My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again Chapter 253 – The Light in Those Eyes Looked Very Much Like an Expression of Love (1)

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Chapter 253: The Light in Those Eyes Looked Very Much Like an Expression of Love (1)

seeIt was only after he’d said his piece that a.s.sistant Lin realized what he had just said. Had he lost his mind? Every word he had uttered had been akin to rubbing salt into the Boss’ wound!

The color drained from his face immediately. Trembling, he looked up and saw that his Boss was glaring back at him with a frosty expression on his face. It wasn’t the usual impa.s.sive expression he wore. This time, he was smirking.

His smirk looked so sinister that a.s.sistant Lin couldn’t stop his limbs from shaking. If it meant anything, he would have dropped to his knees and begged for mercy!

Gu Yu’s long legs crossed gracefully as he lifted his eyes. When his thin lips parted, his voice was icy and unsympathetic. Every word made a.s.sistant Lin quake in his shoes.

“Our company’s branches in Africa and the Philippines have open positions. Pick one of those!”

a.s.sistant Lin straightened his back as the cog in his mind started turning at a furious pace. At that moment, he suddenly thought of a way to save himself!

“Mr. Gu, please hear me out. Mistakes don’t matter. The way people change is what matters!”

Gu Yu stared unyieldingly at him without saying another word.

a.s.sistant Lin was encouraged by Gu Yu’s reaction, believing that he was making headway. Without even bothering to wipe the cold sweat off his brow, he quickly continued, “That’s an old saying that goes like this: A fault confessed is half redressed. Regardless of what happened in the past, it’s how you act in the present that counts the most, right?”

“As long as you’re willing to change your sc.u.mbag ways… Ah! I meant to say, correct your little mistakes from now on, Young Mistress will see your sincerity and choose to forgive you. She might even fall in love with you, and your marriage will henceforth be harmonious and loving. With that, there’s no doubt that it will last until you both grow old!”

a.s.sistant Lin’s had doubtlessly embellished his words. Then again, anything was possible, right?

In any case, according to everything he had witnessed three years ago, he was certain that Young Mistress’ affection for Mr. Gu had been genuine. With his own eyes, he had seen how Young Mistress’ eyes had lit up every time she looked at Mr. Gu.

It was exactly like the character of the Celestial played by Athena Chu every time she looked at the character of Sun Wukong played by Stephen Chow in the film A Chinese Odyssey. Her eyes would light up.

It was exactly like in the film A Chinese Odyssey. Celestial, played by Athena Chu, would look at Sun Wukong, played by Stephen Chow, with light in her eyes.

The light in those eyes looked very much like an expression of love…

a.s.sistant Lin’s monologue seemed to have reversed Gu Yu’s decision to send him to Africa or the Philippines. After a brief moment of silence, Gu Yu asked, “How should I change?”


Those four words finally stumped a.s.sistant Lin, who usually knew everything.

Ever since he was young, a.s.sistant Lin had known that he had been destined to be the right-hand man of a powerful boss such as Gu Yu. To become adequate at the job, he had focused all his attention on studying without wasting his time on anything else irrelevant.

Indeed, he was the embodiment of the word “nerd.” Throughout the entire time that he had been in school, his only company had been his books. He had never even dated before.

Upon graduating from college, a.s.sistant Lin had joined the company directly as Gu Yu’s a.s.sistant. Since then, there had been even less time for him to date. The mere thought of it was enough to make his heart hurt. He had been single for over 20 years, and had yet to even touch a girl’s hand!

Given how inexperienced he was in love, how could he provide any useful dating advice? If he feigned knowledge and experience, he knew he wouldn’t be able to take responsibility for the drastic consequences if anything went wrong!

a.s.sistant Lin looked like he was about to cry. He thought long and hard, and inspiration suddenly struck!

He opened his mouth immediately and spoke his thoughts aloud without any hesitation.

After listening to a.s.sistant Lin, Gu Yu nodded and finally waved him off compa.s.sionately, allowing him to take his leave. Then, he picked up his cell phone and dialed a number.