My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again Chapter 84 – My Woman Should be as Beautiful as a Flower (2)

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Chapter 84: My Woman Should be as Beautiful as a Flower (2)

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Now that everyone had arrived, Grandpa Gu asked Mrs. Lin to start dinner. The servants of the household brought the dishes to the table one by one, and they turned out to be virtually all of the dishes that Xu Weilai loved. As she watched them get brought out, she felt her heart warm, and she gave Grandpa Gu a discreet smile.

Grandpa picked up on the signal she’d sent and returned the gesture with a grin and a handsome wink.

Xu Weilai couldn’t hold in the small laugh that bubbled to her lips in response to the playful old man.

Gu Yu heard it and shot her a sideways glance with eyes that remained cold and dark. Xu Weilai immediately swallowed her laughter and the joyful expression dropped off her face. It was so quick that the moment of relaxation could have just been in his imagination.

Gu Yu’s gaze remained fixed on her for a few seconds, then his pupils became even darker and colder.

Everyone watched the small interactions between those three people. It was clear that Grandpa Gu was quite fond of Xu Weilai, but it was increasingly hard to tell what Gu Yu thought of her.

After dinner, Grandpa Gu asked for someone to open a bottle of his prized red wine to share with the family. The family sat on the sofa in the living room and drank as they chatted about the economy and the future of the Gu family business.

Xu Weilai didn’t know enough to partic.i.p.ate in the conversation, so she got up and walked to the kitchen to help Mrs. Lin cut up fruit.

When Xu Weilai came out with a plate of freshly cut fruit, Uncle Gu Xiong shot her a dirty look and spoke while twirling a gla.s.s of red wine in his hand. “A-Yu, you’re the most capable heir of our generation, and you have no opponents in the market. You’ve greatly expanded the Gu Corporation over these past years! The only tragedy is that you didn’t manage to marry a n.o.ble wife as well; being part of a powerful couple would bring you and the entire family to another step above everyone else!”

He paused for a second and said, “What a regrettable thing for you.”

Xu Weilai naturally caught that this comment was directed towards her.

Her footsteps faltered slightly, but the expression on her face remained unchanged as she walked over nonchalantly, leaned down, and placed the platter on the table.

Gu Yu’s handsome face also remained calm as he heard his uncle’s comment. His long and elegant fingers grasped the foot of his wine gla.s.s, and he twirled it slightly between them. Then, he put his head back and downed the rest of the wine in his gla.s.s in a graceful manner.

It was as if this snide comment about Xu Weilei didn’t affect him at all and was not even worth his time!

Gu Xiong watched this and curled his lip, then continued to target Xu Weilai. “I accidentally stained my shoes with a bit of wine, please wipe them clean!”

Despite saying please, the tone of his voice was that of an order, and it treated Xu Weilai as if she was just a servant!

Xu Weilai clenched her fist, but in the next second, a large, slightly cold palm grabbed onto her hand.

She froze, turned to see Gu Yu holding her hand, then immediately felt her body being pulled by a strong force towards a spot on the sofa next to Gu Yu.

Xu Weilai’s heart skipped a beat.

Gu Yu lowered his eyes and lazily played with Xu Weilai’s slim white fingers in his, as he said casually, “The Gu family doesn’t need to add more to what we already have, especially for me! Should I choose a woman who is only as pretty as a flower?”

This was clearly in response to Gu Xiong’s “regrettable” comment. With that merciless reb.u.t.tal, Gu Xiong’s sneer froze on his face.

Gu Yu lifted his eyes and looked directly at him. Then, as if he suddenly remembering something, he added, “I’m afraid I didn’t think as much as you seem to have, uncle. I guess this is what I get for falling for someone beautiful.”

Gu Xiong’s expression almost immediately soured, and his wife, who sat beside him, turned surly.

Gu Xiong was never a businessman, but he had always had great ambition. In order to fight against Gu Yu’s father in the past, he had practically sold himself to the Rong family. He had married the average-looking Rong Fanghua because she’d come from a well-off family.

Gu Yu’s blasé comments caused Gu Xiong to choke on his spit and caused his blood pressure to rise at an alarming speed.