My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again Chapter 155 – The Fruit of Love (1)

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Chapter 155: The Fruit of Love (1)

Surrounded by darkness, Xu Weilai could almost hear Gu Yu’s scornful laughter. Just almost. The very next moment, the man’s lips parted, and he spat his answer, “Doing you!”

Without giving Xu Weilai a chance to speak, Gu Yu covered her mouth with his and swallowed all her words of protest. Her wrists were clamped in his hands and held above her head.

The physical abilities of men and women differed greatly, and Gu Yu had the absolute advantage. Even though Xu Weilai had exerted her full force in her struggle, she was merely like a fish on the chopping block, ripe for the taking.

Fear and trauma overcame her, and her body turned uncontrollably stiff and cold.

Gu Yu seemed to sense the change in her, and he paused his actions for a moment. His dark eyes hid his ominous intentions as they fell on her pale face.

Even though Xu Weilai knew that Gu Yu probably couldn’t see her expression clearly in the dark, she was still unwilling to expose her weaknesses in front of him. She turned away and refused to look at him. Biting her bottom lip hard, she refused to make a sound either.

She knew very well that until the day that she and Gu Yu were divorced, she would be unable to avoid this. She had given up; she was just going to pretend that she’d been bitten by a dog this time!

She closed her eyes and forced herself to focus on something else. She concentrated her thoughts on the upcoming interview and the money that she was about to receive…

Her jaw was suddenly pinched as the man yanked her head back to face him. Xu Weilai’s eyes widened as he kissed her again. However, this time around, it wasn’t as violent as before when he had vented all his anger in his kiss. Instead, he slowly sucked and bit her lips, bit by bit, until her defenses were eroded.

Xu Weilai was caught off guard by the sudden gentle kiss. Her breathing slowly grew labored, her vision gradually blurred, and her mind eventually became blank…

When Gu Yu was done, Xu Weilai laid still on the bed. She had barely caught her breath when Gu Yu dragged her over to his side again. Pouncing atop her body, he went at it once again for a long, long time.

The second time he was done, she lay limply on the bed. Her chest rose and fell violently as she took deep gulps of air. Gu Yu arose and carried her exhausted body in his arms to the bathroom. After cleaning both himself and her up, he carried her back to bed.

Even when Xu Weilai was having trouble keeping her eyes open, she took a deep breath and leaned over to reach toward the bedside table to retrieve her contraceptive pills.

Gu Yu glanced over, and his eyes froze.

Sensing his gaze on her, Xu Weilai turned around to look at him. She lifted the pills in her hand, and when she spoke, her voice was hoa.r.s.e. Without any warmth, she said, “Don’t worry. I won’t ever forget what you said to me.”

Gu Yu’s eyebrows creased together as an ambiguous expression clouded his eyes. He stared at Xu Weilai’s face. The after-effects of their intercourse had yet to dissipate, and her cheeks were flushed red. However, her eyes were expressionless and dead.

A small corner of his heart felt like it had been pierced, and he opened his mouth, intending to say something.

Xu Weilai spoke again before he had the chance to, “Like you, I don’t want another worthless relation to arise between you and me either!”

Their ending had already been decided three years ago. This meaningless marriage was destined to end sooner or later, and she refused to involve an innocent little life in it.

Only a couple who was truly in love with each other was worthy of bringing a fruit of love into this world.

Xu Weilai turned away and popped the pill in her mouth. With a gulp of water, she swallowed it, and it was done!

Gu Yu’s hand, which he had extended moments ago with the intention of stopping her, now stayed frozen in midair.