My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again Chapter 636 – A Silent War (2)

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Chapter 636: A Silent War (2)

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Xu Weilai never expected her boss to introduce her to the crowd for she was merely a secretary. She stood up dazedly after being called out so abruptly and, for a moment, seemed to be at a lost as to what to do.

Xu Weilai was no stranger to the board of directors and higher management for in the past, Gu Yu had pitted himself against them multiple times in his attempt to defend her. Thus, although they had never seen her in person, the mere mention of her name would make them fume with rage.

n.o.body knew why Gu Yu would suddenly divorce Xu Weilai s and neither did they expect her to become the Secretary of their new Vice President, Zuo An.

Thus, Xu Weilai’s was in a rather awkward position.

Everyone merely looked at each other oddly.

Gu Yu swept one glance at Xu Weilai with his jet black eyes and a strange look flashed across his eyes quickly.

Zuo Si, too, looked at Xu Weilai and her lips curled up into a cold sneer as she subconsciously clenched her fists.

Meanwhile, Zuo An appeared oblivious to the strange atmosphere that had resulted from his announcement and simply smiled as if nothing had happened before he resumed, “As you all know, Xu Weilai is the most capable reporter in Z Magazine. She is very competent and, with her a.s.sistance, I believe that I’ll be able to do a good job as a Vice President and serve Gu Corporation well.”

When Xu Weilai heard what Zuo An said, she had no choice but to smile and reply politely, “I’ll do my best.”

Subsequently, everyone filed out of the conference room after the meeting ended.

Xu Weilai returned to Zuo An’s side and followed him out of the conference room. However, they were not far from the conference room before they heard the sound of stilettos approaching them from behind. IN the next moment, Zuo Si was already standing before Zuo An and stopped him and Xu Weilai in their tracks.

Although Zuo Si was still beaming, there was no hint of humour in her eyes. Instead, she appeared contemptuous and arrogant as she stared at Zuo An. Making no attempt to hide her disgust, she mocked, “Seems like I’ve underestimated you. You’re dressed in wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing and look how greedy you are. Aren’t you worried that you’re biting off more than you could chew?”

However, Zuo An merely continued to smile kindly as if he did not hear her sarcasm and replied elegantly and calmly, “I was voted in and elected by the board of directors. Since I was chosen, it goes to show that I have the ability to rise to the occasion and will naturally perform well. You’ll see if I’m merely being greedy or if I rightfully deserve this.”

“As expected, we should beware of dogs who are silent,” Zuo Si emphasized with a beam.

Xu Weilai never interacted much with Zuo Si and from their few encounters, she could tell that Zuo Si merely appeared to be aggressive and domineering. In reality, she was more of a cold and aloof person who was refined and well mannered. There was no need for her to use coa.r.s.e language to rebut others and yet she still chose to be so rude to Zuo An.

“I thought that they could be siblings, but now…they seemed more like enemies?” Xu Weilai wondered.

Zuo An seemed as calm as ever and continued to beam as he informed, “If there’s nothing else, then I’ll make a move with my secretary. We still have to tour our new office.”

As Zuo An spoke, Zuo Si’s gaze quickly s.h.i.+fted away from his face to Xu Weilai’s.