My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again Chapter 761 – There's Always A Way Out (1)

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Chapter 761: There’s Always A Way Out (1)

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Zuo An’s long eyelashes covered the expression in his eyes. “Actually… since things have already come to this point, what’s the use of pursuing the past?”

“There’s no point at all.” Xu Weilai answered straightforwardly. She shrugged. “It’s probably my occupational habit. As a reporter, I always want to understand the entire story.”

Zuo An smiled. Xu Weilai didn’t know why he was smiling but he still satisfied her curiosity and answered with one word, “Hypnosis.”

When this word entered her ears, Xu Weilai wasn’t too surprised. However, she still chuckled. “You guys really… use every method you can.”

Actually, after knowing that Grandpa Gu’s matter was related to Auntie Bai and linking everything to her occupation, Xu Weilai had thought about this possibility before. But, she still had to hear the truth personally to be 100% sure.

She tapped her fingers lightly on the table and said, “It seems that… Auntie Bai is a time bomb that you guys planted a long time ago, right?”

The maid brought food to Zuo An. Zuo An concluded everything with a simple sentence, “In short, everything that I have planned… has been achieved.”

The only exception was an accident.

Zuo An glanced at Xu Weilai, but he didn’t say the last sentence out loud.

Xu Weilai knew that this conversation was over and he wouldn’t answer her questions anymore. He had already told her everything he could tell her about Auntie Bai. This was his limit.

The two of them tacitly stopped talking and quietly finished their dinner.

There was a banquet in the evening. After dinner, Zuo An brought Xu Weilai to the styling house and asked someone to do her makeup and hair. He was in a good mood as he picked out a long dress for her.

Just like last time, it was a pure white dress. As for himself, he was still wearing a white suit, tuxedo style.

When he walked over, he really looked like a Prince Charming from a fairy tale.

The banquet was held in the most famous five-star hotel in the area.

The entire huge banquet hall was reserved and it decorated extremely luxuriously. Crystal chandeliers hung above their head. When they were all lit up, they looked like thousands of bright pearls.

Father Zuo was in high spirits tonight. The smile on his face never disappeared. His female companion was none other than Zuo Si. He brought her around the banquet to meet people.

Once someone asked why Gu Yu didn’t come, he didn’t answer. Instead, he looked at Zuo Si and Zuo si explained, “Ah Yu has some health issues. He’s recuperating now.”

Those who were invited and could appear here were all people with high social status and big shots from all walks of life. When they heard this piece of news, many emotions surged into their hearts even though they didn’t show it on their faces and even comforted her a little.

Grandpa Gu was the first to fall down and had yet to wake up. Gu Yu fell sick immediately after. They didn’t know what the situation was right now but not even being able to attend a banquet was enough to cause one’s imagination to run wild.

Gu Yu was the last pillar of support for the Gu Corporation. When the news of him falling sick started spreading, it looked like… the Gu corporation was really going to change its dynasty.

Xu Weilai had been quietly staying by Zuo An’s side, allowing him to introduce her to other people. She maintained a smile on her face. When he introduced her, she would nod and smile, acting as a dutiful female companion.

However, the corner of her eyes had been scanning the hall, looking for the figure of the person she wanted to see…

After searching around, she didn’t see him. A hint of disappointment surfaced in her eyes uncontrollably.