My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again Chapter 337 – Replacing Him (1)

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Chapter 337: Replacing Him (1)

Upon hearing Rong Fanghua’s words, Gu Xiong thought for a moment as a layer of cold sweat appeared on his brow.

He had watched Gu Yu grow up. Back then, he had taken part in the directors’ board meeting ever since he was ten years old. Even when facing everyone’s challenge and ridicule, he had maintained his composure and calmly responded to them. Eventually, he won them over.

Over the years, he had witnessed how Gu Yu eliminated his dissidents and suppressed his opposition in the company step-by-step. Most of the directors who had partic.i.p.ated in that particular board meeting then had been kicked out of the company, if not worse.

The only reason Gu Xiong and his brother were still around was because of Mr. Gu Sr. protecting them. Out of respect for his grandfather, Gu Yu had not touched his uncles.

If anything ever befell Mr. Gu Sr, however, it was unlikely that Gu Yu would continue to tolerate them considering his usual demeanor!

The more Gu Xiong thought about it, the more cold sweat poured from his brow. With a fierce frown on his face, his voice revealed his fear and anxiety as he said, “Well… what you said makes sense. So, what should we do?”

The corners of Rong Fanghua’s lips turned up in a smile, and she lowered her voice. Every word she spoke was cold and terrifying as she said, “Homey, have you never thought of replacing him?”

Gu Xiong stiffened in shock. “Replacing him?” he repeated.

“Yes, replacing him!”

At that moment, Rong Fanghua’s tone became very certain. “Honey, back then, you didn’t challenge Gu Yu’s father. Right now, are you content with Gu Yu surpa.s.sing you?”

She added, “Furthermore, you have to think about it. If Yu and Xu Weilai’s relations.h.i.+p improves, they will definitely have a child. The moment he has a child, that child will become the heir of the Gu Corporation. What of our children, then?”

She continued, “Our children will be like us. They will always have to play second fiddle to the firstborn’s family. When the old man dies, Gu Yu will be free to kick our families out. Once that happens, the Gu household will only consist of Gu Yu, Xu Weilai, and their children. We’ll be worthless!

“Therefore, we must plan ahead. We cannot sit back and wait, Honey. I’m sure you don’t want us to end up with nothing! If not for our own sake, then do it for the sake of our three sons and Gu Xue!” she added.

Gu Xiong’s emotions were stirred up, and he took his wife’s hand in his immediately. “Yes! You are right! We have to plan ahead. We cannot simply sit back and wait for the day where we end up with nothing! Even so… if we make an enemy out of Gu Yu, Grandpa Gu will never side with us. The shares that he and Gu Yu possess make up more than 65 percent of the corporation. We can’t do anything to them!”

Fang Ronghua burst out laughing. “Honey, of course, we can’t go up against them directly. We have to do it through someone else.”

Gu Xiong narrowed his eyes and looked at her. “Does that mean you’ve thought of a way to do so?”

Rong Fanghua leaned into Gu Xiong’s ear and muttered a few words.

Gu Xiong froze for a moment before he quickly understood what she was getting at. Even though her appearance was nothing to shout about, her face became very pleasing to his eyes at that moment. “Fanghua, you’re indeed my better half.”

After dinner, Gu Yu and Xu Weilai kept Grandpa Gu company for a while before they finally got up to leave.

On the way back, Xu Weilai seemed to be staring calmly at the ever-changing scenery outside the window. In reality, her mind was in a mess.

The name Yun Rou had recently been reverberating in her ears like thunder. Never in her wildest dreams had she ever thought that she would be a.s.sociated with the Gu family.

Ever since Xu Weilai had gotten together with Gu Yu three years ago, she had never heard him or anyone else around him mention Yun Rou’s name before!

However, judging from everyone’s reaction moments before, they seemed to be very familiar with her! There even seemed to be some backstory between her and the family!

Did this backstory involve Yun Rou and the Gu family, or did it involve only her and Gu Yu?

As Xu Weilai turned around, her dark eyes instinctively fell upon Gu Yu. Unable to restrain herself, she opened her mouth and called out, “Gu Yu…”