MMORPG: The Elementalist Chapter 699 – The Oppression By Fallen Angels

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Chapter 699: The Oppression by Fallen Angels

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If one were to ask what the most suitable cla.s.s to head a muddled war was, the indisputable answer would be the Swordmaster.

The Berserker, although similarly a melee cla.s.s and possessed Berserk Sh.e.l.l and skill to temporarily boost combat power, lacked the composure to charge forward head-on. The cla.s.s was more suitable in a head-on mano a mano clash and become the team ultimate human s.h.i.+eld.

On the other hand, the Swordmaster cla.s.s, under the protection of Aura Drill, is better in tearing down the opponent’s defense effectively breaking down the enemy’s spirit.

Subjugator’s perfectly timed attack had proven this point explicitly.

In terms of the timing of the attack, both parties appeared to act almost simultaneously from an outsider’s perspective. The differential was down to a tenth of a second. This included the Teleport skill executed by the Elementalists from both ends.

However, the movement speed of the Swordmaster was still a tad quicker.

At least to the Elementalist, the Swordmaster was in complete control of the situation in such a confrontation. This was how Subjugator’s sudden burst of speed and swift attack had preceded everyone else.

The quick attack had propelled the Fallen Angels to a slightly favorable position in this battle.

Nevertheless, a few Champions from the Ten Great Leagues were lucky enough to evade Subjugator’s deadly flare in the final minute.

After all, they were all players of the DemiG.o.d Tier. Although the strength between players might vary, the ability to step into Tier 6 this early meant that their experience and power were not to be underestimated.

Teleport! Aura Drill!

Compared to the battle in Blackscale Canyon, this group was obviously more vigilant than before.

Even so, the Ten Great Leagues had still underestimated how lethal Subjugator’s attack could be. Elementalists without Teleport skill could only watch helplessly as the flare vaporized their Barriers and Defensive s.h.i.+eld which was burnt down instantly. The Berserk Sh.e.l.l only had the ability to block the damage once and the Berserker too, did not manage to escape the ultimate fate. The same went to other as they too were unable to avoid the inevitable.


Learning of the wretched fate that befell their comrades with Elemental Perception, the survivors under Subjugator’s a.s.sault almost lost their cool. As soon as they re-emerged, the Magic Scrolls in their hands were being unleashed mercilessly.

“Thunderous Carnage!”

“Chaotic Hurricane!”


The band of Tier 5 AoE spells exploded in unison toward the Fallen Angels side after several figures emerged back into the battlefield out of thin air.

The situation of the Ten Great Leagues still looked grim.

Despite the Fallen Angels having fewer teleported figures, the most powerful players of the League were among them—Homme Fatale, Black Rock, Burning Rose, and Apocalypse.

Homme Fatale’s Tier 6 spell had completely surpa.s.sed Majestic Hero and he was now the unrivaled Electromancer in the Angel Faction.

Black Rock, despite having three DemiG.o.d Equipment, did not replace his Galbis’s Equipment Set. Supported by Grand Reaper’s total defense and his quick-firing AoE Petrifying Skill, his fighting capabilities matched that of Homme Fatale.

As for Apocalypse, he was the only Aeromancer in the Fallen Angels that had obtained four DemiG.o.d Galestorm Equipment. The Galestorm skill provided by his greaves contained an AoE Magic Penetration Effect. He was very much a secret weapon against any Elementalist.

Burning Rose’s growth was the most fascinating among all. From having a strength lower than an average veteran to a level even envied by Homme Fatale, she was currently the strongest attacker in the entire League.

This was thanks to her complete set of DemiG.o.d Equipment. Her prowess was self-explanatory when Qin Ruo placed her instead of himself as the focal point of attack in their previous Boss fight.

After the four of them infiltrated the troops of the Ten Great Leagues, scroll openings by the opponents were no longer seen. The atmosphere in the surrounding was immediately replaced by a gloomy aura.

At the same time, magical fluctuations that struck fear into the hearts of the players rose simultaneously from four directions!

The Deity’s Realm of the Grand Reaper greatly reduced visibility and movement speed. Within the Realm, players from the Ten Great Leagues, regardless of their cla.s.s, were instantly handicapped.

Inside the realm, first, was a series of bright lightning, which was followed by an explosive sonic boom that rang ceaselessly.

Finally, a huge fire that seemed to engulf the entire zone was ignited within the dark Deity’s Realm.

Whether it was an Elementalist or Summoner who had prepared an attacking spell, or the Tier 6 Swordmaster was protected by an Aura Drill, and none of them were able to dodge the dead zone.

Notifications about their fallen comrades were being delivered continuously to the Ten Great Leagues camp.

The winning side dominated the battle with ease.

Elemental Waves spread out wide after flashes of golden rays.

Violet Orchid had effortlessly neutralized the suicidal attack from the Ten Great Leagues members.

The ten plus AoE spells were instantly dissolved by Violet Orchid as she calmly resolved the great crisis.

When the AoE spells were first released, the ten or more ambushers confidently thought that they could at least take the lives of several DemiG.o.d Fallen Angels. Just as they took out another Magic Scroll and prepared to further pressure the Fallen Angels, the golden rays had unexpectedly scrambled the Elemental Sequence of all the released spells!

The first sequence of Elemental AoE Spells that were cast by them collapsed instantaneously.

Watching the mysterious smirk on the unaffected Fallen Angels’ face and the attack that was reaching them rapidly, they were baffled and could only exclaim, “F*ck!””What the h.e.l.l!”

Somewhere behind the battlefield, the Chimera Troops still remained in the audience seats. Together with more than ten bystanders hovering above them, they were deeply astonished by the events that unfolded before their eyes.

It seemed the Ten Great Leagues were always a step behind the Fallen Angels. Not only had they failed in defense but their plan to attack was not working very well too.

The first contact had cost them at least three hundred Tier 5 players and seventy DemiG.o.d Champions!

On the contrary, the Fallen Angels were left almost untouched. Such disparity in strength was unbelievable.

“Leader, if I am not mistaken, that Radiant Priest is the Clan Leader of Bauhinia League, right? How did she figure out the attack plan of the Ten Great Leagues beforehand? How did she manage to time the counterattack so precisely?”

Who else could have hovered safely above the Chimera Troops if not the League Leader of Hall of Heroes? Majestic Hero took a deep breath before he answered the question, “It all comes down to one word, cohesion. The battle style of the Fallen Angels emphasized greatly on cohesion and they executed it to near perfection. It is not that the Ten Great Leagues attacking pattern is being predicted, but rather the effective oppression by Fallen Angels have indirectly guided them into the development envisioned by the Fallen Angels.”

“What?” The players around him were dumbfounded after listening to his explanation.

‘How is that possible?’

Majestic Hero noticed the looks of disbelief on their faces. He thus pointed toward the middle of the field.

“I believed you have all seen Subjugator’s skill.”

“Yes.” The group from Hall of Heroes swallowed. This was also their first time witnessing such a horrid Long-Ranged AoE skill. Tier 6 was indeed as scary as it was rumored to be.

“What would be the fate of those Elementalists be if they didn’t use Teleport?”

Majestic Hero’s question triggered a certain realization and put them into deep thought.

‘That’s right. If they don’t escape with Teleport, then they will be killed just like the others.’

‘Which means, their only chance to survive would be sneaking into the Fallen Angels side and launch a counterattack. After all, no one would use the valuable Teleport technique solely to flee. It will be too cowardly to do so!’

With such thoughts running through their minds, they felt a chill ran down their spine.

So, it was no coincidence that Violet Orchid was able to time her spell so perfectly. It was no miracle either. She simply had total confidence in Subjugator and complemented his attack without any hesitation.

‘Wow! What a horrifying tag team!’

Seeing that everyone finally understood the underlying strategy, Majestic Hero threw his gaze back to the battlefield and murmured as if speaking to himself, “Actually, the Ten Great Leagues were destined to fail the moment they decided to use such an old-fas.h.i.+oned strategy against the Fallen Angels.”

The others might not understand this, but Majestic Hero still remembered it as if it had just happened yesterday.

This attacking module was actually suggested by Qin Ruo himself. It was the exact strategy used by the Five Great Leagues to demolish Sin City.

Hence, Champions from the Fallen Angels understood better than any other individuals or organizations on how this strategy worked. They could also implement it better than anyone else.

Those idiots from the Ten Great Leagues were teaching a fish how to swim when in fact, they decided to use this strategy in front of its own inventor!

“But that doesn’t change the fact that the Fallen Angels are greatly outnumbered. Their chances of winning are still very slim.”


“The Ten Great Leagues are forcing all their main forces through here.”

Hearing his comrades’ speculation and echoing opinions, Majestic Hero couldn’t help but furrowed his brows.

‘That’s true. Being enormously short-handed is the Fallen Angels League most glaring weakness!’

Although the Fallen Angels appeared to be in complete control now whereby ten DemiG.o.d Champions were deemed too powerful for the opponents, there were still a large group of Tier 5 Champions and Radiant Priests from the Ten Great Leagues standing by in the jungle underneath them.

The deceased would soon be able to rejoin the battle, while the Fallen Angels only had a few hundred Chimera Troops as their backup.

Once the war escalated, the Fallen Angels would be in a tight spot if they did not find a way to first take out the supply and support troops hiding inside the forest.

However, after he turned his gaze on the Tier 6 Aquamancer from the Fallen Angels that hovered quietly beyond the battlefield, he remembered something and immediately tossed his worries away.

‘With him overseeing the battle, my concern is pointless.’