My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again Chapter 165 – Extremely Lucky To Marry Her (1)

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Chapter 165: Extremely Lucky To Marry Her (1)

While driving to Gu Corporation, she had received Lin Yuhan’s reply. He told her that he had other business to attend to today, so they had to change the date for the exclusive interview.

She didn’t expect the business Lin Yuhan mentioned to be this…

In the office…

Both Gu Yu and Lin Yuhan were seated on the sofa, with two half-filled cups of coffee placed on the table. This meant that they were talking about some matters. If Xu Weilai’s guess was correct, Lin Yuhan had probably chosen the Gu Corporation.

If so, then there was no wonder why Lin Yuhan wasn’t satisfied with overseas organizations. The Gu Corporation had already reached out to him.

Although Gu Yu was now an eyesore to Xu Weilai, she had to admit that Gu Yu had a keen perception when it comes to businesses. He acted so swiftly and precisely!

If Lin Yuhan joined Gu Corporation, they would be able to reach new heights!

Gu Yu raised his eyelids and glanced at Xu Weilai with his dark eyes. The corners of his lips seemed to move up slightly, being only barely noticeable. He reached for his cup of coffee and took an elegant sip of it. Then, he opened his mouth and said, “You’re here.”

With outsiders around, Xu Weilai gave an awkward but polite smile.

Lin Yuhan was surprised to see Xu Weilai was here, as well. He was stunned for a moment before he asked, “Miss Xu, why are you here?”

Before Xu Weilai could reply, Gu Yu put down his coffee cup and stood up. He lifted his leg and walked towards her. The next second, his strong and muscular arm was already wrapped around Xu Weilai’s slender waist. He sounded a little astounded as he asked, “Mr. Lin, you know my wife?”

Hearing that word caused Lin Yuhan to exclaim in surprise, “Wife?!” He remained motionless for more than ten seconds before he managed to find his voice again. “Mr. Gu, you are married?”

Based on the Gu family’s reputation and Gu Yu’s popularity, there would’ve been several reports informing everyone about his marriage. However, there was no news of this at all. Thus, Lin Yuhan had to ask about it.

Gu Yu smiled and said casually, “Yes.”

Lin Yuhan was still curious, but this was still the other party’s family matter. Even if Gu Yu didn’t want to answer, he didn’t have the right to question Gu Yu either. Thus, he had no choice but to end his probing there without delving any deeper.

He looked at Xu Weilai intently. “You are a perfect match. Congratulations.”

Gu Yu nodded indifferently and accepted his blessing. After that, he hugged the stiff Xu Weilai and walked to the sofa. They sat down and Gu Yu asked, “Mr. Lin, I wonder how you knew my wife. How did both of you meet?”

Lin Yuhan laughed softly. He shared the entire process of how he met Xu Weilai with Gu Yu. In the end, he still concluded, “Miss Xu… I mean, Mrs. Gu is rather intriguing. We feel that we should have met one another sooner.”

“I see.”

Gu Yu turned his face and looked at Xu Weilai. The hand around her waist tightened a little. Something was sparkling in his eyes. He moved his lips slightly and said each word slowly, “It looks like I married a good wife. I must be… extremely lucky.”

The two of them were very close to each other. As the man spoke, his breath landed onto Xu Weilai’s ear. She shrunk her neck instinctively. However, as his deep and pleasant voice entered her ears, her heart was slightly touched. At the same time, it also felt as if a bee had stung her heart, causing it to radiate with pain.

Gu Yu said that he was extremely lucky to marry her.

These were the words she had always wanted to hear.

She loved Gu Yu with all her heart. Although no one said that the other party was obligated to respond to you when you expend your love… not getting a response for all your effort made everything feel hopeless.