My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again Chapter 609 – Are You Willing To Come With Me? (1)

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Chapter 609: Are You Willing To Come With Me? (1)

After saying just a few words, he raised his eyes again and looked at her gently. He said slowly, word by word, “I did all of this because someone entrusted me.”


Xu Weilai didn’t react to this word and froze for half a second.

Big Boss didn’t continue. Instead, he picked up the bowl of soup, lowered his head, and took a sip. His posture was extremely elegant. One look and one could tell that he was from a strict family.

After Xu Weilai came back to her senses, she opened her mouth and wanted to say something, but she hesitated for more than ten seconds. She still asked in a slightly trembling voice, “By… by whom?”

He looked at her and smiled lightly. He opened his mouth, but didn’t answer her question. Instead, he said, “When you were sick, in your delirious state, you kept saying a name.”

Even though he didn’t say what name it was, Xu Weilai already knew clearly in her heart, and her face turned slightly pale.

“I have an agreement with someone, so I can’t tell you who entrusted me, but since you’re so smart, I think you should know the answer.”

Big Boss’ dark eyes swept across Xu Weilai’s face, and the corners of his lips curled up again. “So, if you want to thank someone, the person who should be thanking you isn’t me. You don’t have to thank me again in the future, okay?”

Xu Weilai forced a smile and nodded lightly.

It was supposed to be a thanksgiving meal, and Xu Weilai had already thought of how to make Big Boss feel at home. However, she was so distracted by his words that she couldn’t play around anymore. She quietly accompanied Big Boss to eat, but she didn’t even know how the food tasted in her mouth.

However, Big Boss seemed to be quite satisfied with her cooking. He ate a lot of food, which was a heartening display of support.

After eating, Xu Weilai forced herself to stay awake and continued to entertain Big Boss. After inviting him to sit down in the living room, she went into the kitchen, washed some fruits, cut them, and transferred them to a plate.

When she carried the plate out, Big Boss was sitting on the sofa. He still had the same elegant posture, which inexplicably reminded her of those elegant scholars in ancient times.

He was watching TV, watching the current news, and… it was domestic news.

When Xu Weilai walked over, the host on the TV was talking about news related to the Gu Corporation. She didn’t intend to listen, but the voice still reached her ears.

It was confirmed that the Zuo Corporation was going to officially have a stake in the Gu Corporation, or become the second largest shareholder. Gu Corporation’s decision-making would be greatly impacted!

Xu Weilai’s hand that was holding the fruit plate unconsciously tightened. Then, she placed the fruit plate on the coffee table and said to Big Boss, “Eat fruit.”

“Thank you.” Big Boss picked up a piece of apple and ate it. He wasn’t stingy with his praise. “Very delicious, the dishes just now and the apple now.”

Xu Weilai also sat down and kept a certain distance from him. “As long as you’re satisfied.”

“Actually, other than your invitation, I also have something to tell you.” Big Boss took out a piece of paper and wiped his slender fingers. His gaze turned to Xu Weilai’s face.

“Please go ahead.” Xu Weilai looked up at him.

Big Boss smiled gently out of habit, then said aloofly, “My main focus has always been here, but I’m about to return to the country to develop. I need to form my own team. You’ve worked with me for many years and I admire your ability. We have a tacit understanding, so I’m earnestly inviting you to return to the country with me.”

After a pause, he called out her name. “Xu Weilai, are you willing to come with me?”