Mutagen 156 Physical And Mind Crystals

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Day 5 – 9:56 pm – South Utility Room, Queens Row Elementary School, Queens Row Area A, Bacoor City, Cavite

Mark held the deep purple crystal using the handkerchief that was used to cover it in his right hand. Just the glow it was exuding at the moment was enough to clear up several doubts in his mind.

During these six years that he was in contact with these crystals, he only knew superficial things like the larger crystal was able to create or maybe, give birth to a new crystal once a year and how the energy these crystals release seem to affect and relax his mind every time he went home especially in his most stressful days. It was also after the time he acquired these crystals that he noticed an exponential growth in his ability as an Empath.

Yet, yesterday, he witnessed how the energy these crystals released could affect the minds of the infected opening the thought that these crystals might had some connection with the Mutagen that caused the outbreak. The thought was further reinforced due to the existence of the pale colored crystal and the reaction the crystals were displaying after the outbreak commenced. Moreover, the pale crystal could really help accelerate the evolution of the person that absorbed it.

This afternoon, they witnessed how the strange pebbles found inside some of the mutated infected could be used to create these pale crystals while the crystal newly created exhibited a strange phenomenon and even seemed to absorb something from the brain matter he collected.

At this moment, the crystal in his hand was exhibiting the same glow the pale colored crystal from earlier exuded before flying above the jar of brain matter.

As if agreeing with his line of thought, the crystal in his hand shook and flew off a few feet away before stopping suspended above the head of the dead Alderick. Mark could then feel the same energy Alderick released after using his Photokinesis and the energy was getting sucked into the glowing crystal. Several seconds pa.s.sed and a faint glow started to grow inside the floating crystal.

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Mark’s eyes glowed with excitement as he watched the scene.

When the pale crystal earlier absorbed something unseen from the brain matter and showed a glowing flesh colored glowing orb inside it, he suspected that it was not just absorbing but actually storing something from the brain matter inside the jar. Following the line of thought of an otaku, he suspected that the pale purple crystal was storing the ability or characteristic of the infected the brain matter came from which was the Muscled Infected.

That was what he thought considering that Janette was able to exhibit the strange arm strength of that Mutator he killed in Firenze after eating his brain.

If he was right, then, the crystal floating in front of him right now was actually stealing and storing Alderick’s esper ability from his dead body!

The pale purple crystal should have come from the existence of Mutagen and was possible that it was able to absorb abilities of Mutated Infected. No, it could also be possible for it to absorb the abilities of Mutators and Evolvers considering that all of those came from the same origin. The deep purple crystal on the other hand seemed to affect minds, not only people but also the infected. Furthermore, Esper abilities were always related to their minds…

The dots around these mysterious crystals were starting to connect…

“Master, this…”

While contemplating, Mark heard Odelina’s voice as she seemed to be lost with what was currently happening. He could not help but laugh a little. This loyal servant of his must have experienced the greatest shock of her life upon knowing the truth about the existence of Espers and now, she witnessed this strange and spectacular scene once more and on an unexpected target and a different medium.

The process took longer than the previous circ.u.mstance. The deep purple crystal lost its glow on the surface before plummeting on the dead Alderick’s forehead before falling unto the floor. Inside the crystal, a clear white glowing orb was now present.

Mark approached the crystal rolling on the floor and picked it up once more using the handkerchief.

“Odel, let’s return.”

Mark said and the two left the room.

“You want to ask something?”

He asked Odelina who was walking closely behind him.

“That’s… Master, do Espers really exist? Are you really an Esper?”

Odelina could not stop herself anymore from asking.

Mark glanced at her.

“You clearly saw what happened earlier. Not only Espers, other paranormal beings also exist but of course, no one will easily reveal themselves due to risks. And yes I’m one of them I’m an Empath.”

“Empath… Master, those are people that are sensitive to emotions of others right? But you…”

“Empaths are not only sensitive but can also absorb those emotional energies where we like it or not. As for how I’m able to use those energies at my disposal now, you rather ask Freed about that. If I didn’t encounter you back then at the mall and Freed didn’t come out at the last moment, I won’t even know that I can do something like that either.”

Mark shrugged his shoulders.

“I never thought that Espers really exist. I thought, they are only found on stories, urban legends or even novels.”

Odelina spoke once more which made Mark snicker a bit.

“If you ask me, our situation right now with all the infected, Mutation and stuff should only exist in the same manner.”

To that, Odelina could not say anything in reply. After all, what her Master had just said was also true. Before, a zombie apocalyptic outbreak was nothing but a thing that existed in different forms of media and yet, the world was now collapsing because of the event that supposed to only exist in imaginations of people.

Stepping to the central area of the school compound once more, Mark turned to Odelina.

“I’m going back to the car, can you fetch Mei’er and bring her to the car later. I need to tell the two of you something.”

“Yes, Master.”

Odelina immediately left proceeding to the south western part of the school compound to heed his order.

Mark on the other hand went straight to the central area of the school where the parking area was located.

Time was starting to get tighter and tighter for him. Due to this, it was really good that he managed to get a crucial discovery about the crystals. If his a.s.sumption was really correct and these crystals could store abilities. Then, it should also be possible to give the stored abilities to others!

Still, tests were still required to be done and he should not so the tests haphazardly. Even though he had these ideas, it was nothing but a.s.sumptions and if he did the test and experiment carelessly, he would lose a valuable material specially, the deep purple crystal that could only be produced once a year. Nevertheless, his mind was blooming with expectation.

Inside his pocket at the moment, was the possibility to give someone or maybe, for him to obtain the ability to control light around him, more precisely, control the photons around him.

However, he was not too optimistic about it. As he tried it several times before, aside from the crystal with golden orb inside that entered his body, the other crystals, even the one with the red orb in his bag, did not behave the same.

On the other hand, he already tested and was sure about the capabilities of the pale purple crystals that did not have glowing orb inside. With the seven pebbles that Captain Dela Rosa handed him, he had three pale purple crystals to create.

While walking, something dawned into his mind. Calling these crystals by color seemed to become tedious. He should give the crystals a general name to use and to make it not too confusing. The biggest crystal, the double terminated shaped one, could be named later but the two kinds of marble sized crystal should be labeled.

“Mutagen Crystal and Esper Crystal?”

Mark mulled as he walked through the busy parking area.

Considering the abilities Evolvers and Mutators were granted, he started to notice most of it was physical or abilities and enhancement that affect the physical aspect of the person. Even though he also experienced an enhancement with his empathic abilities when he woke up in Firenze, he felt that it was because the ability already existed. All the new abilities that were acquired however were physical abilities.

His regeneration, Odelina’s bone armor, Abbygale’s cat transformation, Nikky and Arvie’s super strength, Mara’s running speed, Joseph’s physical tenacity, Carlo’s body cooling control and even Dominador’s Weremonkey transformation. All of them were physical enhancements and mutations.

“Hmm… It should be Physical Crystal and the other one… Mind Crystal should do. As for the pebbles, Mutation Stones should suffice.”

He nodded since as finally decided while he entered the MB Sprinter.

Without thinking about anything else, he proceeded to create new Physical Crystals using the Mutation Stones Captain Dela Rosa managed to gather. In about two minutes, three new Physical Crystals were circling in orbit around the largest crystal.

Mark tried to sense the unfamiliar people outside thinking if someone was able to notice the bright light inside the vehicle. Nevertheless, it seemed that the heavily tinted windows did their work perfectly.

It did not take long for Odelina to return along with Mei. However, it was not just the two of them. When Mark opened the door of the vehicle, two little girls were holding onto Mei’s both hands.

“Why are these two here?”

“Gege, they’re not able to sleep. It’s too noisy.”

Hearing that, Mark nodded and made the four enter the vehicle. He did not blame the two little girls for not being able to sleep. Considering the noise created by the workers and soldiers who were busy with their work, not only these girls but there should be others that would have a hard time sleeping tonight. Not to mention that there were still gunshots echoing from time to time as the infected in the area were being attracted to the settlement.

With the help of Odelina, Mark set up a large and thick blanket on the floor at the back of the vehicle and let the two little girls sleep there. Even though their vehicle was in the middle of the working area, the sound proofing of the vehicle was enough to stop the noise from entering. Since Mark returned here in the vehicle to the time the four arrived, he did not hear any sound entering the vehicle from outside.

Soon enough, along with Mark constantly caressing the head of the two girls, they fell asleep hugging each other. It seemed that the Abbygale and Iola had no problems with being siblings. Rather, it seemed that the two enjoyed each other’s company.

“Gege, you have something to tell us right?”

Mei asked as she noticed that Mark’s eyes had a meaningful aura as he stared at the two sleeping girls. Odelina on the other hand sat on the sofa waiting for Mark.

“Mei’er, you sit beside Odel.”

Mark said to Mei while he sat on the opposite sofa.

The two females that sat in front of him felt a little strange. There was something odd with Mark at this moment.

“You two know that I’m an Empath right?”

The two nodded simultaneously.

“Actually, I have another ability. Something that I can’t control.”

Mark started at the two and continued.

“When something major was about to happen around me that could led to catastrophe that involved myself and people I know, I get dreams that show me bits and pieces of what is about to happen in the future.”

Mei and Odelina were surprised at his sudden revelation.