My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again Chapter 801 – I Wish You To be Good With Him for The Next Hundred Years (1)

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Chapter 801: I Wish You To be Good With Him for The Next Hundred Years (1)

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The matter was over, and Xu Weilai had no reason to stay. She, Xiao Chun, and Xu Shuai lifted their feet, stepped across the red carpet, and walked towards the entrance of the venue.

When Xu Weilai pa.s.sed by Zuo Si, Zuo Si was suppressing her anger and her voice rang out, “Xu Weilai, you’ve gone too far.”

She had many ways to expose Bai Yufang’s past, there was no need to do it at her wedding unless she did it on purpose.

Even if her goal wasn’t to disrupt the wedding like the s.n.a.t.c.h and run, but there were no differences in such a situation she had created.

Xu Weilai paused in her footsteps. She blinked her big black eyes and put on an apologetic look, she replied, “I’m sorry, I’ll return the ground to you now. I wish you…”

She dragged out her words and glanced back at Gu Yu, who was standing at the end of the red carpet and almost become a backdrop. She continued, “I wish you to be good with him for the next hundred years.”

“Xu Weilai!” Zuo Si gritted her teeth.

Xu Weilai didn’t even look at her expression after she said that. She walked away in her high heels with her head held high.

Was she going too far?

Zuo Si was the one who went too far first.

At the entrance of the Gu Garden Country Club.

Xu Weilai looked at Xiao Chun who was distressed. She raised her hand and held them. It was cold to the touch. She asked, “Do you want to talk to Auntie Bai?”

That night, she told Xiao Chun everything she knew about Auntie Bai.

Xiao Chun couldn’t believe it. Her parents had always been good In her heart. They weren’t particularly affectionate, but they weren’t like those wealthy families who married each other and acted like they loved each other superficially.

Xu’s words had overturned what she had always known. She couldn’t accept it.

So, she promised Xu Weilai to search for the truth together with her. During the process, she was disappointed again and again.

She wanted to believe her mother, but the truth was truth and it was right in front of her eyes. Today, she testified against her mother. Every word and sentence was like a knife cutting her heart. It hurt so much that she couldn’t breathe.

“I’ll go now.” Xiao Chun’s voice was very hoa.r.s.e and she sniffed hard.

“I’ll go with you.”

Xiao Chun rejected immediately. “No, I’ll go alone.”

She had to deal with the matter between her and her mother by herself.

Xu Weilai was worried that Xiao Chun to be alone, but her current ident.i.ty wasn’t suitable to accompany her either. After all, it was because of her that Xiao Chun knew about Bai Yufang. It was also because of her that she stood out to testify against her mother.

She saw Xiao Chun get into her car and drive away, she could only look at Xu Shuai and say, “Stay with her. I’m worried that her emotion will be unstable and something might happen to her.”

Xu Shuai didn’t need her to ask for help. He nodded and was about to head to his car before he stopped suddenly. He glanced at Xu Weilai and said, “What are you going to do next? If you need my help, you can contact me at any time.”

Xu Weilai was first stunned after listening to his words. Then, she curved her lips and smiled. She didn’t answer but asked instead, “What else do you think I will do?”

Xu Shuai frowned and looked puzzled. “Aren’t you trying to get Ah Yu back?”


Why did everyone misunderstanding her?

Xu Weilai, who was rarely patient, explained once again, “NO, NO, NO! I am denying it now three times in a row!”

“…” Xu Shuai could understand any woman, but he couldn’t understand Xu Weilai. “Then why are you doing this?”