My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again Chapter 837 – The End (7)

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Chapter 837: The End (7)

Xu Weilai met Gu Yu’s eyes and tried her best to raise the corners of her lip. Tears kept falling, but her smile was getting wider and wider.

“The twenty-two-year-old Xu Weilai wants to marry Gu Yu. She thinks about it when she walks when she eats when she sleeps. She thinks about it all the time. She doesn’t want to get married, she just wants to marry Gu Yu.”

“Now, she has fulfilled her dream. Gu Yu proposed to her in the most romantic way that she could imagine, just like in idol dramas. He even said to her, ‘I love you, which is what she has always dreamed of.”

“Gu Yu, the twenty-two-year-old Xu Weilai, who is weak, timid, worried about gains and losses, anxious, and afraid, wants to tell you.”

Xu Weilai took another step forward. Her voice trembled violently, but she still said those words clearly, “Gu Yu, I love you.”

After saying that, Xu Weilai looked at the ring on her ring finger again. She was smiling, but she raised her hand and took out the ring slowly. She put it in her palm and held it in front of Gu Yu.

“The current Xu Weilai is not willing to marry you.”

The current Xu Weilai loved herself more.

The current Xu Weilai didn’t want to let herself down anymore.

Gu Yu wasn’t surprised at all. He smiled slightly. He looked into her sad and gentle eye, he nodded slightly and said in a very soft voice, “Yes, I know.”

The man’s fingertips touched Xu Weilai’s palm lightly. It was very cold. He took the ring back and in the next second, his arms hugged Xu Weilai suddenly.

He gave her a strong hug, it was so strong that as if he wanted to rub her whole body into his bones. He turned his face and said in a hoa.r.s.e voice beside her ear, “No matter where you are, take good care of yourself.”

At the same time when Gu Yu released Xu Weilai, he put his hands on her shoulders and turned her body in a circle, making her turned from facing him to her back.

“Xu Weilai, let’s go.”

Xu Weilai lowered her head and smiled. She didn’t turn back, only said, “Gu Yu, Goodbye.”

It was just like that year.

The man holding the ring stood still, watching the woman he loved walk away from him, step by step.

Xu Shuai couldn’t hold it in anymore. He rushed up and grabbed Gu Yu’s hand, trying to push him forward. “Ah Yu, aren’t you going to chase after her? Are you letting Xu Weilai go just like that? Aren’t you here to stop her?”

a.s.sistant Lin didn’t care about anything and rushed up as well. “President Gu, if you don’t chase after her now, it’ll be too late. Hurry up and chase after her… If Miss Xu leaves, she might not come back.”

Gu Yu didn’t say anything. He stood still there, watching Xu Weilai walk further and further away until she disappeared from his eyes.

The hurt wouldn’t disappear just because of a few words of sudden realization. He didn’t have the right to ask Xu Weilai to stand still and wait for him, nor did he have the right to say sorry where she had to accept it with a smile.

Those who did not know how to treasure had to pay the price.

This was the price he had to pay.

a.s.sistant Lin looked at the reporters who were taking pictures frantically and he suddenly understood. President Gu was not calling these reporters over to witness the success of his proposal but to witness the failure of his proposal. Back then, he had broken off the engagement and caused Xu Weilai to be ridiculed by the crowd. Now he used this method to make him the target of ridicule. He had once hurt Xu Weilai, and now he returned every single of the hurts to himself one by one.

The plane soared into the sky. Xu Weilai wiped away the tears on her face and closed her eyes.

Goodbye to the twenty-two-year-old Xu Weilai.

Goodbye to Gu Yu.