My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again Chapter 142 – Save a Kid in Need (2)

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Chapter 142: Save a Kid in Need (2)

Xu Weilai’s eyes were fixed on the a.s.signment folder, and her heartbeat increased in excitement. Her boss did take good care of her. She clicked the file open to read its contents. The mission was to get an exclusive interview with Lin Yuhan!

Not only was he the new face of Wall Street, but he was also Chinese! In the past year, he had emerged as a dark horse, famous for his unique viewpoints and repeated financial victories. Everything he invested in, regardless of what they were, was soon acknowledged by the public. Their values more than doubled!

Many companies abroad had tried to poach him by offering higher remuneration, but he had turned them all down. Many people kept a close eye on his every move; whichever company he joined was certain to reap huge economic benefits. Currently, there was a company that he had set his sights on.

According to reliable sources, he was scheduled to land in China the next day. No other details were provided. Her a.s.signment was to find him and secure an exclusive interview with him to find out which company he was planning to join!

If she managed to obtain that information in the shortest time possible, her remuneration would be fifty percent of the profits earned from that report!

When Xu Weilai was done reading the brief, she moved her mouse and clicked on Lin Yuhan’s picture. He had a very decent disposition and a steady smile. One look and she could tell that he was an outstanding individual. He even looked quite handsome!

However, all she could see when looking at him was a big fat paycheck! Nothing else mattered!

When Gu Yu walked into the bedroom, he found Xu Weilai sprawled on the bed looking at a man’s photograph on her laptop screen with a huge idiotic grin on her face!

As Gu Yu glanced at the photograph, his eyes turned icy.

Suddenly realizing the change in atmosphere, Xu Weilai turned her head and caught sight of the man standing at the entrance. With chilling eyes, he gave her a fierce and hard look. She quickly wiped the smile off her face and slammed her laptop shut. Casually, she climbed out of bed and sat by her vanity table. Picking up her bottle of lotion, she continued applying it over her body.

Gu Yu stared at Xu Weilai’s back as he recalled the smile that had disappeared from her face instantly. He pressed his lips into a cold hard line at the thought.

Xu Weilai could sense him staring daggers into her back, and she subconsciously sat up straight. Fortunately, Gu Yu soon looked away and strode into the bathroom.

He closed the door behind him with a loud slam. Xu Weilai’s hand trembled for a moment, and she gave a quiet sigh of relief.

When she got into bed, Xu Weilai began to panic again. The only reason for her anxiety was that she had to share a bed with Gu Yu again.

In reality, Gu Yu had slept with her over the last few nights in the hospital. However, she had been ill then, and Gu Yu only fell asleep after she did. By the time she opened her eyes the next morning, he had already left. Hence, nothing had happened.

However, she was already completely healthy tonight. If Gu Yu had needs, what was she supposed to do?

Her body and heart had nothing but immense revulsion and fear towards the act that contained no pleasure, but only pain and bitterness. Unfortunately, Mrs. Lin was living in the apartment as well, and Xu Weilai couldn’t choose to sleep in a separate room.

Just as she was debating with herself, the door to the bathroom opened. Xu Weilai closed her eyes instinctively and pretended to be asleep.

She could hear Gu Yu moving about in the room and drying his hair with his towel. She could tell from the sound of his footsteps that he had walked toward the bed and flipped the blanket open. She felt the mattress sink as he climbed into bed beside her.

The lights in the bedroom were switched off, and the whole room was shrouded in darkness. Xu Weilai couldn’t help but feel nervous.

Gu Yu turned around and saw Xu Weilai on the other side of the bed, curled up into a little ball. She looked like she was balancing along the edge to keep as much of a distance away from him.

Narrowing his eyes, he then reached his hand out!