My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again Chapter 646 – Mutually Beneficial Relationship (2)

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Chapter 646: Mutually Beneficial Relations.h.i.+p (2)

Xiao Chun raised her eyebrows curiously. “Lil’ Weilai, why do you ask? I think everything is fine. I don’t find anything wrong.”

After a pause, she deliberately recollected, “I saw him this afternoon. It’s the same as usual. It’s just that… he seems to have lost some weight?”

Lost some weight?

At the mention of this word, Xu Weilai suddenly recollected when she returned concurrently with her Big Boss and happened to see him at the airport gate. She felt that he had lost a lot of weight at that moment when she noticed his s.h.i.+rt hung loosely on his body.

If Xiao Chun could feel that Gu Yu had lost weight even when they met so often, then he certainly had lost a lot of weight. She could not tell for sure if Gu Yu was sick. However, she witnessed with her own eyes that Gu Yu’s complexion pretty awful. He took so many drugs… and he was coughing horribly…..

Therefore, he couldn’t be in good health. The only explanation was that he maintained his usual appearance on purpose in front of others so that no one could tell that something was amiss with his health.

Was he just having a cold or a fever? Or… did he contracted some other serious illness?

Xu Weilai had always been a person of action. Rather than playing guessing games, she would rather take the initiative to search for the answer.

Anyway, as long as there was a clue, she would never give up.

Her gaze fell on the stack of beer on the coffee table. She smiled and moved closer to Xiao Chun. “Chunchun, do you still want to continue drinking?”

Xiao Chun immediately knew that there was a hidden meaning in her words. “What do you mean?”

Xu Weilai embraced her with both hands and chuckled. “I want to drink too. Let’s go somewhere else to drink.”

“Where do you want to drink?”

Xu Weilai’s well-defined pair of eyes blinked, and she moved closer to Xiao Chun’s ear and whispered word by word, “A-pub.”


Xiao Chun couldn’t help but pinched her nose with her fingers and gave Xu Weilai a glare of disgust on purpose. “Using me, that’s all you know!”

Xu Weilai unwaveringly rubbed her neck, she acted coquettishly and replied in a gentle voice, “Isn’t that what good friends are for, to use each other? Now you’re being used by me. In the future, when you need me, you can use me however you want!”


Xiao Chun pushed her away casually, got up, and walked into the bedroom, her face blank of any emotion.

However, just a minute later, she walked out again. She had already changed her outfit and even put on makeup. She snapped her fingers at Xu Weilai and said, “Let’s get going!”

“I knew you wouldn’t say no to me!”

Xu Weilai quickly stood up from the sofa, tidied up her hair and clothes, intertwined her arms around Xiao Chun’s affectionately, and walked out.

As soon as the two of them stepped into the nightclub, and a waiter rushed over to inform Xu Shuai.

Xu Shuai was happily playing rock-paper-scissors with a pretty woman. She was about to pa.s.s him her number written on the napkin when he suddenly leaped up from his seat. The napkin fell to the floor. Her expression immediately turned ugly.

She snapped at him, “What’s wrong with you?”

Xu Shuai’s attention was no longer on her. He walked off without a word and by accident, stepped on the white napkin. His footprint, black as soot, smeared the white napkin.

The pretty lady fumed in anger and grabbed the waiter. “Whose appearance causes such commotion to Young Master Xu?” she hissed in gritted teeth.

The waiter pulled a long face, unable to answer. By then, Xiao Chun already strode towards them in her heels. She majestically looked downward at the pretty lady. “Where is Xu Shuai?” she asked callously.