My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again Chapter 87 – Xu Weilai, Are You Regretting It Now? (1)

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Chapter 87: Xu Weilai, Are You Regretting It Now? (1)

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This marriage between them should never have existed in the first place. Everything between them had ended three years ago.

This had all happened because of that sliver of hope, her inability to let go, and an overestimation of her self-worth.

She had relied on the beautiful memories she had shared with Gu Yu in the past and Grandpa Gu’s words of encouragement to convince herself, over and over again, that she could turn this marriage around and start over with Gu Yu.


Gu Yu’s coldness, Su Ziqian’s provocation, and Grandpa Gu’s heartfelt and drunken words came together in her mind and crushed her completely.

Marriage was between two people. It wasn’t something she could work hard at on her own to protect and uphold.

Most importantly, Grandpa Gu had asked her to bear a child with Gu Yu… no, to bear many, many children with him so that he wouldn’t be lonely. Grandpa Gu was worried that if he left, Gu Yu would be all alone.

She recalled the fateful night when Gu Yu had cruelly and heartlessly said to her, “I don’t want another worthless relation to arise between you and me!”

Gu Yu didn’t want to have any children with her. How was she supposed to grant Grandpa Gu his wish and have many children, when Gu Yu had destroyed that possibility from the very get-go?

Therefore, she had made the decision to let go of all this and help Gu Yu get what he wanted.

As long as they were divorced, he’d be free to be with the woman he loved: Su Ziqian. Su Ziqian would bear many, many children for him, and he’d never have to be alone again.

The apartment complex was very quiet at night, and there weren’t any other cars around. Xu Weilai’s words rang out clearly in Gu Yu’s ears. His eyes darkened, and he slammed his foot on the car brakes.

The car had been going fast, and the sudden halt resulted in a piercing screech from the friction of the tires on the road.

The inertia threw Xu Weilai’s body forward, but as her seatbelt caught her, she felt her back slam against the backrest of the seat.

It was deathly quiet inside the car, and the windows had frosted up.

Gu Yu didn’t look at her and didn’t say a word. In fact, his handsome face betrayed no emotion whatsoever. However, the energy around him slowly turned chilly, and his hands slowly clenched the steering wheel tightly.

A menacing aura drifted towards Xu Weilai, and she suddenly found it hard to breathe. However, once spoken aloud, words were like spilled milk. They couldn’t be taken back. And she refused to take them back.

Xu Weilai lowered her eyes and didn’t dare to look at him. She gripped her seatbelt tightly with both hands in front of her chest and resumed nervously speaking in a whisper. “Gu Yu, I know this marriage was never something that you wanted. You only did it for Grandpa because you couldn’t turn him down. The same goes for what happened today. You clearly despise me, and yet, you were forced to protect me…”

As she spoke, Xu Weilai could taste the bitterness in her mouth. Whether she was doing this for him or for herself, she wasn’t sure.

“Therefore, I will keep my promise. I’m willing to divorce you. However… I don’t want to break Grandpa’s heart. So, can we not mention anything to Grandpa for the time being? When… when the time is right, we’ll let him know. Is that okay?”

Her thinking was that once Gu Yu and Su Ziqian settled down with a child of their own, it would lessen the blow of their divorce for Grandpa, and he would be more accepting of it.

Xu Weilai had said everything that she had prepared beforehand, but she didn’t get a single reply from Gu Yu. She didn’t dare to press him for it, and instead, she just turned her head to the side to glance at him.

Despite how dark the night was, she could make out his hostile expression and sense the chill coming from him. Her hair stood on end, and she couldn’t help but s.h.i.+ver.

After approximately a minute, the man finally opened his mouth to speak. “Xu Weilai, are you regretting it now?”