My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again Chapter 166 – Extremely Lucky To Marry Her (2)

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Chapter 166: Extremely Lucky To Marry Her (2)

She knew that Gu Yu wasn’t being honest. He was just being polite in front of Lin Yuhan. Fortunately, she didn’t want to hear these words anymore.

Xu Weilai lowered her head to hide the sadness in her eyes.

Gu Yu moved his gaze away from her face and looked at Lin Yuhan again. “Didn’t you say that the time for the exclusive interview hasn’t been set? I don’t think you need to choose another day. Since you’re here now, why not do it today?”

Lin Yuhan remained silent for a while and only looked at Xu Weilai. As she stared at Gu Yu, Xu Weilai gathered her thoughts quickly and frowned.

Gu Yu’s expression didn’t change. He said indifferently, “Mr. Lin had already finished discussing the details of the contract with me just now. He will be officially joining the Gu Corporation. Since he had already promised an exclusive interview with the Z magazine publication company, we can have the company announce this piece of good news to the public. In the meantime, Gu Corporation will cooperate with the magazine to market the news!”

He paused for a moment before s.h.i.+fting his attention back to Xu Weilai’s face. He gave a malicious smile and continued, “I hope that the exclusive interview can be published as quickly as possible so that everyone knows Mr. Lin had joined Gu Corporation. Time is money, after all. Isn’t that right, my wife?”

Xu Weilai immediately understood what Gu Yu was trying to say. If the exclusive interview couldn’t be published immediately, Gu Corporation’s marketing department would take over the dissemination of Mr. Lin’s good news.

If Gu Corporation announced Mr. Lin’s good news, her exclusive interview would lose all of its value.

She snickered to herself.

Although Xu Weilai wanted to settle this interview as quickly as possible, she didn’t want to work in his workplace. Hence, she forced out a smile and spoke to Lin Yuhan, “Mr. Lin, let’s go to the cafe below…”

“There’s no need to be so troublesome.”

Gu Yu instantly interrupted Xu Weilai as she spoke. He gave an elegant smile and said, “I can lend you my office. I’ll be working at my office desk, so I will not interrupt you. You can do whatever you like.”

After he finished speaking, he kissed Xu Weilai’s cheek without her permission. He took the chance to lean close to her ear and whispered in a voice that only the two of them could hear, “I believe in your professionalism. You don’t have to choose a specific place to do the interview, right?”

Xu Weilai suddenly clenched her fist. Even so, she still gave a smile and gritted her teeth. “Even if this place was in ruins, it will not affect my professionalism!” she replied while emphasizing each word.

“Very good.”

Gu Yu got up and walked to his office desk and sat down. With his desk facing the sofa, he could see everything Xu Weilai and Lin Yuhan were up to.

With a smile, he took the doc.u.ments in his hand and started flipping through them.

When a.s.sistant Lin came in to send some coffee, he witnessed the scene. In an instant, he understood what the boss was trying to do.

The moment his boss met Mr. Lin and knew that he was the man who ate dinner with the young mistress that day, he immediately called a.s.sistant Lin’s mother and ordered her to send lunch over.

First, he could use this opportunity to declare his right. Secondly, he wanted them to finish the interview while he was watching to prevent Young Mistress form meeting Mr. Lin alone. Last but not least, Young Mistress wouldn’t have any reason to meet Mr. Lin again once the interview ended.

He could kill three birds with one stone. Despite respecting his boss for thinking of this move, a.s.sistant Lin still had to complain about something. His boss truly was shameless, but it was understandable. When handling your love rivals, you must be as merciless as the autumn wind blowing the leaves off the trees! That was the only way to end trouble once and for all!

After the interview ended, Xu Weilai got up and shook hands with Lin Yuhan. They appeared to have a good time working together.

She gathered her belongings and said, “Mr. Lin, are you leaving now? Let me give you a ride.”