Number One Dungeon Supplier Chapter 1259 – Trojan Horse

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Chapter 1259 – Trojan Horse

“Cheng, what happened to Lee?” The Guard Leader queried as the other guards removed the barricades to allow them to go in. He Fei saw the entire thing in motion and could feel that he was reliving the ancient times when the Trojans allowed the wooden horse to enter their premises. 

Yet, he did not make a noise and stood further away from the commotion to see the show unfold right in front of him. “Wait, where is the other lady? The one who was following you?” The Guard Leader felt something was amiss but his gut feeling was a tad too late as Shang Xia acted without much hesitation and slammed her knife which she was hiding within her sleeves into the Guard Leader’s chest. 

Just as how the attack brought Ryuli to her knees with the powers of Shang Xia’s cultivation pulsing through the knives, the Guard Leader was sent flying up to the ceiling even though he was able to withstand the attack. Yet, that brought precious seconds for Lee and Cheng to slaughter the other guards offhand, with the exception of the ones who were the moles. 

The rest of the bodyguards who were oblivious of these were brought to their life’s end and the remaining who managed to survive the first wave did not know who the turncoats were. They could only trust and fend for themselves and it was pretty obvious the numbers were on the Banned Emperor’s side, causing the guards to falter in their defence and be killed in the process. 

The rest of the VIPs went to their knees not to be caught in the crossfire, thinking that they would have the chance to be the hostages in such a scenario as they believed their current status and power would be the bargaining chips for these terrorists. Fortunately, for them, they were right as Shang Xia and her goons were finis.h.i.+ng off the guards to ensure there was no more resistance guarding this group of VIP entourage. 

Her blood was racing, she did not expect it to be this easy and even the Guard Leader did not put up much of a resistance as he saw his entire team crumble into dust. The sheer shock factor allowed the rest of the Banned Emperor terrorists to score a kill as the Guard Leader diligently did his duty by sacrificing his life and the remaining amount of chi to create a s.h.i.+eld on the most important VIP in this bunker.

On the Minister of Defence himself. 

And with his last breath, the Guard Leader could only hope that reinforcements could come in on time to salvage the entire situation. 

“That s.h.i.+eld on the Defence Minister is impenetrable with our current means. Even if we unite our chi together and blast this entire bunker or maybe including this building, He Fei will still survive it.” Lee said as he did not expect this incompetent Guard Leader he was under, knew a legendary technique that could put up a series of barriers or also known as the Thousand Mountains in an Eggsh.e.l.l. It was a fairly well known legendary technique but not the drawbacks were immense as someone needed to be a proxy to take all the damage. 

In this case, the Guard Leader used all his lifeforce and chi as the proxy and only time or legendary a.s.sault techniques could destroy it. 

“Heh, no wonder he is so weak in terms of skills. He was used as a p.a.w.n, an emergency backup in case anything happened to the Defence Minister.” Lee kicked the Guard Leader’s face as he was intolerable leading up to the current operation. 

“And that’s also why their guard detail is minimum because they know that the Guard Leader has the capability to protect him until the appropriate response team arrives..” Cheng also spat at him while recalling why the Guard Leader’s details were inaccessible no matter how much they tried to dig before this Symposium started.

However, Shang Xia did not care about her underling’s ramblings as all she wanted was He Fei to be dead. No matter the barrier, it’s still a chi technique and that means it can be broken with their current level despite what Lee had remarked…because of a certain item within her possession.

The Relic.

It had no true name to the current relic when they were holding it. Some say it’s the Philosopher’s Stone, some say it’s the Gem of Agu-agamon while the mainstream called it the True Relic of Blood Sacrifice. But in essence, it was a stone that was capable of holding much chi, mana and blood to fuel the desires of the user wielding it. That was one of the reasons why Shang Xia wanted to use this Symposium where a majority of not just commoners but people with a certain level of cultivation will gather. 

At first, It was a pity that that particular dungeon supplier was not within the Symposium as he would be the very few to taste the true wrath of the Banned Emperor. (Little did she know that he was the one who thwarted her plans and the current situation outside had turned the tables against their favour due to his efforts.) But regardless, the scenario right now was ideal for her as she had unwilling sheep who thought that being a submissive group of hostages would save their lives.

Nay. She would use those hostages as the fuel to power up the relic and blast a hole through He Fei’s barrier and stab her knives into his heart. “For all the pain you did to me He Fei.” Shang Xia said but the Defence Minister kept his cool and silence as he folded his arms, not doing anything else.

Shang Xia took the silence as an act of provocation and began to pour some chi into the Relic of Blood Sacrifice so as to activate its abilities. But at that moment, as if things were going way too well for her, Shang Xia could feel a very familiar chi from the distance. Because she had fought with her before, Shang Xia instinctively moved a step back to see a blast of a dragon head coming through the entrance and annihilating four of the guards that were at the door. 

“That b.i.t.c.h!” Shang Xia knew that reinforcements had already arrived and the most annoying one as well.

“I have not turned b.i.t.c.h mode on,” Ryuli said the moment her umbrella clashed against Shang Xia’s knives.. “But for you, perhaps I might consider doing so.”