My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again Chapter 91 – The First Snow, First Kiss, and First Confession (1)

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Chapter 91: The First Snow, First Kiss, and First Confession (1)

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Xu Weilai had no idea where she was headed. She only knew that she couldn’t bear to be within the same s.p.a.ce as Gu Yu, not even for a second longer.

If Gu Yu were just a mere stranger, his actions that day wouldn’t have affected her that much. However, he wasn’t just any man. He was a man whom she loved so very much… And loving him was akin to personally handing him a metaphorical dagger, enabling him to stab her right in the heart. And now? She was reduced to nothing but a b.l.o.o.d.y mess.

Gu Yu leaned back in his seat. He watched as Xu Weilai’s silhouette teetered, her feet stumbling along as she fought to put one foot before the other.

Her long skirt flapped in the sea breeze as she s.h.i.+vered from the cold. Her steps were unsteady as her body threatened to collapse at any moment.

Still, she refused to look back, not even once.

Relieving himself of his desires gave him no satisfaction. In its place, a huge sense of emptiness was left behind, an emptiness that slowly, but surely, engulfed him whole.

He couldn’t help but recall the moment just before when Xu Weilai was beneath him. She had struggled initially but soon after, she laid motionless with her eyes closed. Her expression was calm, harboring a deathly stillness.

It was as if she was telling him there was nothing he could ever do that would invoke any reaction out of her.

What he hated the most was her indifference. She had turned his life upside down but remained calm and unbothered still. Three years had pa.s.sed, but she was still a cruel and ruthless outsider.

As Xu Weilai slowly disappeared into the distance, his eyes gradually darkened as he snapped out of his reverie, re-adopting his usual cold demeanor.

He deftly rearranged his slightly disheveled clothing, transforming back to his usual prim and proper self. With his hands on the steering wheel, he stepped on the gas pedal, and the car sped off.

The headlights of his car shone from behind, as he drove towards her direction. But Xu Weilai continued to tread forward without looking back.

The car pa.s.sed her by but showed no signs of stopping, speeding past her instead.

Gu Yu looked at the rearview mirror and watched as her figure slowly faded, as his grip on the wheel tightened.

The night was freezing, but it paled in comparison to the coldness she felt in her heart. Xu Weilai watched as the black car vanished from sight, feeling as if her heart was being gnawed on by an army of ants.

The pain was slight, but she felt it deeply still.

Suddenly, something landed on top of her head. A few times, one after the other. She instinctively swept her hand across her hair, feeling a sensation that was cold to the touch.


She looked upwards and watched as snowflakes cascaded from the dark sky. The snowfall gradually increased, and she stared at the sight in a trance. In the darkness, her tears were uncontrollable as they streamed down her face.

It was snowing.

That was… the first snow of the year.

She hadn’t shed a tear for Gu Yu despite his treatment moments ago. But somehow when she was faced with the snow, her tears couldn’t seem to stop.

It was the first snow…

During the first winter as a couple, they had watched the first snow together.

Back then, after being influenced by various idol dramas, she was especially elated when she saw the first snow. She had insisted on dragging Gu Yu to watch it with her.

She reached out her hand and caught a falling snowflake. With a beaming smile, she said to him, “Gu Yu, do you know what the first snow is the best time for?”

The man stood tall as his handsome face stayed expressionless. He looked at her in antic.i.p.ation without saying a word.

In any case, Xu Weilai didn’t expect him to know the answer. After all, all he knew were the figures written all over his business doc.u.ments!

Xu Weilai skipped her way in front of Gu Yu, facing him directly. She fluttered her eyelashes, and said in a crisp, clear voice, “Gu Yu, the first snow is the best time for a confession.”