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Day 3 – 8:50 AM – Bacoor City Hall Rooftop, Molino Boulevard, Bayanan, Bacoor City, Cavite

After confirming the ability of the mutated Biter to scream and thought of the plan to lure the infected away from the Police Command Center, he was getting ready to go back inside and prepare. However, there was another movement that caught his eye. It looked like the scream not only attracted the infected.

Looking at the windows of second floor of the City Health Center, Mark saw the white coated silhouettes behind the windows. Mark closed his eyes and concentrated on expanding the area of his Empathic Ability. He could not turn the ability on and off and the area was several meters wide but his distance away from the City Health Center was larger than his detection area.

As his detection area finally reached the building, he felt the fear coming from the silhouettes on the second floor. Mark confirmed it, those were living people. There were survivors trapped in the Health Center.

Mark was about to release his ability and return it back to normal. Using this wide range for a long time was taking a huge toll on his energy. However, he froze. He could not control the shape of his detection area so he could only expand it. As he expanded it to reach the Health Center, the Police Command Center was also reached by his detection.

Mark looked at the Command Center. There were also people inside. However, many of the people had a lingering killing intent and were giving him danger signals. These people could not be member of the police. Now that he thought of it, it was a police station. Looking at the infected below, he could see some of them wearing police uniforms. However, he never saw anyone wearing orange or yellow uniforms. A police station would never lack of those people.

Mark was thinking about the convicted criminals.

He never saw even one below. It meant that the people inside the Command Center that was giving him the threatening feeling were those prisoners.

“Another change of plan… How troublesome.”

Whether he liked it or not, it looked like that he needed to agree with bringing some people with him.

Mark counted the people he detected. There were eight inside the Health Center and twenty-three inside the Police Station.

If not for the equipment inside the police station, he might not want to deal with this troublesome situation. However, he was really lacking of those. The police station should have Kevlar vests, riot s.h.i.+elds and riot helmets. He wanted those more than the weapons.

Still, was he afraid of those people? No. With his ability, he could create an ambush without them knowing. He only needed to bring people not to fight but to create a scene to at least intimidate the criminals. What was the bane of criminals? Of course, it was the police. Just seeing people in police uniforms was enough to make criminals feel some kind of repulsion and become intimidated, even if the person in front of them was not really a part of the police at all.

“Gale, let’s go.”

Mark called unto the little girl who was sitting by the edge of the rooftop while watching the party of the infected below. She stood up and made a last look at the fruit above them before skipping towards her Papa.


The father and daughter duo went back towards the reception area of the fourth floor of the City Hall. As they entered, Mark saw Charmaine happily chatting with the nurse. It looked like she regained some of her energy back. She should be able to move now.

“Big Brother! How is it?”

Charmaine called out after she saw Mark and Abbygale.

“The area outside is still dangerous but we could leave anytime if you’re ready.”

Hearing his answer, Charmaine felt both happy and sad. She felt happy because she could leave this place and sad because she could not do anything to help the people here.

“Uhm… You will really leave us here?”

The nurse sitting beside Charmaine hesitated at first but still asked Mark. In the past two days, this nurse and Charmaine spent time together as they were around the same age and the nurse were taking care of Charmaine’s condition. Though she was happy that Charmaine’s brother was here to pick up her new friend but she also wished that they would be saved.

“Tell me. What do I get if I saved you all?”

Mark coldly replied with another question which made the nurse look down.

He was right. There was really nothing in for him if he were to save them. Not only that. They would also be a burden to them.

“Big Bro. Can we at least bring her with us?”

Charmaine pleaded.

“We’re going to look for Big Sis and other people right? Then what if they are injured? We need someone who can treat them.”

Her rationale was on point. Even if they could also give treatment to injuries, the treatment from someone with experience was different.

Mark nodded at Charmaine’s proposition as she had a point. However…

“If you really want to bring her, we can but the question here is… Wasn’t she needed there?”

Mark pointed at the room just behind him with his right thumb.

Inside that room, there were several injured people. Mark noticed it when he arrived and also thought that it was the reason why Mark did not see the nurse before when he was controlling the drone from outside the window.

The nurse was touched by Charmaine’s suggestion but hesitated as Mark said his piece. She really did not know what to do now.

On contrary, Mark nodded at the nurse’s hesitation. If she readily agreed to abandon the injured people he just pointed out, then, she was not worth his time at all.

“Alright, you can come with us.”

Mark said making the nurse dumfounded. Charmaine felt really happy.

“But, what will happen to them?”

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll just get some people to replace you in that case.”

Both Charmaine and the nurse were confused with what Mark said. He wanted to get some people to replace her? Where was he going to get them?

They wanted to ask but their conversation was cut short. It looked like the congresswoman was informed about Mark’s return and went out to meet him.

As Madam Lanie approached, she smiled.

“You’re back? Are you going inside the PCC now? I know you said that you don’t need any help but I think, you should really allow my men to go with you.”

Mark directly looked at her and answered.

“Actually, my plans have changed. I want some of the policemen you have to accompany me.”

When the congresswoman heard his reply, she felt happy. At least, there was a room for cooperation. The chance of making him help them would become higher. However, she felt that there was something wrong for this person to suddenly change his mind.

“Did something happen?”

She asked with a concerned tone and Mark nodded to her question.

“It looks like the inmates in your police station escaped. Those guys are now occupying the upper floors of the station. There are 23 of them.”

Chief Mallari who was behind the congresswoman sucked a mouthful of air.

“Those d.a.m.n b.a.s.t.a.r.ds escaped? How?”

He voiced his concern.

“Well, I don’t know about that. Don’t ask me.”

Mark answered the chief and turned back to Madam Lanie.

“Also, I found survivors inside the second floor of the health center. There are 8 of them. They should be doctors, nurses and patients if I’m right.”

The congresswoman was surprised. Not because Mark found people on other buildings but because this man actually gave them precise numbers.

“Are you sure? Also how did you know those numbers? Are they accurate?”

“Don’t doubt me about this. The figures I gave are accurate. Just don’t ask me how I knew.”

Mark glared at the congresswoman. The glare did not hold any ill intent but just gave his message to her. It was that he knew what he was doing.

Madam Lanie looked at him and nodded.

“How many people do you need?”

“Just three or four is enough. I don’t need them to act. I just need them to create some intimidation.”

“What do you mean?”

To the congresswoman’s question, it was Chief Mallari who answered her.

“Madam, he should be thinking of using us to create a psychological deterrence. If those criminals saw that there are policemen approaching, even if they are not scared, they should still panic inside affecting their movements and thinking.”

The congresswoman was enlightened to his explanation.

“It looks like you know your stuff.”

Mark said.

“Please, don’t underestimate me. I didn’t get to this position for nothing. We also use this tactic in some of our operations.”

“What about the survivors in the Health Center?”

Madam Lanie asked Mark. She was hoping that they could help those people but the key to this should be Mark. She did not know why but her intuition that she relied on for years was telling her that this person was not someone simple.

“Actually, I want to get medicine for my sister. If they could bring medicine for me, then I will give some effort to save them.”

“Is that true?”

Madam Lanie’s face lightened. They were really in need of medical personnel at this moment. The only person they have here was the only nurse that managed to come with them during their escape to this floor and no one else.

“Well, that will come for later. We need to get the weapons in the police station first. Don’t expect that I will save those people alone. You’re men needed to help too and they will need weapons.”

“Then, are we going to build a plan to deal with the people inside the PCC?”

“There’s no need. As I said earlier, I only need them to act. As for the fighting, leave that to me. I need more practice with this you see.”

Mark pointed at his a.s.sault rifle. He did not even hide his bloodl.u.s.t.

While most people would not feel it, the veteran bodyguards and the policemen s.h.i.+vered. This man was itching to kill people!

“After this, you will leave with your sister right?”

Madam Lanie suddenly asked.


“Is there any way for you to agree in escorting us? After retrieving the weapons, we won’t be a baggage for your group right?”

“This nurse here just asked me the same question before you came you know that? Furthermore, where are you people even going? I don’t think you guys will be able to go to any evacuation center. The nearest one should be in the Bay City.”

“No, we won’t be going to Bay City. We have been communicating through the radio with another police branch. They managed to secure a private subdivision along with quite a number of survivors. That place should be nearer and better than this crumbling building.”

Hearing that, Mark became interested. The local police actually managed to secure a place? He was surprised. It was not that he was ridiculing his country’s police forces but with what he saw and experienced in the past days, something like that would not be easy. Unless…

Mark looked at Abbygale.

“Say, did that police branch had someone who got bitten but did not turn? And even got a superhuman ability?”

Chief Mallari and Madam Lanie were shocked.

“How did you know?”

As Mark saw their shocked faces, it dawn to him. These people did not know about Mutators and anything about Mutagen. That was right. These people lost contact with the military. Still, Mark had no notion to tell these guys about it. It was too troublesome to explain.

“Don’t ask me how. Where is this place you are talking about?”

Madam Lanie had her suspicions but did not press the issue. She answered.


Hearing the name of the Subdivision, Mark choked. Even Charmaine who was sitting down almost stood up in shock.

Mark’s next destination after getting out of this place was Charmaine’s house. The reason to that was to pick up her younger sister. And Firenze, it was another private subdivision in front of the private subdivision where Charmaine’s house was located!