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Chapter 623: Moonwaltz Rimbo’s Failed Products

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“Judge is too unlucky, his first opponent in the Mystical Sanctuary is one of the strongest players from the Demon Faction—Savior!”

When the battle scene was broadcasted, many from Fallen Angels sighed.

“Oh no, Judge is done for…”

“Don’t know if big brother Judge can endure or not. What if he knew he was the last in the strongest hundred… the consequences will be bad.” Some people could already imagine Judge’s reaction since he had always been a lone Berserker.

Just as the chatter died down, someone reb.u.t.ted immediately, “What the… What are you talking about?! The fight had just started and you have already begun to curse. Don’t talk when you don’t know anything! You think it is so easy to handle Judge?”

“I know big brother Judge is strong. In fact, every player in the strongest hundred is not easy to handle. However, his opponent is Level 57 Savior. Do you think there is a chance in this fight?” The person who was previously negative persisted on his own view.

“Savior huh… so what?”

The person who had reb.u.t.ted on behalf of Judge continued, “You don’t know big brother Judge’s power at all and are just simply saying things based on the superficial information. If you know how much Judge had prepared for this compet.i.tion, you would not have said so. Humph! Even if the opponent is a very strong Champion, it is not wise to underestimate our big brother Judge. Don’t you ever think that the Steel Berserker is so easy to bully!”

“Big brother Apocalypse, why do you say so?”

At this moment, someone in the League realized that this was Apocalypse’s voice and immediately asked, “Is there any insider news? Please let us know!”

“Hmm, insider news huh… you can ask Moony…”

“Moony? Moonwaltz Rimbo? Our Clan’s Blacksmith?” Someone reacted swiftly, “How is this related to her?”

“How this is not related to her?”

As Apocalypse continued, he suddenly lowered his voice. “Judge was Moonwaltz Smithy’s frequent customer, all the equipment were crafted meticulously…” Suddenly, a sweet voice appeared and interrupted him. “Hey uncle Apocalypse, you are secretly talking about me again!”

“This is not a secret, we are so open about it right now…” Just as Apocalypse finished replying, people in the League laughed before Apocalypse reacted again. “What is uncle Apocalypse? Who do you think you are calling, little girl. Be careful with what you say or I would ask your grandpa to punish you.”


Moonwaltz Rimbo huffed disdainfully. “Don’t you dare to do so!”

“Uh…” Apocalypse was afraid when he heard Moony said so. He then lowered down his voice again and said, “Alright alright, my bad, okay? Why don’t you explain to the others what is happening?” Apocalypse did not dare to mess with Moony as she was a great Blacksmith, a Blacksmith that was going to become Divine Blacksmith as well. Apocalypse’s equipment relied on her in the future.


Moonwaltz Rimbo won the argument and then proudly continued, “You guys just be rest a.s.sured. With the combination of big brother Judge’s power and the equipment I crafted, he won’t lose to Savior easily as long as he doesn’t make any mistake…”


Someone felt that it was strange and asked, “Hey, I am a Blacksmith Master alright. It is not difficult for me to craft a high Endurance equipment and embed some stones inside. Hmph! I haven’t yet to receive any after-sales complaints up to date, okay…”


Everyone was speechless. How was this related to after-sales complaint? Was there any after-sales service in this game?


However, some people had realized something based on Moonwaltz Rimbo’s information. “Moony, you mean that you had crafted high Light Resistance equipment for big brother Judge? How is this possible? After all, you won’t know whether he will meet Savior or not…”

“Stupid, Judge has eight sets of equipment with him alright.”


That person who had asked that question inhaled deeply continued asking, “So… what are their attributes?”

“Hehe, twenty-five percent Light attribute Magic Damage Absorption, eighty percent chance to ignore Light attribute magic effect, even if he got affected by magic effect, the effective period will be reduced by fifty percent. What do you think? Very strong right?”


Just as Moonwaltz Rimbo finished describing the equipment’s attributes, someone inhaled sharply in the League channel…

“This is so incredible! Twenty-five percent Magic Damage Absorption? This means that each of the equipment has five percent Light attribute Magic Damage Absorption! And on top of that, the Magic Effect Resistance is also so strong?!” Slash was a Berserker too, he understood well that such attributes were indeed a threat to Berserker Cla.s.s. He finally couldn’t remain silent when he heard that.

After all, Magic Damage Absorption equipment was very rare. It was only available to the Berserker Cla.s.s and the drop rate was extremely low. Up until now, no one was able to collect a whole Magical Damage Absorption set.

Based on Moonwaltz Rimbo’s descriptions, it seemed that she had crafted seven similar sets for Judge.

“This… this is impossible. How did you do that?”

“This is not that difficult.”

Moonwaltz Rimbo replied, “My Moonwaltz Smithy has trained five NPC Master Blacksmiths already. As long as we have enough materials, we can craft and embed such equipment non-stop! Of course, the chances are low, but as long as we have the support from Fallen Angels, Bauhinia, and Violent Army Clan, it is not so difficult to craft some top gear.”


Slash was speechless and thought to himself, ‘Not so difficult? Are you kidding me…’

Seven Berserker’s Magical Damage Absorption sets were crafted and embedded, this could cost a lot of Mana Cores. Additionally, there would be a lot of failed equipment too for such ma.s.s production. It was not an overstatement to say that there was only one percent success rate. And Moonwaltz Rimbo still described it as easy?

While everyone was having a discussion in the League channel, the battle between Savior and Judge in the Mystical Sanctuary had already developed into a full-scale battle!


In the Mystical Sanctuary, everyone could encounter any other players at any moment. Hence, Savior was going to use his killer move at the very beginning. He hoped that he could kill his opponent in a short time to prevent himself being targeted by the others.

Just as he was within thirty five meters away from Judge, a gold light ball was released from his hand.

Instantly, a gold dazzling light occupied the whole s.p.a.ce and covered over everything within a hundred meter radius. Audiences in front of the screen could feel the dangerous and strong light as well!

Solar Flare!

One of Solarmancer’s killer moves.

This spell did not have any damaging effect, but its strong dazzling light would blind the enemies temporarily.

Solar Flare was not effective against an Elementalist who had Elemental Perception, nor against a Bowmaster and a Bandit with high Agility. However, it was very effective against a Berserker.

While the spell was released, Savior slightly adjusted his aerial angle and height. He then charged into Judge’s attacking range… Three seconds of Solar Flare was sufficient to allow Savior to cast a few offensive spells!

Under Elemental Perception, Savior realized Judge had stepped back and taken out a Dark Gold s.h.i.+eld to block himself after being blinded by the Solar Flare.

Such a fast and precise reaction had made Savior silently praised Judge…

“Players from H&G strongest hundred are indeed strong, even the Berserker is challenging enough. It looks like he is even stronger than the Black Widow. Unfortunately, your opponent this time is me!”

While in the attacking range, Savior stopped midair. He then created five golden light arrows and shot them at Judge!

Woos.h.!.+ Woos.h.!.+ Woosh…

At the same time the light arrows were released, Savior immediately started to channel another spell. He did not think that a normal spell could kill the player with highest Endurance in H&G—the Steel Berserker.

Just as the second spell was channeling, the first offensive spell attack, which Savior thought would have a perfect hit rate, missed!

After Judge had taken out his s.h.i.+eld when the Solar Flare was activated, he swiftly activated a skill and a thin layer of halation appeared on his s.h.i.+eld.

The moment the five light arrows were going to hit Judge, he turned around and a blue color halation appeared on the s.h.i.+eld! The five light arrows were then blocked.

Magic Immune!

Attack Missed!

When Savior saw the battle log, the second spell casting was delayed for a while. He looked at his enemy with a surprised expression.

“Spell Break?!”

“The s.h.i.+eld has Spell Break ability?”


“That… that is… Spell Break?!”

People from the Fallen Angels were amazed and looked at Judge’s s.h.i.+eld. Such skill was supposed to be only available for a Swordmaster, but it had appeared on a Berserker’s s.h.i.+eld and allowed the Berserker to break Savior’s killer move.

“Did I see it wrongly?”

Slash mumbled to himself….

“I have already received enough surprises today. Both me and Judge are Berserkers too, but why is our power gap so big?”

At this moment, only Moonwaltz Rimbo did not seem to be surprised. “Stupid! Why did he use this skill at such a dangerous moment. Doesn’t he know that if the Spell Break failed, he would have been hit by Savior and be stunned? Humph! What a reckless guy!”

Apocalypse immediately asked, “Moony, Judge’s s.h.i.+eld… when did you embed that? And the attributes are so good!”

“Tch! That was Heaven Peal Lion’s Mana Core. Initially, I wanted to make a defensive skill for him, but it failed. So it came out as a Spell Break attribute…”

“… Failed…”

Those people in the League suddenly became speechless. They were wondering how could she described such an amazing attribute as a failure.

“Moony, we Ascendant Saber Clan will give you materials in the future. Can you make me a failed set of equipment such as this one?”

“No problem. I can craft it for you as long as you give me two Grade 3 Metals and prepare some crafting materials.”

Moonwaltz Rimbo’s immediate response made Slash speechless.