Mutagen 66 Failed Negotiations

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While Mark was having a headache because of the unwanted circ.u.mstances pushed unto him. Several soldiers came into the room. The group was led by two people, a stern looking soldier, a male high school student, and two college girls they knew, Angeline and Paula.

After the four entered, the remaining soldiers just stood by the door like bodyguards.

Mark immediately realized that the man in military uniform was Ange’s brother but he did not know who the high school student was. But then, there were visible similarities between Ange’s face and on the high school boy’s. It was likely that he was Ange’s younger brother or a close family relative.

Odelina on the other hand retreated and stood beside the makes.h.i.+ft bed showing a behavior a trained maid would have. The only missing from her was the frilled maid clothes that were common in many anime series.

Mark looked at Ange and Paula. He knew that something was going on. Looking at their troubled faces, he did not even need to use his ability to guess.

While sitting on the bed, Mark looked at the man in military uniform. Judging from his looks, he was like at the same age as Mark or probably older by one or two years. The insignia he had on his uniform showed his rank as a 1st Lieutenant.

The man let out a domineering aura as he was about to start taking and opened his mouth. However, he was not able to let out a single word since Mark suddenly spoke interrupting him.

“I refuse.”

Mark said making the man stare at him with wide eyes. It was obvious that he was not able to hide his surprise and confusion.


“I said, I refuse. Whatever you want to say, I refuse.”

The man gawked not being able to react to the sudden situation.

“I’m sure, you’ll just babble about how humanity is on the brink of extinction, how we needed to cooperate, becoming heroes of justice and showoff the might of the military. Then you will try to pull me into your ranks bribing me with incentives, threats and stuff right? Then, I refuse so you can go and not waste our time.”

The two college girls let out bitter smiles. Still. It was visible that Ange was trying to hold herself back her laughter. Her shoulders were slightly trembling. On the other hand, Paula seemed to have expected his answer and was not bothered by.

Ange then turned towards her older brother and patted his shoulder.

“Brother, you failed miserable here. We already told you that this will happen and you did not listen to us at all.”

The domineering aura from the man vanished instantly as he droop his shoulders. His true personality went out while he looked at Ange with a bit of hate. He then turned and looked at Mark.

“Why do you want to refuse? I know that you have the ability to fight those mutants and even a Failed Mutator, why don’t you want to put your skills into good use? If you need incentives, we can help you rescue your family or receive a high standing inside the Evacuation Zone along with many benefits that come with it! We really need people with abilities right now! It’s also obvious that you already evolved! With the injuries you received, you shouldn’t be able to move for at least weeks but look at you now? You’re perfectly fine!”

The man yelled all those long string of words like a child.

“Are you done now?”

Mark looked at the man with disdain.

“Those kinds of words won’t work at me. If you want my reason, it’s mostly because it is troublesome. It’s troublesome to try and become a hero, it’s troublesome to work under someone, it’s troublesome to work with a lot of people and it’s troublesome to work with the military who also work under the government. Furthermore, you guys have a lot of restricting rules to follow. I hate that. Also my family is in Catanduanes right now. Can your men go there and get them?”


The man felt defeated. He could not argue with his as most of what he said was true, specially the thing about strict rules they were implementing right now. He then thought of something.

“Right! I heard that you want to rescue your friends! We can help with that! And about these girls beside you, we can ensure their safety in the Evacuation Zone. Also this little girl, I heard that she is too strong for her age, I suspect that she is also Mutator so she is highly welcome.”

There was a trace of antic.i.p.ation on the man’s eyes.

“As I said before, I refuse. In the first place, you guys are already taking your good time to send rescue to the survivors here. I suspect that you guys are short with manpower. Then, just how long would it take for your men to mobilize soldiers for the sake of one person? I’m sure that my friends had already become zombies by the time you guys are ready. Besides, I already had a deal with Angeline and Paula to help me take care of these girls, so you don’t have to bother yourself with that. I also don’t allow you people to get your hands on them. If that happens, expect a zombie tide to come towards your precious Evacuation Zone.”

Mark sternly warned the man.

“Still, you need the military’s help to shelter her.”

The man pointed at Mei.

“I heard from Angeline and Paula that she is the daughter of the current CEO of Xiao Industries. If that is the case, she could be taken by force since her family held a high position there. It was with their help that we could establish and build the walls for the Evacuation Zone.”

Then the man scanned Mei’s face making her uncomfortable and she hid behind Mark. The man continued.

“With her appearance, I’m sure that many officials there will try to have a deal with her family to—”

He was not able to finish his sentence as he staggered backward and held his head in pain. His nose also started to bleed.

Aside from Abbygale and Odelina, the other people in the room and the soldiers that stood by the door clutched their head in pain while they started to hear a ringing sound in their ears.

“Master, it is better if you calm down. The young lady is also affected.”

Odelina’s voice was heard talking to Mark while everyone inside was in turmoil. The people who heard her voice looked at Mark with great difficulty. His eyes were glowing with a faint red light.

Mark closed his eyes and took a deep breath and the uncanny sensation in the room vanished in that instant along with the glow in his eyes.

Mark then looked at Mei who had just recovered and patted her head in apology. Mark felt the sudden sensation. It seemed that his Emphatic ability also improved that he failed to control and unleashed it without knowing due to a sudden surge of anger.

When Mark turned back to look at the people in the room, he saw their shocked faces. He was already busted with his mental ability going out of control so he just ignored their faces. He also heard clicking sounds as the soldiers pointed their guns at him.

Turning back to Ange’s brother who was wiping the blood off from his nose while warily staring at Mark, he spoke.

“We’re done here. I already said before that you can leave but since you don’t want to…”

Mark turned to Angeline and Paula. I’ll call off the favor you two owe me. I don’t need your help anymore.

Ignoring the guns pointed at him, Mark lifted Abbygale into his arm and gently supported the still dizzy Mei out of the room while Odelina followed behind them. Mei received the brunt of Mark’s sudden outburst since she was the closest person around him with Abbygale as exception.

While Mark was walking out, the soldier’s did not shoot without orders from their captain and just aimed their gun following him until he walked out.

“I hate you.”

Angeline grunted on her brother before walking out pulling Paula who also felt hurt about what Mark said to them.

“Bro, I know that you’re desperate but you really went overboard.”

The high school student who did not speak a single word since they entered said.

“You’re right I guess.”

1st Lt. Rafael looked at his younger brother, Gabriel, as he knew that he was wrong this time. He really went and took the situation to his head.

Before coming here to draft Mark into their ranks, he received a call from his father. It was the information about the mutants along with some dreadful news. One of the squads that were dispatched to rescue survivors was attacked by a Failed Mutator. The squad was wiped out along with the over fifty survivors they managed to find. The captain of the squad that was wiped out was his sworn brother in the military. There was also a mutant Z-type that managed to scale the wall of the Evacuation Zone and killed several soldiers.

He looked at the door Mark’s group and his sister just went through in regret.