My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again Chapter 505 – Open Your Eyes and Look at Me (1)

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Chapter 505: Open Your Eyes and Look at Me (1)

Xu Shuai felt as though a ray of hope had finally appeared and he quickly answered the call, “Yu, hurry and accept the WeChat friend request for this number so that we could do a video call.”

Gu Yu did not question his request and immediately hung up the call to open his WeChat. He then approved the friend request by the unknown number and initiated a video call.

After Xu Shuai picked up the call, he briefly explained Xu Weilai’s condition and directed the camera at Xu Weilai so that she could see Gu Yu through the video call.

Gu Yu could see how deathly pale her face was. Her lips were completely drained of color and she seemed as if she was barely breathing as she laid on the sofa.

He couldn’t help but hold onto his breath in shock and his heart tightened, causing his handsome face to ashen.

However, he knew that couldn’t panic and had to maintain his composure so that Xu Weilai would also remain calm and conscious.

“Xu Weilai,” he called out and his voice inevitably sounded hoa.r.s.e.

His Adam’s apple bobbed in his throat and he swallowed a few times. When he finally managed to suppress the tremor in his voice, continued, “Open your eyes and look at me.”

His voice was so familiar to Xu Weilai that it was almost carved into her bones. Before she could open her eyes, she already replied weakly, “Gu Yu?”

“Yes, it’s me. Xu Weilai, you’ll be able to see me as long as you open your eyes,” he said and sounded as if he was coaxing her.

Xu Weilai was stunned for a moment but subsequently, frowned and questioned, “But… But aren’t you on a business trip?”

Gu Yu replied without hesitation, “I’m already back. I’m right beside you now, Xu Weilai. Weilai… Could you please open your eyes and look at me?”

He sounded almost as if he was pleading with her.

Xu Weilai’s eyes remained shut but she pursed her lips and after much struggle, gradually opened her eyes.

Xu Shuai and the porter could not help but heave a sigh of relief when they saw this.

Gu Yu’s eyes, too, lit up.

Xu Weilai gazed at the man in the video and forced a wane smile before she chided, “Gu Yu, you lied to me… You’re not even here.”

“Yes, I lied to you. Go ahead and be angry with me. You could hit or scold me when I’m back,” he remarked.

After a pause, he added, “You could scold me now as well. I’ll listen obligingly.”

“…” Xu Weilai was rendered speechless for she barely had the strength to be angry with him now, let alone reprimand him.

Besides, she couldn’t bear to do so as well.

She was too weak to speak and could only shake her head gently as her eyelids began to droop uncontrollably.

Gu Yu clenched his fists tightly and suddenly blurted out, “Xu Weilai, do you want to hold a wedding banquet?”

“A wedding banquet?” the words echoed in Xu Weilai’s mind and succeeded in helping her to get a grip on her consciousness.

“A wedding banquet?” she muttered.

“Yes,” Gu Yu confirmed.

He then leaned closer to the camera and stared fixedly at her with his soulful eyes as he emphasized, “Xu Weilai, I owe you a wedding. We’ll hold a wedding banquet. You’ve always wanted to hold one in the past. We’ll hold the grandest ceremony ever when I’m back and we’ll let the whole world know that I’m yours, alright?”

Xu Weilai’s suddenly felt as though a her heart was struck by a strong energy and her dark, lifeless eyes instantly brightened up.

“A wedding banquet…” she thought.

She had been looking forward to it ever since they got together three years ago but gradually, she does not even dare to entertain such a thought anymore. Yet now, he was actually initiating the idea of a wedding banquet.

Xu Weilai opened her mouth to agree but all of a sudden, her vision darkened and her head tilted limply to the side. She then heard Gu Yu yell out her name frantically before she darkness devoured her mercilessly.