Otherworld Nation Founding Chronicles Chapter 121 Part2

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“But then again, your shameful voices could be heard outside. Look at those poor guards.”–Bartolo

“Are they moaning so loud?”–Alums

“Obviously! I even heard you say, ‘Quiet! Or we’ll be heard outside.'” –Bartolo

Bartolo imitated my voice when he said that.

I can only smile and take a sip of wine.

“Where are the guards?”–Almus

“For your sake, I made them withdraw temporarily. I a.s.sumed the role of your guard to ensure you won’t be heard by anybody.”–Bartolo

“Uh-huh, but you heard it.”–Almus

“Ahaha, don’t mind it. This is caring from your faithful Bartolo.”–Bartolo

Bartolo made a face at me.

We drank the wine and looked at the sky.

Since in this world, the moon is close to earth, the night sky is very bright.

But compared to j.a.pan, the sky here is darker with a lot of bright stars.

Both of us fell into silence.

“Hey, Bartolo.”


“Between me and the Rosyth royalty, which is more important?”

Bartolo looked grave. He put the cup down on the ground and stared straight into my eyes.

“What do you mean?”–Bartolo

“Just as it is. Is Bartolo・Pompeii loyal to Almus・S・Rosyth? Or to the Rosyth royalty ?”–Almus

“I will be loyal to Almus・S・Rosyth. Furthermore, I probably will be opposed to Raymond・Rosyth in becoming the king of Rosyth Kingdom.”–Bartolo


I drained the cup and turned to Bartolo.

“When the war is over…”

“Please stop! My king, I have a wife…”

“This is a serious matter! Hear me out please!”

You stupid Bartolo.

Bartolo smiled and filled my cup with wine.

“I’m sorry. Well, what do you want to say?……Do you want to establish Prince Angus as the Prince Edward?”–Bartolo

Bartolo’s eyes looked at me sharply.

I shook my head.

“I won’t do such a stupid thing like divide the country. Although I love Angus too, but it isn’t good for him. Tetra… may have some complaints, but she will surely understand. She had already prepared for it.” 

“So, what’s your decision?”

“I will establish Julia’s son as the Crown Prince. It’s time to make this decision. Only then, can our country become one.”

“Well, I understand.”

Bartolo knelt down, lowered his head, and said:

“My King. Your official wife is Julia. If you have decided, I will be your sword no matter where you are!”

“Thanks! Bartolo・Pompeii. I won’t forget your loyalty.

I smiled, then turned my sight to the sky again.

A streak of lightning flashed through the sky.

Maybe a meteor…… 


I drew my sword quickly and warded off the things that flew towards Bartolo.

I gave a look to Bartolo and he drew his sword at once. 

We stood back to back.  

“All this because you withdrew the guards.”

“…that’s because you were lovemaking on the night before the battle.”

I stared at the darkness and felt nothing.

But actually, there is something. There should be something!


Suddenly I heard the grinding as rubble s.h.i.+fted.

I saw something flying towards my neck by a hair’s breadth. 

I cut it down with my sword and grabbed it There was a body’s feel and temperature from it. 

It’s an arm.

I gave it a pull without hesitation.

Was it pulled out?

I swung the broken arm.

“Did you know that a spider can regrow limbs?”

It’s a woman’s voice. 

Wearing a black cloth and blending into the dark.

From the plump b.r.e.a.s.t.s, I recognized that it is a woman.

“You monster.”

Bartolo compared the broken arm in my hand with new arm on the spider woman.

In such a short time, she regrew a new arm, furthermore, there’s no difference with her old one.

“I’ve heard this word many times. However, whatever you say, a human cannot be a monster.”

At that moment, I suddenly had a strong sense of danger. I rapidly pressed down Bartolo’s head at the same time I lowered mine.

Something flew over our heads.

“It’s amazing that you can avoid my attack. You have good sense.”

She closed the distance in a second with a sharp knife in her hand.

“Using an a.s.sa.s.sin. What a cowardly way.”

Although my Dragon Damascus sword can cut her knives apart easily like cutting fruit, but it seemed like she had unlimited knives.


With sharp intuition, I avoided something that nearly cut off my feet.

“I see…it seems you have some sort of divine blessing.”

“So do you.”

“Hahaha, are you kidding? Does a monster have a sacred divine blessing? My power is much more dirty.”

The fight went on.

After nearly 5 minutes.

“I heard something!”

“From the king’s camp!”

“Hurry up!”

The soldiers finally noticed the commotion.

“It would be better to target on your wives instead of you. I’ll stop here and come back.”


However, I noticed that there’s something ahead of me that was similar to a spider web.

When I touched the thread, my fingers bled instantly.

Things are looking tough.

For now, I will heighten military alert and sleep with Tetra and Julia every night to ensure their safety.

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