My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again Chapter 333 – My Wife Is Superb (1)

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Chapter 333: My Wife Is Superb (1)

Gu Xue bit on her lower lip.

Brother Yu didn’t allow her to come because he thought she was too noisy! He was afraid that she would disrupt Sister-in-law’s rest! To put it bluntly, he just didn’t want her to be a third wheel! This caused her to only be able to stay worried about her sister-in-law, yet not be able to go visit and take care of her!

She wanted to complain about him…!

Gu Xue took in a deep breath, mustering her courage to speak up, “But…I had a few issues to deal with first, so I didn’t have time to come over. You don’t blame me, do you, sister-in-law?”

Sadly, the look that her cousin gave her was seriously too scary. It’d be better to retreat now. Then again, it might have been better to not retreat; her cousin might not even allow her to meet her sister-in-law anymore.

“Why would I?” Xu Weilai lifted her hand, caressing Gu Xue’s head gently as she chuckled, “Don’t worry, my injuries are all healed up.”

“That’s great, that’s great.”

Just as Gu Xue heaved a sigh of relief, she couldn’t help but look at Xu Weilai reverently. “Sister-in-law, you’re so brave. If it were me, I’d likely faint straight away at the sight of a knife. You’re my idol, Sister-in-law; someday, I want to be just as brave as you!”

Xu Weilai couldn’t help but chuckle at her words.

Even so, she didn’t understand what Gu Xue was talking about… She wasn’t brave on her own. It was just that she met someone who was able to make her brave…

The rest of the Gu Family had also arrived. They sat on the sofa in the living room, chatting with Grandpa Gu.

Gu Yu and Xu Weilai’s hands were clasped tightly together as they strolled in. Everyone’s gaze s.h.i.+fted onto them, each of them giving the two different looks.

Naturally, Grandpa Gu grinned from ear to ear. Although Xu Weilai being injured this time around made his heart hurt, it was obvious that Gu Yu had completely resolved whatever misunderstanding he had three years ago when Xu Weilai’s life was endangered. He was willing to truly love Xu Weilai once more. This could be considered as a blessing in disguise for Little Weilai.

The thing that he wanted to see the most was Yu and Little Weilai living blissfully together.

Grandpa Gu waved to Little Weilai hurriedly, motioning for her to sit with him. After a careful inspection of Xu Weilai, his brows furrowed slightly as he said, “Little Weilai, you have got to take good care of yourself next time. Your little face is not as rosy red as it used to be.”

Xu Weilai gushed, “Grandpa, I will. Don’t worry.”

“Also, don’t do that again next time. If there’s any danger, make sure to hide as far away as possible. Do you understand?”

“Mhm, I understand!”

Only then did Grandpa Gu break into a pleased smile as he said, “Good girl!”

Then, with a turn of his head, he gushed out to Gu Yu with a proud look on his face. “Look, this is the granddaughter-in-law that I picked out. Isn’t she superb?”

Gu Yu’s inky gaze fell onto Grandpa Gu, and nodded without a moment of hesitation, “Mhm, my wife is superb.”

He was merely answering Grandpa Gu, but for some reason, Xu Weilai felt that he was directing that to her… With that, her cheeks turned red involuntarily.

Gu Yu’s words made everyone’s expression change once more.

Everyone knew that Grandpa Gu liked Xu Weilai. However, who would’ve known how long it had been? Even Gu Yu’s att.i.tude towards Xu Weilai had changed…

Gu Xiong glanced at his wife, Rong Fanghua, communicating with their eyes for a moment. Then, Gu Xiong picked up his teacup and took a sip before he said, “Old man, do you still remember the girl named Yun Rou?”

Yun Rou…

It was just two words, but it made the expressions of everyone from the Gu Family change once more. This time around, they looked even worse.

It was more so for Grandpa Gu. Originally all smiles, the expression on his face instantly darkened.