Mutagen 5 Panic And Confusion

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“d.a.m.n it! Why the neck again?!”

Mark lamented as the shot missed his intended target. Still, he managed to do what he needed to do anyway. Furthermore, the stray slugs from the shot flew off pa.s.sed through the zombie riddling the other zombies behind with holes.

He didn’t actual experience in using guns prior to this event and the things he knew are knowledge that he picked up in the internet and video games. Since that is the case and is not that confident with his arm strength to endure the recoil he aimed at the zombie’s chest so as the recoil kicks in and raises the barrel due to the force will still make the shot hit the zombie’s head.

But contrary to his thinking, the recoil did not pull the shotgun up too much. Maybe because the gun’s recoil is weaker than he expected or his arm can handle the recoil the gun shot created.

The trio who are quite a distance already stopped when they heard the gunshot and looked a Mark in awe. They then saw mark retreat towards them quickly so they also continued running away.

Mark did not dare linger any longer and shot off towards the trio. The zombies already reached the eastern wing of this floor and he can also saw survivors screaming as they climbed the escalators and stairs at the central area from his position.

As the three are pus.h.i.+ng heavy carts of food, Mark managed to catch up to them quickly. They then saw the situation at the central area.

People from the lower floors who managed to survive came flocking up to this floor. They are screaming and pus.h.i.+ng each other. Some can’t help but fall down as they are pushed around. Some of the survivors who wh.o.r.e light colored clothes are particularly eye-catching as they escape clutching their dirty shoe printed bodies in pain.

Still, the numbers were considerably lower compared to the number of people who ran away escaping before when Mark is still at the second floor of the mall.

The people who never left the third floor tried their best at directing the people but only few of the panicked survivors from below paid attention to them while most didn’t even try to listen as they scattered trying to find refuge on their own.

The woman who Mark tried to approach earlier started helping the survivors who were carrying their children and pointing towards the TechZone. It is then a fat man who was perspiring and panting heavily knocked down the woman.

“Get out of the way!”

The fat man shouted and ran away leaving a few curses, behind him, a man with burly stature wearing a suit and followed.

Seeing how these idiots run around like rats being chased away from their nests, Mark frowned.

“Ahhhh!!! Help me!”

The man who was last to climb the escalator screamed as a zombie managed to catch up to him and drag him down the escalator. His scream did not last long and became m.u.f.fled as he fell down the escalator struggling to free himself, together with the zombie that caught him and the zombies climbing behind them.

This might be a depressing sight but it can only be called that the person is unfortunate as he met his end before even anyone managed to help him. Though by the looks of it, no one really bothered to as everyone frantically try to escape.

Still, the man’s death bought some more time for the people on the floor.

As Mark and the trio reached the central area, several more screams sounded coming from the western wing of the floor.

Everyone stopped as they saw about a dozen people running from that direction and behind them, several fast zombies chasing them.

The survivors who just made it to this floor grimaced seeing that they were surrounded and the ones who were giving their efforts to help don’t know what to do either.

At this moment, Mark looked around him. Shaking his head, he proceeded and took the liberty to command the three behind him.

“You two, bring those carts inside, and you…”

He looked at the most fit looking of the three and pointed at a wall several meters away.

“Get that fire extinguisher and follow behind me.”

Drawing his gun from his side once more, Mark took off towards the direction of the survivors from the west wing while the three followed his orders without hesitation.

The two switched to pulling their carts and carefully waved through the confused people. Seeing the amount of food on the carts the two is pulling with them, the people who are initially here in this floor was pulled awake from their stupor. The others who searched for supplies only managed to get a few plastic bags or small boxes of food but the carts of the two has several large boxes.

Mark also waved through the people while the guy carrying a fire extinguisher followed behind him. As he pa.s.sed along the woman who fell down, he stopped for a bit.

“Get inside already and only take the ones who are listening, as for the others, leave them if they continue with their stupidity.”


“No buts, hurry up, we are losing time here. If the zombies managed to enter the TechZone, then forget about surviving. I don’t really care too much about you guys dying so its up to you.”

Without waiting for another reply, he continued running. The guy behind him also heard what Mark said but said nothing. Right now he is only following Mark’s orders.

The woman left behind hesitated a bit as she looked at the back of the two. In the end she looked at the survivors who were in despair. She bit her lip and shouted. Though she still held the notion of saving these people what Mark said to her makes sense. As she shouted her previous concerned tone as she tried to help these people are now changed into a commanding voice.

“Those who wanted to live, follow us quick! Otherwise, became food of those monsters right now!”

Then she left pulling her co-employees with her. Her co-workers were also surprised at her behavior and only took another look at the people who watched her leave before following her.

The survivors looked dumbfounded for a short moment before what the woman said sink into their minds. Everyone immediately scrambled as they followed after the woman’s group. Among the people, the fat man shamelessly bulldozed himself through the people in front of him and shamelessly followed behind the woman who he just pushed away earlier.

After everyone entered, the woman’s group remained beside the entrance and only closed the shutters half-way waiting for Mark and the survivors he is saving.

It is then…

“What are b.a.s.t.a.r.ds doing?! Close that door already!”

The fat man shouted as he panted with spittle flying out of his mouth.

“What are you talking about?! We still have people outside! And who are you even to tell us what to do?!”

One of the employees guarding the entrance shouted back.

“I don’t care about them! Hurry up and close that d.a.m.n door before those monsters gets in!”

Infuriated, the employees guarding the entrance prepared to teach this fat b.a.s.t.a.r.d a lesson but they can only step back with pale faces before they can even move a step forward.

In front of the fat man, the man wearing a suit and stood pointing a pistol at the employees.