Otherworld Nation Founding Chronicles Chapter 104.5

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Extremely Short Chapter. (Not really a chapter tbh) (Bundled with 104, but again, it just became a habit to separate them)

Chapter 104.5 – (Unt.i.tled)

Author: 桜木桜 (Sakuragi Sakura)

Translator: Isekai Shousetsu

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The sound of a cheek getting hit reverberates throughout the Yurt.

It was Ledus who fell and Rachaela who hit.

“Who will become whose wife?”

“……..If I felt like it, I can rape right here right now, you know?”

Ledus scowls at Rachaela.

Rachaela firmly scowls back.

“No thank you. Try it if you must but I’d bite my tongue and die before you could do so. Feel free to rape my dead body as much as you like.”

The Equus tribe’s medical technology is poor. Therefore, if someone bit their tongue off, then they’d surely die. But then again, it would be quite a painful death.

“……..Listen here, I won’t rape you. I’ll immediately bring you Muzio’s head.  If I do that, then there’s no need for you to be faithful anymore.”

“You won’t be able to kill Muzio. A coward like you wont be able to.”

After the two scowled at each other for a while, the two turned their backs on each other.

Author’s notes:

It’s the end of the Third Volume!

It’s the time to say that. The fourth volume will be about how he’d get the country through the coalition. The intermission would be a measly single chapter. I plan to release it at the same time as the fourth volume’s first chapter. Economic difficulties will be waiting for him after the coalition.

I’ve written drafts for the fourth volume but real life had been so busy that I’ve honestly fallen to a slump and have sometimes felt mental and emotional difficulties that things aren’t advancing that much.

I might have you guys wait for a little while.

I personally feel a little lost.

I do intend to see this to completion and I have decided on how to develop things from hereafter but…….some idle complaints, grumbling, and the like might come up in my action reports (TLN: Probably in syosetu). I say probably because I’ve already planned my posts now so it would depend on how I feel at that time.

If I had written one and you thought that the contents were considerably awful then I recommend you stop reading. Then it’d become a talk of “stop writing then,’ huh.

Alright, I feel a little better.

I’m sorry for letting you see this.

Translator’s Notes:

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