My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again Chapter 345 – Most Recognised Therapist (1)

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Chapter 345: Most Recognised Therapist (1)

Simon seemed to be used to it. Seeming not to mind, he said, “I’m happy that you’ve pegged me to be a lot younger than I am, Mrs. Gu. No need to apologize.”

“Exercising is the best way to keep yourself young. That’s the reason why I look so youthful; the secret lies in exercising. I’m not your average fitness coach.”

Xu Weilai nodded and said, “I see.”

She could only say that Gu Yu was indeed a wealthy man. Even the private trainer he hired for her was different from the rest.

That also meant that Gu Yu was… truly thinking about her.

A fond look crept its way into Xu Weilai’s eyes as she gazed at Gu Yu.

After getting to know each other, Xu Weilai was then led by Simon to do a body checkup. This was so that he could better understand her body to craft a fitness program for her.

Since he wasn’t a typical fitness coach, the body checkup wasn’t like an average one either. Xu Weilai went through several checkups with several things that she didn’t understand. It was as if she had gone to get a full body checkup done.

If she didn’t know that the place that they had entered was a gym, she would’ve thought that she had entered a hospital instead.

Gu Yu waited for Xu Weilai in the office. Once a.s.sistant Lin was done parking the car, he had also entered the office.

Looking at how tightly knit his boss’s brows were in anxiety, he couldn’t help himself from rea.s.suring him, “CEO Gu, Mr. Simon is the most recognized therapist worldwide. He is well-known for his unrivaled skills. He surely would be able to nurse Young Mistress back to health.”

For the past few days, Gu Yu had been instructing people to find news on Simon. Having retired early, he had been traveling around the world. He kept an extremely low profile, never staying in one spot or contacting anyone. Thus, it was only after searching for a few days that Gu Yu managed to contact him.

Prior to his retirement, however, he had already made it clear that he wouldn’t treat anyone else any longer. Many prestigious and wealthy people had wanted him to return to the front lines, but they had all been rejected.

That was why Gu Yu had specially flown over to meet him. He spent an entire week pleading Simon to come over and treat the Young Mistress before the latter finally conceded.

He pleaded…

When has Mr. Gu ever pleaded anyone for anything?

For the Young Mistress, he was willing to lay down his pride and plead for someone’s help.

Since they couldn’t let Young Mistress know of her health condition, CEO Gu could only tell her that she was coming to train to help her improve her self-defense. He had even made Simon cooperate under this lie; in reality, she was undergoing therapy.

At the thought of it, he couldn’t help but sigh and say, “What a shame that Young Mistress will never know everything that you’ve done for her. If she did, she would definitely be extremely touched.”

With how devoted CEO Gu was being, even a mature man like him felt the love.

When the myriad of complicated checkups was finally completed, which had taken the entire morning, it was already time for lunch when Xu Weilai was led back to the office by Simon.

Xu Weilai and Simon added each other on WeChat. After making some arrangements for her physical training session, she left with Gu Yu.

Gu Yu didn’t immediately go back to the company to work. Instead, he made a.s.sistant Lin drive to a nearby restaurant, worried that Xu Weilai would go hungry. After having lunch with her, they drove her back to the apartment. Only after watching her back slowly fade out of view did he make a.s.sistant Lin start the car.

a.s.sistant Lin couldn’t help himself from burping. This sweetness was going to entertain a single man like for a while!

Xu Weilai hummed a tune as she skipped her way back to the apartment. Just as she was changing her shoes in the entryway, her phone suddenly rang. When she fetched her phone out from her bag, an unknown number was on the screen.

Who could it be?

She picked up. As she heard the person on the other end of the call, the look on her face instantly changed.