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Chapter 165: 165

Day 6 – 2:01 PM – Multi-Purpose Clubhouse, Citta Italia Subdivision, Molino III, Bacoor City, Cavite

While the representatives of the convoy met with the ones from this place, the other soldiers started to go around the convoy checking on what they lost in order to escape . It was because aside from people and vehicles that were supposed to carry refugees, there were several supply carrying vehicles that were left back in the settlement . It was because the people a.s.signed to drive those vehicles were among those who fell after the swarm of flies attacked .

The soldiers also started a body count of all people that managed to escape and the number of vehicles . Of course, Mark’s group was not an exception to this check and the members had to go out of their vehicles for a bit . Nevertheless, following Mark’s instructions, the time they spent outside was short as they immediately returned inside the vehicles after the checking was done .

All of those things were happening as Mark stood while leaning on one of the parked covered military trucks . He was also eating a chocolate bar he took from the freezer inside the vehicle . The truck he leaned on looked dilapidated as many holes could be seen on the tarpaulin cover of the truck . These holes were probably done by the flies back in the settlement . Mark’s eyes did not leave the group of strange people . He was silently observing them specially the man in the middle .

The man had a high nose, pointy chin and sharp jawline . He had a slick hairstyle and was wearing a pair of large on his eyes . The clothes he wore were a set of loose gray business suit, gray slacks and black shoes . If Mark was to be asked, this was surely not an ideal attire in a zombie apocalypse . Looking at Madam Lanie, she was even wearing a bulletproof vest .

For that person to wear something like this, it was either he was an idiot or just truly confident going out like that . Mark could tell that it was the latter . He was sure because aside from having a lot of armed and trained subordinates, including that man, they had three Mutators in their ranks . The man and two of his bodyguards were certainly Mutators from the fluctuations Mark could feel from them . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting .

It seemed that the man felt Mark’s stare as he suddenly looked towards his direction despite that the two military officers were already in front of him . Strange enough, despite the man maintaining his calm face, Mark felt that the person was rather surprised seeing him . There was even a tinge of glee in it with the majority being hostility .

This confused Mark . The man looked at him as if the man knew him . Mark was sure that it was the first time he had seen this person .

The man whispered something to one of his Mutator guards and the guard looked at Mark with the same feelings . From this bodyguard, Mark felt deep seated grudge that seemed to be acc.u.mulated over the years . The bodyguard was exuding too much bloodl.u.s.t that even the other people around him could not help but frown . The bodyguard only calmed down after getting reprimanded by their leader .

Mark frowned and he was thoroughly confused now . He had a hunch that these people might be involved with the gang syndicate that attacked Firenze but since that attack happened just two days ago, it was not enough for that person to acc.u.mulate that amount of bloodl.u.s.t towards him . It was not like he killed that person’s whole family, right?

“Is something wrong?”

Mark heard a voice beside him . He knew that there were two people approaching him but did not mind them . Looking to his right, he saw Irene and Keene who seemed to be puzzled from his current expression .

“It’s nothing . “

Mark replied . The two was about to speak once more but Mark continued before they could do so .

“If you two are here to thank me, then there’s no need . Just keep the other end of the deal and its fine . “

He did not want to accept the grat.i.tude of these two . He only helped them because they had a deal and he needed their influence inside Bay City . If not, these two could only die along with the other soldiers back in the settlement .

What Mark said made the two extremely troubled . They wanted to convey their grat.i.tude for saving them but they were shut down before they could even say a single word . Now, what could they still say?

Seeing the bitter expression of the two, Mark had an idea .

“If you two still want to thank me then I’ll just make you two do something . “

What Mark wanted was simple . He needed the two to ask about those unfamiliar people . It would not be too suspicious if these two who were both soldiers and had a close connection with Captain Dela Rosa were the ones to the do the gathering of information . Hearing that, the two readily agreed . If it was a normal thing, the two would not agree easily but the two also felt that these men were dangerous people .

Before the two joined Captain Dela Rosa, Keene still introduced himself and thanked Mark for helping him recover . Still, Mark shooed him away as the reason he helped Keene was because of the deal he had with the squad captain .

The meeting and agreement between the groups did not take too long . Several vehicles drove out of the inner street behind the clubhouse joining the ranks of the convoy . Among these vehicles, Mark could feel the familiar fluctuations of the people that came from Firenze . There were several vehicles containing unfamiliar people with dangerous feel though .

Soon, Irene came back with the information the she and Keene gathered .

Mark confirmed that these people were really the ones behind the attack in Firenze . They were upper bra.s.s of a crime syndicate that used smaller gangs as goons for their illegal business . The man in the lead was the boss and the two bodyguards beside him were actually his right and left hand men .

The congresswoman and the officials in Firenze especially the justice freak, SP02 Agbayani, the Mutator of Firenze, did not want to join hands with these criminals but the circ.u.mstances pushed them the other way . Not only that these criminals had more firepower, they also had Mutators with them . It was not good for the people of Firenze to clash with these people .

However, it seemed that they only knew that the two men beside the leader were the Mutators and they had no idea that the leader was also one .

As for the names, it seemed that they did not call each other with any name aside from their aliases . The leader call himself Chameleon while the two men beside him were called Jumper, a man with lean body and Black Devil, the burly man who was also the one who stared at Mark with hostility .

Aside from the information about the group, he also learned that the horde had already reached this place before last night . However, with the help of the weapons of the syndicate, they managed to bomb the bridge at the west entrance of Citta Italia . Normally, even though the river that ran under that bridge was high, it should only be able to hinder the infected that were not able to climb but they found out that the river underneath was now filled with carnivorous plants that fed on the infected that fell down the river .

The flying insects on the other hand were dealt with by the men of the crime syndicate . They were not attacked by a large swarm however and that was why they managed to overwhelm the insects with firepower .

Digesting the information he received, Mark could still not deduce why these people seem to target him with their hatred . It was not only the leaders of the syndicate but also their subordinates roaming around looking at him with hostility .

‘This is not good . ‘

Mark felt danger around him .

If he was alone, he was sure that these people would jump on him wanting to tear his flesh . The military and the police were being the deterrent for them to make their move .

It was better if these people were not allowed to join them or it will be a disaster . Unfortunately, if did not seem to be the case . Who knows what these people made as bargain to make the military and government officials agree with allowing these criminals to join their convoy . The reason for that was not among the information Irene gave him . It seemed that the condition was confidential .

While thinking about all those things, Mark suddenly frowned as he stared at one of the vehicles, a white van that had just pa.s.sed by the other street and parked at the front of the clubhouse . It was not because the vehicle was being heavily guarded but because of something else .

Mark hurriedly returned towards his vehicle .

“What’s happening?”

Rollan who sat on the floor of the vehicle asked seeing the dark complexion Mark had on his face .

“Anyone here who can drive?”

Mark did not answer Rollan and asked the others that question .

Delia immediately raised her hand . In Nikky’s group, she was the driver .

“Then take over Odel’s position . Then, follow my instructions . “

Mark gave instructions unto Delia as he readied himself taking out the weapons he mainly used .

He then went out of the vehicle together with Odelina, Fein and Abbygale who did not want to be left out . It seemed that the little girl knew that some action was going to happen . If Mark did not know of her capability that even enabled her to dodge bullets, he would surely not let her come .

Going towards the other vehicles, even the Multi-cab, he issued instructions . Even Oscar who was a soldier of the 7th rescue squad could only follow as he was tasked to follow Mark’s orders .

Under the confused gazes of the soldiers and the people around the convoy, the vehicles among Mark’s group suddenly drove off following one another towards the other side of the street making a U-turn . The vehicles then stopped quite far away but still within sight of everyone .

What they did caused some commotion that even the leaders were alarmed .

Everyone’s attention was gathered at Mark’s small group that were left and the group’s unusual members .

“Master, what are we going to do?”

Odelina who was also holding unto an a.s.sault rifle with a small single strap backpack on her back asked Mark that was equipped with an a.s.sault rifle and grenade launcher .

 “Saving someone’s sibling . “

Mark replied while a click sounded from his rifle as he removed the safety .

“Sibling? Whose?”

“If I’m correct, she’s Carlo’s . “

“She? Carlo’s… Right, Carlo has a sister didn’t he? Didn’t his family flee… Wait, Master, is it what I’m thinking . “

Odelina’s confusion was suddenly replaced with a grim expression .

“I think we have the same idea . Carlo’s family didn’t make it . The possibility of them getting caught by this people isn’t low either . Still, I can only detect his sister and not his other relatives . “

Mark grimly said while looking at the soldiers that started to approach them wanting to ask what their actions were about .

Nevertheless, he ignored these soldiers . He made Fein latch on his back once more and with wide strides, he started to move towards the heavily guarded white van parked in front of the clubhouse .

These people were looking at him with undisguised hostility anyway . And such, he did not need to worry about falling out with such people .

If needed, he did not mind causing a bloodbath in a straithforward manner .

These kinds of people were shrewed ones or else, they would have been eradicated by the gvernment long ago . They would only make a move if they had the complete advantage With their hostility towards him, they would surely scheme things behind them . Being schemed at was not a good feeling at all . Instead of getting on the recieving end, he would rather take the initiative .