulder as allies.

It would be a problem if the next lord were quite capable after all.

The next person I greet is the occasion’s leading actor, Muzio.

“Thank you for coming, King Rosyth.”

“Well, it’s only natural for a person to come to their friend’s marriage ceremony.”

The two of us exchange handshakes.

This guy is a guy that can more or less read the atmosphere, so as one would expect he had refrained from using casual speech to a king of a country. He’s still quite a rough speaker though.
“This girl’s Rachaela. She’s the woman who’ll become my wife.[TLN1]

Muzio points to the woman waiting behind him.

“How do you do, King Rosyth? I apologize for not being able to greet you last time……I was ill in bed.”

“Oh please, let’s not worry about that.”

Rachaela politely bows her head.

She has long black hair and gentle droopy eyes.

Her b.r.e.a.s.t.s are huge. It’s the biggest amongst all I’ve seen.

If Tetra’s a light cruiser and Julia’s a heavy cruiser, this girl’s a dreadnought cla.s.s battles.h.i.+p. All Hail the Big s.h.i.+p Big Gun Doctrine!

Well, since I’m not that attached to size even though I love b.r.e.a.s.t.s, I personally felt nothing except surprise.

I whisper to Muzio’s ear.

“Come to think of it, what happened to the inverse scale (gekirin)?”

“I’ll give it to her during the ceremony. Absolutely don’t talk about it.”

I see, it’s a surprise, huh.

“The wedding ceremony will last for three days. Please enjoy yourselves.”

Muzio gives an expression that doesn’t suit him.

Now then, next would be the third prince, Ledus, huh.

“……..It’s been a while, King Rosyth.”

“…….Yes, it has, Lord Ledus. I see you are in good health….”

What’s with this guy….How can he be so gloomy.

His eyes are dead and he’s giving off a hard to approach aura.

I thought about saying something but, Ledus goes away after giving a bow.

What the heck?

The wedding ceremony was held in three days.

On the first day, a banquet was held. This is so that the Equus tribe could deepen their friends.h.i.+ps among themselves. This time, our country is added to that circle.

On the second day is the provisional marriage ceremony.

It’s called provisional because the two will only be saying their vows to their families, the citizens, and the retainers.

They would say their vows to the G.o.ds on a different ceremony.

That said, the most extravagant amongst the ceremonies is this provisional marriage ceremony.

The guests will give their gifts and words of congratulations to he newly-weds.

By the way, the gifts were 60% sheep, 30% slaves, and the remaining 10% were fine horses.

As expected of the Equus tribe.

By the way, my country offered wine and olive oil as gifts.

The Equus tribe could grow much of them so they were very delighted.

We also gave the bride a garnet necklace and the groom a dragon Damascus sword ordered from Ains.

The garnet necklace, however, might have been a blunder.

It has become a foil to the inverse scale ornament given by Muzio to Rachaela. Well, I guess things could have gone better but this is also fine.

And on the third day, the real marriage ceremony was held.

In short, they will give their vows to the G.o.ds.

Well, it wasn’t interesting at all. All the sorcerers offered sheep as sacrifice and gave prayers, saying something like “G.o.ds and honorable ancestors, we give you thanks. We will marry. From hereon, we will do our best for the sake of the Equus tribe.”

Honestly speaking, in my point of view, it was boring. It’s because, as a man from the Rosyth Kingdom, I have no idea regarding the ancestors and G.o.ds of the Equus tribe.

Julia, on the other hand, seems to be enjoying it. Well, I guess it’s fine if she’s having fun.

The next day, Julia and I went on separate appointments. She went to give the third consort another medical exam while I went to Lord Equus and Crown Prince Methyl to reaffirm the alliance.

“Now then, Lord Equus. Let me repeat, I am the new king of the Rosyth Kingdom, Almis Ars Rosyth. Regards.”

“Umu, Regards.”

We first exchange handshakes.

I then exchange glances with Prince Methyl. He’s the next king so he’ll be partic.i.p.ating in these talks.

This way, when the time comes, the alliance can be smoothly inherited.

“First, let me again say our thanks. We were saved by your 300 soldiers in the previous war. They outdid themselves in action.”

I say my thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Their power in actual circ.u.mstances was very splendid. I’ll never let go of them.

“With regards to horses, there’s no country in the Adernia Peninsula that can outdo us. It’s only natural. Now then…….First, shall we talk about foreign trade?”

“Our country desires wool and horses, the same as always. After that, we would be delighted with wolf pelt, tyrannosaur tusk and scales but….”

We’re dying for those materials……….Actually, not really.

The Rosyth Kingdom can grow horses and sheep.

What we really want is military power. Only that.

“I see. We, too, will go with before – wheat and wine. Furthermore, if you have leeway, we want you to sell us ironware. The Lupus tribe, just like us, have no ironware. Therefore, if we get such tools, we’ll be able to wield an advantage.”

Hmmm…well, I guess it’s fine if it’s just that much

While it would be terrible if they were to aim that fang towards us……it’s too late to be thinking about that after all that’s happened.

It’s much more convenient compared to being asked for troops and reinforcements, after all. I don’t think our country with an infantry based army would be able to fight effectively against a nomadic nation.

“Understood. However, we won’t be able to send around that much. We have to prioritize our military preparations, after all.”

“We understand. Then we shall request from you as much as you can. Oh yes……by the way….”

Lord Equus places a white stone-like thing before me.

No, it’s changing to a slightly pink color. This is….

“This is rock salt mined from our territory.”

“Oh really?……”

Hmmm, this is quite a problem.

If the price of rock salt goes down, our country’s income would also go down. Rock salt is one of the supporting pillars of our national treasury.

“The problem is we don’t have the technology to efficiently dig up these salts. So we have a proposition. Won’t you give us technical support? In exchange, we will sell you the rock salt on the cheap.”

On the cheap……in other words, lower than list price.

That’s not a bad proposition. If we sold the salt to the Cretians, we should be able to obtain enough profits plus we would be resolving the trade frictions too.

But why?

The one who answered my question was Methyl who had been silent up until now.

“On the south of our country lies the Lupus Tribe. Because of them, our country couldn’t trade with the Cretians. Furthermore, the Cretians couldn’t expressly stock up on goods in our country. Therefore, I thought that entrusting the trade to you gentlemen of the Rosyth kingdom would yield better results. Besides, we are not that skillful in commerce.”

Well, that makes sense.

What the Equus tribe want are wheat and wine rather than gold and silver coins and much less so goods such as goldware and Persis gla.s.s.

Therefore, bartering with the Rosyth Kingdom would yield more profits……while this might be strange, it will lead to their desired results.

Since profits would rise, there’s no particular reason for us to refuse. Rather, deterioration of relations would be a problem.

“I see. That would also be profitable for us. Yes, we’ll support your proposal. However, regarding the specific price…”

That day’s meeting continued up until midnight.


Ledus is at his wit’s ends alone.

His face is marred with the color of fatigue and traces of tears.

It’s as if he were a baby that had cried his heart out. No, he had actually cried himself to exhaustion.

Why is Ledus crying? The reason is Muzio and Rachaela’s wedding.

In short, he was heartbroken.

The history of Ledus’ affection towards Rachaela goes back up to around 10 years from now.

If you put that history into a composition, it would be comparatively boring and take more than 10,000 characters so we’ll spare ourselves from that.

By the way, Rachaela doesn’t think the least bit at all about Ledus’ loving her.

She had completely set her sights on Muzio even before, plus Ledus and Rachaela, from the very beginning, hadn’t spoken with each other that much.

In her point of view, it’s to the level of ‘Ledus? Aa, he’s the Third Prince, yes? What about him?’

Now then, why didn’t Ledus open his heart to Rachaela? Was it because he was a chicken?

That’s a part of it.

Ledus is confident in the martial arts but he couldn’t take a single step when it comes to the critical moment.

Perhaps indecisive is the suitable word.

However, it’s not just that.

The reason is simple. It’s a faction problem.

There are three internal factions in the Equus tribe.

First, the faction of Prince Methyl who was the child of the third consort, the first to give birth to a male despite her low social status.

Another is the faction of Prince Muzio, the prince that seems uninterested in the succession, and son of the second consort, the second to give birth to a male and with high social status.

Third is the faction of Prince Ledus, son of the first consort who, despite having a high social status, was the last to give birth to a male.

Around the time Ledus was seven years old, the first consort’s faction grew in power and they managed to obtain a.s.surance that he will become the patriarch.

Even so, somehow the second consort threw her support to the third consort.

There were several reasons but there are two main reasons.

First, the second consort doesn’t l.u.s.t for power, so if their lives were being aimed at, a plot to push it all on the third consort would be better.

The other reason is the second consort’s father.

Her father is great war chief (equivalent to a general) who, because of the existence of foreign pressure from the Lupus tribe, embraces the thought that t the country must not be divided because of such a trifling matter.

Consequently, the second consort’s father decided to support the old custom that ‘the first born will succeed as chief’ and that, in accordance with that, Prince Methyl must succeed.

Thus, as proof of their alliance, they promised to have Muzio marry Rachaela, a relative of the third consort.

In short, to Ledus, Rachaela is a political opponent’s relative.

Since even telling his feelings was impossible, marriage and such would be absurd.

“Aa……aa……who gives a d.a.m.n about chiefhood…”

It’s not like Ledus wants to become the tribe chief.

While it’s only natural for him to have the intention to become chief because he does have an above-average l.u.s.t for power, if he had to choose, he would rather have Rachaela.

The most enthusiastic would be the mother rather than the son. Well, it’s a story you often hear.

“Why I have a wonderful proposal for you!! Why, even now you can get both Rachaela and the chiefhood, you know!!”

An unusually excited voice enters Ledus’ ears.

Ledus turns around and finds a black haired girl before him.

From the color of her skin you could see that she’s not around from here……or at the very least you could see that she’s not Adernian.

The woman comes closer to Ledus.

“Stop!! Don!!”

Ledus suddenly couldn’t move his mouth.

No, it’s not just his mouth. You could say that his whole body had become stone.

The woman holds Ledus’ cheeks with both her hands.

“Fufu, it’s pointless, you know. You’ve already fallen to my curse, so you won’t be able to slip out of it. Nevertheless, your sorcerers’ level is low, huh. That’s why your curses were easily discovered by Princess  Julia, you know.”

The woman looks eye to eye with Ledus.

Ledus’ eyelids are completely motionless, not even with a twitch. He couldn’t even manage to turn his eyes away.

“Now then, regarding what you must do. It’s simple, you know. Just kill your father and your two brothers. Kill all those who resist you. The method is simple. I’ll be teaching it to you. That way, you’ll be able to secure your position as tribal chief plus get Rachaela. Yes?”

The woman then leaves after talking to Ledus.

Ledus, who was left there, looks around in confusion.

“What the? What did just happen? I can’t……remember…….”

He looks around restlessly for a while, but nothing had changed.

It’s as if time had jumped.

Ledus climbs up the bed while thinking about the problem.

“Hmm, is wonder if this is good performance? The shortest I could say is two months. Thereupon, when you think about the preparations…..as expected would it be after a year? Well, we have to set this up on other countries too, huh. Need to be steady.”

The girl – Mari – is walking through the plains while skipping.

She was able to invade for the preparations thanks to entering via air. In the first place, Elly is a black flying dragon so she doesn’t stand out that much and since she could manipulate the wind there’s little danger of being noticed due to the wind pressure. Furthermore, she had a collaborator from within as well.

“Iyaa, Ledus-kun being a weak rascal saved us a lot of trouble, huh. Normally, things don’t go this smoothly after all.”

Hypnotism using sorcery. This is quite difficult.

First, the target himself should have little qualms against it. You’d normally notice it being cast upon you after all.

Tying the target up and repeatedly applying hypnotic suggestions at him to brainwash him would be easy but………kidnapping Ledus would be too big of an affair.

However, in a stroke of luck, Ledus himself doesn’t have that much of a resistance and at the same time he’s also collapsed emotionally.

Furthermore, the person himself is aiming for a woman and the status of chief.

It wouldn’t take that much labor to ‘motivate’ him a little.

“The problem is if I get found out on the way, huh…..

Oh, yeah! Come to think of it, wouldn’t it be better to confidently penetrate them as a guest from the Rozel Kingdom? Let’s contact Ledus under the shape of consultation…..that’s good!! Let’s do that!!”

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Translator’s Notes:
Note 1↑: Original: ラケーラ (Rakeera). I don’t know how to translate but the j.a.panese translation for Tanith Lee’s Dark Dance character Rachaela is the same so I figured I’d use that.