My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again Chapter 808 – It Was Different from Before (2)

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Chapter 808: It Was Different from Before (2)

Miss Zuo?

These three words dealt another heavy blow to Zuo Si.

When did Gu Yu ever address her as Miss Zuo in this manner? Moreover, he had never mocked her in this way.

Ever since they met and decided to work together, he had always been quiet. He would not open his mouth to speak if it was not necessary, thus no one would be able to guess what he was thinking.

But in front of her, he was mature and steady, and he was so gentleman that she felt a little distant.

But this man in front of her, his features were Gu Yu, but his words were different from before.

His voice was full of arrogance, with the ego of a teenager.

“CEO Gu, you… called me Miss Zuo?” Zuo Si asked subconsciously.

At least until his “Death”, their cooperation was very good and pleasant.

Gu Yu raised his head slightly as if he also felt that it was not right to call her that way. He nodded and changed the way he addressed her, “Aunt Zuo.”



Gu Yu was a little impatient, “Aunt Zuo, you are not only getting older but also have bad hearing?”

Zuo Si’s expression was like a crack in the gla.s.s, slowly spreading outwards. It seemed that she was really dreaming…

Gu Yu had no interest in explaining to her, nor did he need to explain to her. He raised his hand and pressed the call b.u.t.ton. When the call was answered, he instructed directly, “a.s.sistant Lin, you can come in now.”

a.s.sistant Lin pushed the door open and walked in after ten seconds. He was holding a contract in his hand.

He greeted Gu Yu, and Gu Yu nodded lightly. “You talk to her. Hurry up. I have to go see Grandpa later.”

As he spoke, he raised his hand to look at his watch. He didn’t want to waste a second on Zuo Si.

a.s.sistant Lin walked up to Zuo Si and handed over the contract in his hand. He put on a formal smile and said, “Miss Zuo, this is the shares transfer agreement. CEO Gu wants to buy all the shares of the Gu Corporation. For sure the price will satisfy you. You can take a look. If there’s no problem, just sign it. Hmm… I’m in a hurry.”

Zuo Si looked at a.s.sistant Lin in shock and then turned to look at Gu Yu. She closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths before she managed to suppress her shock, disbelief, and anger.

She forced herself to calm down and smiled, “What makes you think that I would sell my shares?”

Moreover, when Gu Yu was discussing matters with her, he was just right in front of her. He did not talk to her personally, instead, he asked his a.s.sistant. What did he mean by that? Did he look down on her? Did he think that she was not worthy to talk to him?

Gu Yu took out his phone and sent a WeChat message to someone. He did not even look at her. Zuo Si’s face was even more livid.

a.s.sistant Lin continued with a smile, “Miss Zuo, are you still counting on your father? If CEO Zuo finds out that the path he paved for you has been ruined by you and you have damaged his beloved general, do you think that you still have any position in Zuo Group?”

“Of course, if you think that your father’s affection for you can make him tolerate your failure, then you can choose not to sign this contract. When that time comes, your father will take back his shares, and you won’t be able to get any money or status.”

“If I were you, I would be a wise man who knows how the situation is now. After I take the money, I can still maintain a friendly cooperative relations.h.i.+p with CEO Gu. Why not?”

As he spoke, Zuo Si’s expression became more and more unsightly, but she could not refute him.

She would either sign and take the money or become the second person to fall out of favour by her father.

After Zuo Si signed and left, a.s.sistant Lin presented the contract to Gu Yu. Gu Yu did not even lift his eyelids and asked, “Who’s left?”

a.s.sistant Lin pursed his lips and said weakly, “Miss…Miss Xu.”

Gu Yu’s hand that was playing with his phone paused for a moment and said, “The one that grandfather had appointed as my fiancée?”